Bret Hart Shoots On Triple H - "What Has He Ever Really Done?"

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Bret Hart recently did an interview with Wrestle Talk TV, and had some less-than-flattering things to say about Triple H. He also discusses why he thinks a John Cena heel turn wouldn't work, has high praise for CM Punk, and says that Daniel Bryan reminds him of his brother, Owen Hart. The interview is embedded below:

Bret Hart Shoots On Triple H

Bret Hart Shoots On John Cena, CM Punk, & Daniel Bryan

  • Mark J.

    This headline is COMPLETELY taken out of context. Hart was critical, but he also acknowledged Triple H as an above average wrestler. That’s hardly a shocking critique. Triple H had the right look and developed great mic skills. But he’s otherwise above average, not phenomenal. And Hart was perfectly reasonable in his assessment.

  • Benjamin

    Triple H never did anything before? really?? he brought the badass heel to another level in the attitude era. Never had a great match? Jesus this man is bitter as f*** Cactus Jack matches Bret wake up!!

    • jdl

      He was speaking from a wrestling point of view, not a character point of view. He’s right, although a little over critical. What has Trip done that was unique or revolutionary, the answer is nothing. He worked a formula, most of his matches fit into the same cookie cutter style, which is the point Hart was trying to make. Understand what is being said before you post.

      • Benjamin

        Triple H follows the same formula Bret does. Bret never did anything out of the ordinary either. Maybe he’s talking about technically great matches, which ill admit there hasnt been a lot but of course it would take someone like Bret to say he’s never had a good match. If everyone wrestled a great technical match like Bret thinks he did every match wrestling would be a very boring product.

        • LeftyTosser

          Benjamin, I watched Hunter from his first weeks in the industry. He was exactly as Brett described, an above average worker that had a look that was the key to his success. Brett did not say he wasn’t successful nor did he say he was a bad worker. His physical characteristics did not allow him to be extremely innovative, but there certainly have been other “specimens” that have done the same type of work. Hunter’s greatest strength has always been his ability to work a crowd and get the pop he needed. Whether it was positive or negative, he could always get a reaction. I believe what Brett said was more along the lines of “he never had a great match” and that would be completely true.

          • Benjamin

            I’m sorry but Bret is wrong. Triple H has had plenty of great matches there just not great to Bret because he seems to be stuck in this mindset that to have a great match it has to be technically perfect, It doesn’t, a great match just has to tell a great story, and that’s exactly what Hunter and Undertaker did at WrestleMania last year and the year before. He’s had plenty of others, his Unsactioned Street Fight with Shawn at SummerSlam 2002, 3 Stages of Hell with Austin at No Way Out 2001, his Last Man Standing Match with Jericho at Fully Loaded 2000, The Hell in a Cell and Street Fight matches with Cactus Jack and his Ladder match with The Rock are all GREAT matches. I mean is Bret really saying that because he doesn’t wrestle a Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan or CM Punk style / type of match, he’s NEVER had a great match!?! that’s absolutely ridiculous and little out of line in my opinion.

  • NeronWillRise

    He’s right. Triple H is a student of the game and a workhorse, but he’s not an innovator or charismatic or anything else. He just works hard and does alot of manipulating. That’s not to say he’s not good at his job, but he’s not “great” at anything.

    • GODSENT68

      Not charismatic??? Yea because Bret was chock full of charisma. HHH could work a crowd better than most

  • I’ll go ahead & chime in by saying that HHH was an innovator in the form of DX. Most critics credit Austin with starting the Attitude Era (and I don’t entirely deny that) but DX was also an important element. Think of it this way, it took a handful of talents to really get the Era into full swing, and HHH really spearheaded the in-ring segments with sexual humor (as opposed to Austin’s violence & foul mouth). I wouldn’t put him as one of my favorite technicians, but he did have some memorable matches…my 3 favorites would probably be WM17 vs Taker, 3 Levels of Hell vs Austin, and WM19 vs Booker T.

    • Paul

      I disagree with wm 17 being one of trips top matches, it was just a brawl, didn’t require a lot of skill to do anything they did in that and although it was entertaining from that stand point you have to look at his matches with hbk and cactus jack or the most rcent hhh/taker matches before considering that one.

      • That’s fine by me if you (or anyone) disagrees. They were just 3 of my favorites, regardless of match style. Another one I remembered as a favorite was his SummerSlam Street Fight vs HBK, when HBK came out of retirement.

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  • the arbiter

    I have to agree that Triple H is a little over rated. He was very very good, but just a bit short of great. If you ask most people the greatest wrestlers of all time, trips tends to be up there, but almost always out of peoples top 5, normally at the end of the top 10.

    Was HHH ever the best guy in the business at anytime in his career? Where does he rate against guys from his own era like Shawn, Rock, Austin and Taker? Probably just after those 4 guys, so 5th best in his era? That’s pretty good, but its not greatness.

    That being said, I think Bret is being harsh. While Trips never innovated much in the ring, he did a lot of innovation on the mic and with his promos/stunts. He also had some pretty good matches, and i think rating the last HHH vs taker a 3-4 out of 10 is not fair.

  • Ethan

    HHH did have a hand in the montreal screwjob…lol, and he seems very creative considering he’s ran a few monday night raws and will be running the company in a few years