Brie Bella "Wasn't Allowed" To Celebrate WWE Title Win With Daniel Bryan

Brie Bella wrote on Twitter that she wished she could have come out to celebrate Daniel Bryan's WWE World Heavyweight Championship win with him, however, she said she "wasn't allowed." The following is from Twitter:

You can read how Bryan got his well deserved payoff at this link.

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  • LeftyTosser

    Who was the lady and the child in the ring at the end?

    • Toinou

      Sister and niece, respectively.

  • Tony Scurto

    Wonder Y she wasn’t aloud?

  • Patrick

    why was Brie not allowed to celabrate Bryan’s win? everyone knows they have been dateing and they are getting married.. and you don’t need total diva to tell you that.

  • Mandy

    I kept watching to see if Brie would come out and was shocked to see the PPV end without her, then Brie said she wasn’t allowed but why?? It would have been great had she been able to celebrate that moment with Bryan, it would have made it all the more special for him.

  • sdunne87

    Bad decision. We all know they are together and why push Total Divas for backstage insight like this and not play it out on screen. I thought the same when Steph was slapping him, it screamed for Brie to run out but by not coming out on either occasion it makes her look like a cow that doesn’t give a toss.

  • the beast is a bad bad man…

    Oh my, boo hoo, there not married, just dating. Not to mention its HIS moment. She should have just said how awesome it was for him and stop trying to be the center of attention. Also at no point did I care or wonder if/why she wasn’t there. Why would you? The YES movement has hit a new level! Oh if you did try watching tmz or total divas seems more your style.

  • BMGabe

    This isn’t a big deal and she shouldn’t be allowed out there. There was only ONCE in the last 8 months of DB getting destroyed of her being out there. Just cause people know they are going to get married doesn’t mean that makes it ok for her to come out on tv.

    People knew Stone Cold and Debra were married, would it have made sense for her to come out? No
    (using an example don’t care enough to know the exact time they were together)

    Though the same goes for anyone else in wrestling. It’s part of Kayfabe and it is (not to be tacky) HIS moment. Even after his family came in i’m sure they got the fast order to get out. As we saw how little time they were in the ring.

    • You would have a point if their engagement wasn’t acknowledged in kayfabe as well.

      • BMGabe

        again, it was only played up on screen once. you would have thought at 8 months of getting beat down she would have ran down to check on him more than the one time, when they were really playing it up cause Divas just aired on E

  • Justin Daniels

    I think it could have added to the celebration, but then again, they aren’t given much screen-time together outside of Total Divas — but this could have been a step to change that. They promote them on dot com as “The People’s Couple”, which would contrast nicely with Triple H/Stephanie.

    Given they let his sister and niece join him, seems a little odd to not let his fiancee join him too. Not sure how it would have detracted from the victory.

  • Neilinho

    I get the impression they dropped putting them together on WWE TV after the rather clumsy effort they made a few months back didn’t work… and it was his moment.

    Often see her on Twitter trying to piggyback his success and get attention for herself, actually. Quite amusing.

  • Philip Dickens

    why wouldnt mcmahon let brie celebrate with him the world knows shes his fiance its just plain petiness