Brian Jack's Lawsuit Against WWE Dismissed

We wrote on Tuesday that former WWE developmental talent Brian Jack had filed a large lawsuit against the company over harassment and many other allegations. We can confirm via a WWE representative the lawsuit has been dismissed.

  • They must have offered him an “iron clad” contract. LOL. Watch him show up next week on Raw.

  • the arbiter

    That was quick

  • Torben

    That was fast!


    the truth has not been told yet and he is filing in FL and re filing in WI…. there is diversity jurisdiction. I know all about the cover up at FCW… I was at the camp when the ripped him apart. He was the best there and blew us all away and WWE…this is a shame.

    • OC O

      And how come you didn’t contact Brian Jack about it?

    • OC O

      Yeah I mean he claims Santino tried to get him to commit insurance fraud on his homeowner’s policy and WWE wanted him to get into a “staged car wreck” so their developmental insurance wouldn’t take a hit.
      Jack alleges that WWE sent him to James Andrews to get his leg fixed and that Andrews asked him bizarre questions and checked him for a wire. He says he’s still receiving bills from Andrews even though WWE told him to forward the bills to them.
      He claims WWE used Shed Media USA, who produced the revamped version of Tough Enough, to make him believe he would be a contestant on the show to sign a contract that would release WWE of any and all liabilities before, during and after production of the series. Jack says when he asked the clause be removed, WWE told him they would send him a new contract and never did.
      I mean his lawsuit was dismissed, because of lack of jurisdiction.