Bret Hart Says Natalya's Flatulence Gimmick Is A Test

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Arda Ocal reporting:

Part 2 of the interview Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) conducted with Bret Hart (@BretHart) has been released. Highlights:

- How Bret feels its a shame that Tyson Kidd is not on RAW or Smackdown, as well as feeling that Natalya's flatulence is a "test", relating how long it took him in his own career to be "thrown a bone" and how difficult it is in WWE to get a break

More WrestleMania memories:
- WrestleMania 10: How the match with Owen Hart completely changed 2 days before the event at MSG and Bret calling Owen to the dungeon to work it out

- WrestleMania 12: Was the idea always to have a 1-0 final score in the Ironman match?

- WrestleMania 26: The personal satisfaction Bret received from ending the Mr. McMahon character at WrestleMania, after having seen it spawn from the Montreal Screwjob.

This and much more!

Part 2 of the interview  available here:

  • sforester

    If it's a test, then WWE has failed badly. The Blitz has spoken.

    • Jessie Skys

      WWE has ALWAYS failed!

      • Frenchfry

        then why do you watch it

        • GODSENT83

          Yea I don’t get why watch if all you do is complain, dummies

  • Ricky Valdez

    Vince still wants to screw with the hart family, just like he had Owen killed after Bret knocked him out and spit in his face, I’m still convinced Vince had him killed, but thats another story

    • Chris

      By “another story” do you mean “insane ramblings with no basis in reality”?

  • MonstaHeel 450

    So Natties' Fart Test is to prove how much she can take, all the while dealing with being humiliated every week, even by Aksana. No gold star for this gal. Just another way to pass over the Divas who can wrestle for the ones who cant even spell the word "wrestle". Pathetic if ya ask me….

    • Ace

      Well that is definitely true. Consider the angle as just paying their dues and get over it. We know it is extremely disrespectful to the legendary Hart family but it comes with the business. Just wait till she gets her push that she deserves.