Brie Bella Comments On Daniel Bryan Angle; Latest On His Status

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Brie Bella Tweeted the following after the angle at WWE Payback where she "quit" the company:

The storyline is that Brie "quit" in order to prevent Daniel Bryan from having to surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WWE is clearly delaying any plan there was to strip Bryan of the title because of his neck injury with the hope he'll be back sooner than later. I was told last week that Bryan would only drop the title if he was going to be out longer than another month. Expect a followup on Raw.

  • kingdook24

    Stephanie & Brie were drop-dead gorgeous last night. Wow.

    • Splat

      What do we got to do to get a cat fight between the two all ready?

  • Bob’s Diner

    Dear Brie,
    It is “I could have” not “I could of”. Probably want to brush up on your English if you just ‘quit’ your job.