Bret Hart Remembers The Ultimate Warrior

Bret Hart took to his Twitter account to send out some memories and final thoughts on the late Ultimate Warrior

Thank you to WNW writer, CJ Blaze for the information.

  • Mysterion

    This could be the single most heartfelt and beautiful eulogy I’ve read since the tragic news broke.

    • Matt

      There has been such an outpour of great and emotional comments. Batista’s is probably my favorite. Hart and Foley are up there, too.

  • You could have been kinder to him yesterday Bret when you went on the radio and made disrespectful comments about how your not sure Warrior ever stopped taking steroids.

    • Matt

      Bret Hart has a very brash way of saying things sometime. It doesn’t mean he hates someone and certainly not when it comes to someone’s life ending. Bret Hart showed a lot of respect and did Warrior’s legacy justice; just like Mick Foley.

    • Chris

      Warrior himself has admitted to the use and even went so far a couple years back to advocate their use “as long as they’re not abused.” Bret didn’t say anything there that wasn’t already public knowledge.

  • Charlie Crimefighter Hovey

    I blame CM Punk for this..

    • Mysterion

      That’s grossly inappropriate.

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      .???? That’s crazy talk.