Bret Hart In WWE, Brodus Clay Delayed, Where's Layla?, Re-Building Sheamus

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Whatever happened to Bret Hart? He was touring with WWE earlier this year but is now nowhere to be found.

Bret Hart still has a good relationship with WWE but does not have a recurring role on television. While Bret is a WWE Hall of Famer and a Legend, he's limited in what he can do because he cannot compete. I criticized WWE earlier this year for the way they used Hart, not making a "big enough deal" about him appearing. When Bret finally returned to WWE TV in 2010 it was monumental but the use of him lately is more like seeing someone such as Sgt. Slaughter on TV. Any appearance of Hart should be heavily promoted and portrayed as something extraordinary.

What is the real reason Brodus Clay has had his debut bumped from Raw Supershow?

Brodus Clay has fallen victim to numerous show re-writes that have delayed his return on Raw Supershow. Brodus might have gotten himself in some trouble on Monday when he wrote on Twitter he was going to destroy John Morrison but later deleted it. Either WWE officials got upset he leaked the storyline on Twitter or changed the storyline by having The Miz take care of Morrison.

Whatever happened to Layla?

Layla has been out with a torn ACL and MCL in her knee. She underwent surgery in late May and has been rehabbing ever since. Layla did make an appearance at Florida Championship Wrestling last month and should be close to returning.

Why is Sheamus reserved to competing against mid-carders?

WWE is in the process of re-building Sheamus. He was pushed to the moon upon his debut on WWE TV but softened over the years. Transitioning from heel to babyface, WWE is once again planning a push for him. He hasn't worked against all mid-card talent as he just completed programs with Mark Henry and Christian.

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  • @RatedMKD

    Sheamus is being very well protected. His only pinfall losses since he turned face have been in singles matches against Alberto Del Rio (then-WWE Champion) and Wade Barrett – both of which were direct results of a distraction from Christian. It doesn't seem to me that Sheamus is being reserved to competing against mid-carders so much as it is making him look dominant without prematurely putting both his and Mark Henry's respective momentum in jeopardy by squaring them off against each other.

    • __Franke__

      I agree. They've kept him away from Henry so that they can have Henry dominating and protect Seamus' status at the same time.
      That's why Henry has mostly doing his dominating against big names guys who can take a loss like Kane and Big Show. They can suffer a massive loss and still work the top of the card without question, Seamus might not be quite so safe. Not yet.

    • tyrdea

      Good Answer, good answer!!!

  • Ruck

    Ah! So Brodus was supposed to bury Morrison afterall! Then Brodus does the rookie

    Mistake of talking about something that didn’t even happen yet and gets punished! Good! Maybe he’ll learn! I do have a feeling that he’s going to be one Of those guys that as they are getting that monster push he’ll probably develop an ego and then get depushed!

  • Chris_Storm

    I know the Diva's division finally has some competitive girls in the spotlight, but they really need Layla in my book. Kelly is never going to be a Stacy Keibler or a Torrie Wilson, neither is Eve or Alicia. Layla could fill that roll, she is small and was in McCool's shadow for a long time but the girl can work. Eve is like the John Cena of the divas division. Her whole schtick is just stale. Kelly would be a great backstage girl and has improved but she just looks silly in there with Nattie or Beth. The problem is going to be how Layla is booked when she does return. She doesn't fit in with Beth & Nattie, but she has never really been good as a face. Maybe turning Eve and pairing the two could do something but they'd have to keep them seperate from Beth and Nattie.

  • Vin Sidious

    I think Brodus Clay is terrible – I mean Mantaur, Waylon Mercy, Bastion Booger, Friar Ferguson terrible – and he has no chance of ever getting over as a main event talent. His "debut" (what a joke) is Dead on Arrival IMO.

    • tyrdea

      You have a point, a REAL good point. No offense, but I kept track when he was in NXT & he didn't exactly dominate the show. His look is about average for WWE, but nothing exceptional to look forward to.

  • Hello

    Sgt. Slaughter's normality

  • BTB

    I imagine Brodus coming back to attack Punk, either at the next PPV or the episode before.