Brie Bella Makes Daniel Bryan Rent A Tour Bus - Total Divas Preview For Tonight

Episode 16, the second in Season 2 of Total Divas, will air Sunday night on E at 9 PM/8 CT. Below is a synopsis of the show:

"The Braniel Bus
Brie makes Daniel Bryan rent a tour bus. Nikki's tooth falls out. Eva Marie's past is brought up.

The series will look to rebound from a lackluster Season 2 premiere that only garnered an average viewing audience of 1,072,000 viewers. This was the third lowest first run episode in the show's history and the other two episodes were up against live WWE pay-per-view events (Night of Champions and Survivor Series respectively). Given the fact it was the season 2 premiere, made the number sting that much worse.

  • King A sshole

    Why isn’t the Overly Attached Girlfriend on this show? Her dropkick is better than Eva Marie’s.

    • SweetCyn

      That’s not saying much. When I was pregnant, I could give a better dropkick than Eva Marie.

  • Bad News Barrett

    im afraid ive got some BAD NEWS !! ..this is only the beginning of the shows downfall. the rest of the shows will fail to garner the ratings and the show will sink to the depths of despair and shortly be cancelled by E and never return again!. it will then be on par with other past wwe disasters such as the XFL or the WBF hahahha..thank you , good day to you all !