Bret Hart On Relationship With HHH, Gives Lesnar Bout 4/10

Arda Ocal interviewed Bret Hart and sent in the following recap where The Hitman discusses his strained relationship with Triple H:

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of the Baltimore Sun and Layfield Report (@LayfieldReport) recently conducted a live Q/A with Bret "Hitman" Hart (@BretHart). In the session which was primary questions from the audience, many questions were covered including:

- Opponents we wished he had a chance to work and would have liked to work one more match against

- His interactions with Batista

- Opinions of John Cena and the opinions of him from critics

- Who he considers today to be the "Best There is, Best There Was and the Best There ever will be"

Ocal asked him about comments he made when the pair last spoke in an interview a few weeks ago about Triple H not being in his Top 1000 wrestlers and giving Undertaker vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 28 a 4 out of 10.

Bret is aware that this has become a phenomenon among the internet wrestling community and also gave the match between Triple H and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 a 4/10. He also reveals that he and Triple H dont speak today and when they see each other its typically nothing more than "Hi, bye". Though he does keep in contact today with Shawn Michaels.

He gives his opinions on The Rock vs John Cena in the main event

You can watch the interview at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • The Breaker

    Bret, you have the right to be critical and opinionated; but your recent comments are anything but constructive, and don’t come off sounding any better than the most ignorant of us.


    A member of the IWC

  • BobCobb

    I can’t argue with the 4/10 triple h lesnar fight. It was really slow. Bret has a reason to be cocky, he was arguably the best wrestler ever and could put on fantastic matches, but I also think he’s gone a bit “coo coo” over the last few years. He should prob do less media and let his work speak for itself

  • Floyd

    What has Bret done that is so creative?

  • PFElton

    I’ve always said it, Bret sheds more and more dignity and prestige every time he opens his mouth. So much of his bitterness towards Triple H, Hulk Hogan and others is unfounded and the Hitman is just a grumpy old man.

    • BobCobb

      I agree with the majority of your post, except the “unfounded” part. Bret has plenty of reason to not like either of them

      • PFElton

        I agree, this man had relevant issues with this people between 15 and 25 years ago. Both these man have expressed their remorse for their part of the wrongdoing (yes, I’m suggesting Bret has done wrong) and the Hitman just refuses to come out of 1992, 1997 and forgive.

  • I let Bret have his opinion out of respect as it is his. Triple H to me is a legend & i am sure he is to you as well. Do i agree with Bret? Hell no. Also remember Bret is a fan or a different time in Wrestling & you will find that in a lot of guys his age or before. Bret was the top name in WWE for years, what happened was time passed Bret by & Bret got lost as it would happen to anyone famous. 1992-1997 was Brets best years. WCW could have used Bret better, but sadly he never could, because he had Flair & Hogan still there. But as far as Triple H go. Bret would say Shawn was a great wrestler before they buried the hatchet. It all goes back to what part of Wrestling are you a fan of?