Bret Hart Says His Father & Davey Boy Smith Would Have Lived A Lot Longer If Not For Owen Dying

The Altoona Mirror has a new article online featuring quotes from Bret Hart. Below is an excerpt:

"I think that in the end when you weigh it all up, I'm grateful for all wrestling gave me, and I think my dad and brother Owen would say the same thing," Hart said. "I'm proud of everything I did. After dealing with what happened with my brother Owen over the years, I've come to see it was a horrible accident, and I don't think [WWE owner] Vince [McMahon] would want something like that to happen. It wouldn't be advantageous to anyone.

"We were hurt by that, though. I don't think my dad ever got over what happened with Owen. It had a rebound effect with my dad and Davey. I think my dad and Davey would have lived a lot longer if not for Owen dying."

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  • mathew30

    shouldn't that be longer and not long. or is my dyslexia having isues with this

    • kbunyon

      It is supposed to be longer, and it's been fixed.

      Sometimes we see what we think we have written, and not always what is actually there. That's where most typos come from these days with spell check being almost everywhere.


  • David

    Stu Hart lived to the age of 88 years old. I think most men would love to live to that age.

  • ted

    actually, it does not matter if stu lived to be 88. he was depressed over losing his son owen in 1999 plus his wife helen passed away as well.

    bret was just saying that his dad never really got over losing owen especially since it was due to a stupid, unnecessary wrestling stunt.

    • David

      Then he should have said Stu could have lived a happier life not a longer one.

  • Snap

    I can totally see whee Bret is coming from here. It doesn't matter how old Stu was when he died, but the effect of such a tragedy can have a profound effect on a person going forward. My grandmother, for instance, has suffered from Alzheimer's but the damage caused by the disease sped up at an alarming rate following the death of my cousin from cervical cancer several years ago.

    I imagine Owen's death hit Stu particularly hard, particularly as it was a terrible accident involving a stupid stunt meant to mock Sting's entrance in WCW. It's ironic that the stunt was supposed to involve Owen NOT being able to get out of the harness and tripping over himself in the ring. Hopefully Martha Hart will settle any issues with WWE and allow Owen to take his place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

  • ted

    martha will NEVER allow wwe to put owen in the hall of fame. wwe is doing the right thing by honoring her wishes.

  • Tony P.

    I remember being at the event when it happen. It was something crazy seeing something like the happen. I’ve never gone to another event since that fateful day.

  • Steven

    I enjoyed watching Owen just like everyone else did,but he did not have a Hall of Fame caliber caree. His match against Bret at Wrestlemania 10 was a classic, but you can’t put every wrestler in the Hall of Fame just because they had one great match. It was a tragedy the way he died and is something no fan that watching the pay per view will ever forget. I just don’t think a tragic accident should qualify someone for the Hall of Fame.

    • MonsterMike42

      If Owen didn't have a HoF career, then how do you explain Koko B. Ware getting in. The only two match's I remember of Koko's career was a match against Yokozuna on RAW, which I remember more for Yoko than Koko, and Survivor Series 1990 when he was the very first victim of The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver. If I'm not mistaken, Owen held every championship he could other than the WWE Championship.

  • Mike

    Drew Carey and mike Tyson are in wwe’s “hall of fame” you’re agruement is invalid

  • ted

    owen is never going into the wwe hof because his widow hates pro wrestling and does not want to work with wwe in any manner. just give it up. pro wrestling is fake anyway. these wrestlers don't accomplish anything. they are just circus clowns.

    • Jeffrey Turner

      Seriously? “fake”??? Lol. Tell that to anyone who has ever trained to be an in wring entertainer and don’t be affraid. They are all fake and can’t possibly hurt you with fake chair shots, tortuous holds, power moves, etc. Choreographed? Yes. Fake? Lmao. Spray on tans, character portrayal, stunt coordination, scripts… Sure. Bruises, broken, bones, blood, teeth flying, concusion, body parts severed(Mick Foley), torn muscles, dislocated joints, heart attacks, murder and even natural death… They all have happened and probly will again on all counts. Brain trauma happens from chair shots so often I’ve heard some companies have instituted a safety committee to help institute these be done in the safest manner possible.

    • Jeffrey Turner

      Just so you know my friend.
      “Wrestling is real. People are fake.” Ken Anderson/Kennedy.

  • DubE

    I was at this wrestling event in Altoona (Where I am from, so its an honor to see a smalltown like mine get this posted). Anyway, he was touched to have been here and I admire him for this interview