Bret Hart On Owen Not In WWE Hall Of Fame - "It's Kind Of Childish"

660 News All News Radio, owned by Rogers Communications, has a quote from Bret Hart where he reveals frustration that his brother, Owen, hasn't been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

“You know, it’s time to remember what he was. He was a great wrestler, and WWE fans around the world remember Owen, everyday. And, they ask me, everyday. It’s kind of childish,” says Hart.

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  • AB4

    Gonna have to take that up with Martha, Bret…

  • Rutteger

    Is he stating that we, the fans, are childish for asking, it’s the reason he isn’t in are childish?

    • Kanewty

      No, he means its childish that Martha & Vince haven’t worked something out for Owen to get in. I take it as calling Martha childish, not the fans… That’s just my take on it.

  • Michael

    Well since Martha and Vince recently settled the law suit maybe next year Owen and macho man can headline the hall of fame and Owen can finally even be in the wwe2k video game.

  • BIG M

    I think Vicki G said it best a few years back that wrestlers wife’s are ungrateful for what the wrestling industry has done for their lives and the lives of their kids and only complain about the industry when their husbands are injured.
    I know its not the same as that Owen died but it was a freak accident WWE was not at fault the industry was not at fault and Martha’s blind hatred of Vince and CO is misplaced always has been everybody thinks Owen would be in the HOF same as Brett and Eddie G right now if it wasn’t for her and their most likely right.
    But at the same time people need to understand she lost her husband her kids lost their father thats a huge loss a kind of a pain few people can understand I know i don’t I hope I never will.
    If she doesn’t want Owen’s legacy to live on then sadly thats her choice no one else can really blame her for that people grieve in different ways.
    Yes Owen should be in the HOF but Martha should still have her husband and their kids should still have their Dad face facts guys those are 3 “SHOULDS” that will never come to be.

  • _JIM_

    Martha reallly needs to allow her husband to be honoured by the profession that he loved so much, and wound up giving his life for in the end. Accidents happen on job sites all the time where people lose their lives, and those people aren’t given the chance to be put into a Hall of Fame where they can be remembered forever. If Bret is OK with Owen being inducted, considering his troubled relationship with the company for a lot of years, then I just don’t see why Martha won’t allow her husband to be inducted. She needs to stop with this personal grudge she has against the WWE and Vince, if only for one night, so that Owen can receive the honour he earned, deserves, and undoubtedly would want if he had the choice. Owen loved the wrestling business and no doubt would love to be put into it’s Hall of Fame, and if Bret who knew Owen for his entire life is OK with it, then someone who only had a relationship with him for a prtion of that life should not be the one standing in the way of Owne receiving what he deserves and would want. Like I said, it’s only for one night. Martha could let it happen and then go back to hating Vince and sueing the WWE every chance she gets the next day. But considering that it’s been over 15 years since the accident, I think it’s well over time for this to happen.