Bret Hart Not A Fan Of The Way Daniel Bryan Was Booked At Wrestlemania 28

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Bret Hart weighed in on Daniel Bryan's 18-second loss at Wrestlemania XXVIII on his Twitter account. You can view his thoughts below:

  • khalkaroth

    Too bad WWE will see all this displeasure as another thing entirely… much like the Cena Sucks chants are being used to boost Cena's "popularity".

  • Patrick_Peralta

    I agree Bryan's loss in 18 seconds was terrible. if he had a good match with Sheamus and lost the title.. I'm fine with that. fans get a match.. but losing in that short of time is insulting to him and sheamus.

  • Paulo Von

    Hopefully the fact he’s now over like crazy will soften the blow !?!?

  • Deb

    Not much different than the way Daniel Bryan won it from Big Show. Glad he lost it.

  • Angel

    I see it as a silver lining. If bryan had a good match and lost would people on Monday night Raw be chanting yes the whole night

    Raw was the best in a long time because of it. Even chanting sì when del rio came out.

    But the way I took the smackdown spoilers they might be killin it off. Or trying to I expect him to get the Christian and Ryder treatment

  • Zach

    I find this kind of funny because back when WWE made the HBK vs Hart DVD Bryan was on HBK side because he trained him. But anyway I’m glad Bret Is dissapointed about this too

  • Mike

    Wrestlemania 27 Bryan vs Sheamus match got the boot, so I was really looking forward to this match. I was very disappointed when the match ended like it did.