Brian Knobbs Says He Was Just Kidding Around With Randy Savage Comments

Brian Knobbs says he was just "kidding around" when he made comments about the late Randy Savage at an independent show in California the night the news broke that Savage had died. In an interview with the Bright House Sports Network, Knobbs tried to explain the comments.

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The incident took backstage at Wrestlefest in Newark, California on May 21, 2011. Knobbs reportedly put his hands to his chest like he was faking a heart attack and  joked around that he outlived Savage and so many other wrestlers.

  • sforester

    "Just kidding"? So that's supposed to make it all better? The fact remains that it was tasteless and not at all amusing. He's only trying to retract now because of all the negative publicity and the appearances he's lost since May. He should have known better than to dare say that junk. Had he done it at a different point in time, he might have gotten away with it, but on the NIGHT the news broke? ARGH!

  • Jim

    Classy as always Knobbs… You couldn't tell by looking at him that he'd be a total douche, have no respect for anyone, and think that he's more important to wrestling history than what he really is…

  • Patrick_Peralta

    That was tasteless Knobbs has no respect for anyone. what a awfull thing to say about Savage or anyone else for that matter.

  • Whammaster

    If you guys listen to Brian Knobbs backstage stories. Hes done things way worse then faking a heart attack and joking that he has outlived others. This is just something that reached mainstream, and forced him to do a public apology. Listen to some interviews where he tells road stories, and you guys would understand, this isnt anything new backstage.

    • sforester

      That's just as bad as adding "just kidding", if not worse IMO. It just shows that Knobbs has zero class and truly lives up to being "Nasty". I'm sure at one time they were professionals, but I find it very… convenient that they showed up wherever Knobbs' buddy Hogan was.

      • Whammaster

        we are fans, we do not know what its like on the road besides the stories wrestlers share during interviews. If you are seriously taking this to heart, you need to grow up. Yes its wrong and classes, but when your bored as fuck, everyone is dragging their feet, and going through the motions, you need to entertain yourself. Thats what a rib is backstage. It brings up spirits, and allows you to have a laugh at one another. that is basically the ONLY entertainment these guys have.

        • sforester

          You make a good point, but there is a difference between a good-natured rib and just being cruel. Pulling pranks backstage like stealing towels/clothing: All good and well. Leaving "personal" hygiene items where someone could get embarrassed: No problem there. Faking a heart attack right on the same night as finding out a fellow wrestler died of a heart attack and making a joke about outliving him: Just wrong.

          • Jim

            I agree that there is a ton of time to burn when working a full schedule and being on the road all the time. But Knobbs hasn’t been on the road since before WCW went under. This was at one of those meet and greet conventions. There was no being on the road involved. So honestly there’s no excuse. Except that Knobbs was trying to be the center of attention. He actually knew Randy and out of simple respect he should’ve kept his fat mouth shut. I mean who says somethin like that about someone they know on the same day that he died? So whether on the road or not, which he clearly wasn’t, I don’t think there’s any excuse for it and I still think he’s a douche…

  • SEAN

    He will ALWAYS be a KNOBB!! Vince should hire him back as….The Killer Whale! (It would sound better with Vince saying it.)

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  • Pete

    Knobbs is a no talent hack who only succeeded in pro wrestling with the Nasty Boys because he was a 5 Star booker fellator. Randy Savage is a legend who’s death got mainstream coverage because of the millions of fans he inspired throughout his career. When Knobbs dies of a cocaine overdose in Hulk Hogan’s basement, he’ll be lucky if TMZ is willing to waste internet space to acknowledge it.