Brie Bella Apologizes For Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE Raw

Brie Bella apologized on Twitter following a "wardrobe malfunction" on this week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw that made it on the air. The following is from Twitter:

Photos (Mature Audiences Only) – Brie Bella’s Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE Raw

  • Simon Veitch

    This kind of thing is bound to happen now and then, if nothing else for as bad as both of them are as actors/wrestlers, they’re pretty damn hot so the free peep show was more than welcome

  • Tim

    I’m surprised wnw showed it, thanks tho Richard lol

  • Justin

    I honestly didn’t know this happened. surprised anyone else did. I thought it was another boring divas segment.

  • gpturbo81

    she has nothing to be ashamed of. at least their real.

  • Charles

    Unlike Kaitlyn a few weeks ago you definitely didn’t need any dvr to catch that one. I was waiting for them to apologize on the air like when AW made that Kobe Bryant comment on live TV.

  • Jimmy

    No need to apologize Brie, the pleasure is ours.

  • thepowerserge

    If anything, it got her more attention than she’s EVER had before. Hell, before I looked on the Net, I wasn’t even aware of it. Gives a whole new meaning to Ryback’s old slogan: “Feed me more, indeed!”