Brian Kendrick Says He's Stopped Smoking Marijuana; Would Be Interested In Working For WWE Again

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Brian Kendrick publicly discussed his TNA Impact Wrestling release on the Lowdown Unlimited show last week. He said he has stopped smoking marijuana and would be interested in working for WWE again.

Kendrick is rumored to be connected with WWE's prospective show centered around cruiserweight talent on the WWE Network.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Mohammad Abulawi for his help with this information.

  • noah

    stay away from jeff hardy brian

  • Chad

    I was real big on the whole "the" brian kendrick gimmick. Too bad he flushed his push down the toilet.

  • larry

    bring him back , and put big zeke as his bodyguard again. Cause that buddist gimmick sucked balls.I was a fan of one of the most exciting tag teams in the last 8 years.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    good for him, he earned a lot of respect from me, im a huge fan of kendrick, as long as they gave him the brian kendrick gimmick back and not the spanky, i would welcome him not only to the cruiserweights but to the big leagues as well

  • Wwe4L76

    As THE BK, he was awsome! Would love to se him agains Daniel bryan, ray og sin cara 🙂

  • H.M.

    I'd love to have him back. WWE has more then enough Superstars to start a cruiserweight division and reviving the Cruiserweight belt. I'd rather the WWE just discontinue the US title, with the IC title being the primary mid card title alongside the Cruiserweight Title.

  • Stoney

    I loved The Brian kendrick gimmick, i liked his Raven type gimmick in TNA (before the buddhist gimmick)

  • Dustyn

    I think THE Brian Kendrick and Drew McIntyre would make a good tag team.


    I hope Kendrik comes back to WWE,but I want him to be either on SmackDown,or Raw,and also part of the WWE Network.

  • wwe fan 250611

    Yeah but I hope he will be a face