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After watching the latest episode of WWE Inbox a lot of superstars mentioned bringing back the Hardcore title, my question is with there so much backstage segments and the WWE Active, could you see WWE bringing back the Hardcore title?

I sure hope not. I'm against any situation that brings back any titles in WWE and would actually be for eliminating the United States Championship in favor of the Intercontinental Championship being the only secondary title. WWE has a hard enough utilizing the titles they have now, what's the purpose of adding another? I do support both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship because it creates more opportunities in the top of the card but there is no need for another secondary title. Could you imagine the Hardcore title in the confines of WWE PG?

Now that Booker T has been named to the WWE Hall of Fame will Randy Savage or Paul Bearer also make this year's Hall of Fame?

I don't see Randy Savage going in this year but I know there was a push to induct Paul Bearer shortly after he died. I have no problem with Bearer going in this year unless they decide to hold off and induct him when they induct The Undertaker. This year's WWE Hall of Fame class has shaped up nicely. It went from, "well we may have Mick Foley" to not only do we have Mick Foley but Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund, Trish Stratus and Booker T. It's a great class.

Why would WWE make the Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar match a retirement match? Obviously, that means that Lesnar would win because WWE just signed him for two years. Doesn't that spoil the fun of the match?

The match is officially a No Holds Barred match with the stipulation if Brock Lesnar goes over, Triple H must retire. If Lesnar loses, he doesn't have to retire. The "unfair stipulation" was part of the storyline they executed at this week's Raw. I expressed my disdain for the stipulations to the match in a new YouTube video at this link.

With all these TNA "One Night Only" PPV's being filmed now, what is the purpose of these and when are they meant to air? As well as with Impact tapings, how often are they filming on the road?

TNA taped all of their One Night Only pay-per-views because their lease at Universal Studios is up at the end of the month and it was easier to get it done in Orlando. The shows will replace airing live three-hour pay-per-views in prime time each month on Sunday nights. They are cheaper to produce and distribute and will ultimately save the company money. As for the Impact tapings, TNA is taping twice a month. This week's show was taped last week and next week another two weeks will be taped in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

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  • Punker

    I don’t know, maybe with all of these online things they have now, LIKE WWE Inbox, having something like the Hardcore title could be something cool for workers that aren’t getting on TV. I understand that there may have to be some PG issues to get around but I think the idea of a belt that could be challenged for at any place and any time would be a cool extra feature for all of these back stage shows the WWE is trying to promote. just an opinion.

  • coolkdd1

    I have one question,will there be any build up to these one night only specials or they will just focus on slammaversary build up.

  • Txsrat

    Bring back the tv title belt

    • opie

      I’m not going through the trouble of signing in just to thumbs-down you, but consider this me thumbs-downing you.

  • I think there was this title back in the fcw territory.. fcw 15 title.. the title could only change hands if there is a pin, submission etc within 15 mins otherwise it will be a draw… maybe create a new title in wwe similar to that… recently most matches in the wwe dont go for more than 4-5 mins…. 15 minutes for a title match would sure bring in some competition between the wwe stars..

    • CJ Blaze

      I loved watching those matches, and I think a lot of people could benefit from having that now.

  • The Arbiter

    I would go one step further than richard suggests and merge the WWE and World titles, as well as the IC and US titles. I would use the intercontinetal title exactly how the current world title is being used, as the 2nd level title, just behind the WWE title is prestiege.

    I liked it when they had only 2 titles. The WWE champ was the king, and the IC title was the king of the midcard.

  • Charlie Lowery

    Which means HHH will go over, because he signed a PERFORMERS contract last year until 2016

    • David F.

      It would be mistake if Triple H goes over. He is basically done and you want to continue to build Lesnar as monster going into Wrestlemania 30 v Rock? I am sure Lesnar doesnt care because he is getting paid a shit ton of $$$. It just doesnt make sense if WWE is paying big money for Lesner and having him job at Wrestlemania to Triple H

    • Snap

      Well, a “performers contract” isn’t necessarily a wrestler. Paul Heyman is a performer and Vince McMahon is a performer and I wouldn’t consider them to be wrestling talent. If Trips is forced to retire, he can still perform as the COO in the Vince McMahon role he’s being groomed for.

  • Rob UK

    WWE need to lose the US Title as well as the tag team titles. They mean absoulotley nothing and do nothing for the performer. The IC title needs to rebuilt into an important secondary title where the holder doesn’t regularly lose to top talent or newbies from NXT. The WHC needs to be given more importance, sometimes closing shows and PPV’s and not opening them or being over in 18 seconds. As much as I agree with Richard about the WHC giving more talent opportunity at the top, it really is nothing more than the old IC title as most holders these days are newer talent, mid carders who are getting pushed or older talent like Show or Henry when they need a reliable hand for a bit.

  • Blitzkrieg21

    What do you think about bringing back the cruiserweight title?

  • EC Dub

    EC Dub, EC Dub

  • I liked it when the title was a 24/7 title and you had random people pinning each other in all sorts of random places/situations and all sorts of non-wrestlers being opportunistic and going for the pin. It’d work brilliantly with a PG audience because it’s quite ‘silly’.