Bret Hart Gets Choked Up When Talking About Hulk Hogan

Bret Hart spoke about his relationship with Hulk Hogan at a Q&A event in Manchester, England on Sunday night. In it, Hart got choked up when recalling that Hogan said other wrestlers felt they couldn't trust Bret and he was never one of the boys.

You can watch the footage at this link or embedded in the video below:

Richard Reacts: Bret Hart - the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.  Hogan will always be the guy that gets the credit for advancing the business in ways no one else could but when one thinks of actual in-ring work and the ability to get over by it, Hogan and Hart aren't even in the same league.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Ryan Smith for sending this in.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I’ve always found it sad these guys can’t get along anymore. I remember Bret Hart writing a column about Hogan back in the late 90’s and put him over for the way he always gave his time for fans. Wish they could have found a way to bury the hatchet – I would have much rather seen that than see Bret Hart makeup with Shawn Michaels

    • King A sshole

      Maybe now that their both on good terms with WWE, they’ll make up. Imagine the great work they do for the business together? As agents, managers, trainers, commentators or just through DVDs and the Network, they could provide an endless amount of entertainment, and pass on the knowledge of being two of the icons of wrestling.

      • Hogan only likes people that put him over, plain and simple. If you criticize him one bit, he buries you. He even singled me out when I questioned his intentions in TNA, when he was going around telling everyone he was there because he loved the business. That’s not what he said when they asked him to take a pay cut;)

        • chris

          HAS BEEN HOGAN is a con man and always will be one. the reason why he excelled so much in the circus world of pro wrestling is because he is a charlatan; a guy who never grew up in “real life”. this is why terry bollea is still playing hulk Hogan in his 60’s. he failed at everything else.

        • Paul

          I haven’t heard many people in the buisness publicly state that Bret was a politician who couldn’t be trusted, but with Hogan you better take a number! Hogan is pretty delusional he says whatever he wants with little regard to the lack of truth, logic or even sanity of the statement. Brother!

    • chris

      bret hart needs to move on in life. all he does is cry and whine about Hogan, flair, etc and the montreAL screw job. the whole business is a “work”. bret hart was never really champion of ANYTHING.
      if bret is bitter about his brother’s unnecessary and preventable death, then that is completely understandable.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Hi dean/matt/chris
        Happy trolling!