Brock Lesnar A Bust?, Daniel Bryan Jobbing, New Babyfaces, Flair Back In WWE

Is it just me or has the return of Brock Lesnar been somewhat of a bust? He came back with so much hype, had a couple OK matches and now he has been gone for so long in between dates that I totally forgot about him until the Slammys? I know WWE wants to get the most out of his few dates but I feel they did a better job with The Rock then with Brock.

Let's look at the numbers. Brock Lesnar has headlined two WWE pay-per-views this year - Extreme Rules (vs. John Cena) and SummerSlam (vs. Triple H). Extreme Rules did 263,000 buys (up from 209,000 the year prior and 182,000 in 2010) and SummerSlam did 350,000 buys (up from 296,000 the year prior and even with the 350,000 in 2010). WWE views these numbers as a major success and would like to retain the services of Brock Lesnar after they use him at Wrestlemania 29 next year. There was talk of Lesnar working Survivor Series or another pay-per-view in 2012 but the company ultimately decided to keep him on the shelf to preserve the dates on his contract.

Why is Daniel Bryan constantly the one being pinned and shown as the weak link of Team Hell No?

The justification seems to be Daniel Bryan's current gimmick is comedy and he won't be hurt by any losses under it. I would rather see Kane doing these jobs as he's someone up there in age that has already peaked. Daniel Bryan hasn't come close to his ceiling and I would prefer he didn't go under although that seems to be the reason why he has been booked as such. From what I've been told, Vince McMahon sees Daniel Bryan as diverse and is high up on him heading into the new year.

Who do you think will have more success as a face - Alberto Del Rio or The Miz? I think Del Rio is more natural in the face role.

I always remind readers it's important not to judge a gimmick or character turn too soon as there aren't always instant results. I'll admit it's weird seeing both [Del Rio and The Miz] as babyfaces considering the resources that have been used to make them both heels. Alberto Del Rio is currently needed more in a babyface role with WWE needing someone to help carry the company's Latino fan base.

Ric Flair said hew as back. How is this possible with TNA Wrestling's ongoing litigation against WWE? Has Vince McMahon finally decided to flex his muscle?

I wasn't surprised to see Ric Flair back as he told friends a couple months ago if TNA's litigation didn't end soon that WWE would get creative to get him back on TV. While we can only speculate as to what he meant, I'm unable to confirm if he has a new WWE contract. One of my sources was checking to see if WWE has contacted any other former TNA names they were believed to be interested in with Flair back on TV but so far, I haven't heard back. Flair seemed to have teased involvement at Elimination Chamber in a dot com interview as you can read moreĀ here.

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  • Steve

    Ric Flair should not be featured on WWE tv in 2012

    • Kleck

      I disagree. It was nice to see Flair again. I would not like to see Ric wrestle again…anywhere but I think the role he played last night was humorous and a great way to continue to put The Shield over

    • KingKongBrody

      You know opinions are like as* holes everyone has one.

    • Whammaster

      He would be the perfect person to personify the "manager" role of a group, or singles. It would elevate them, and allow Ric to rock the stick.

  • Ellen

    To Question #1 – no, you're not the only one that sees Brock Lesnar in that light. He certainly has done nothing to warrant having his name offered in their rigged voting for the Slammy Awards.

  • jambo masai from kenya

    For every heel WWE turns, they should do the same to a face! To balance the numbers! Because Cm punk n big show r the only remaining heels in the main event.

    • The Awesome James

      Dolph Ziggler says hi. I know the NYC crowd cheered for him but a)it's NYC, they cheer for who they like and b) he's feuding with John Cena, 50% of the crowd are gonna cheer him. Doesn't make him any less of a heel. Orton will turn before WM, Lesnar while a part timer also has to count as a heel main-eventer, if Mark Henry ever makes it back he could get one last run at the top of the card as a heel too. The heel roster is just fine.

    • Lucha

      But that's implying that Del Rio and Miz were main event level superstars at the time of their turn – which is completely false.

    • Nick B

      Antonio cesaro and dolph Ziggler.

    • Jimmy

      WWE needs for faces, they already have Show, Punk, Dolph, Barrett, Delrio, Miz, as heels as apposed to the faces Cena, Sheamus and Ryback so they dont really have a choice but to turn Delrio and Miz face to blance it out.

  • Ian P.

    Perhaps Flair’s contract is like Jerry Lawler’s handshake deal.

    • elliott

      I think you mean Jbl not Lawler

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    I thought Ryback was a bust. Who's with me now?

    • peter


    • Kleck

      The WWE universe certainly hasn’t thought of him as such. He is getting very nice pop weekly.

  • Adam “Swipe”

    Is Daniel Bryan considered a face or a heel? I know he gets face reactions, but so does Punk sometimes. He still does heel stuff.

    • SRP

      THN is a face team.

    • Joey

      Yeah, it's hard to classify him as heel or face when he's facing Rey Mysterio as a heel (it seems) and then tries saving Kane from getting demolished by The Shield as a face. Both in the same night.

    • jdl

      He's a comedic tweener.

    • Jimmy

      Daniel Bryan, Punk and Ziggler get the most mixed reaction as heels, and Cena but he's supposed to be the Superman of WWE and still gets boo'd

  • BigMike7302

    never was a fan of Lesnar not when he was "The Next big Thing" or now he is a naturally athletic freak but he has no love for the WWE or its history or anything about it his main interest is making money as easily as possible I also never liked him in UFC either he was getting his ass kicked By Couture when he hit a hail mary punch to behind Randy's Temple and IMO was illegal but went unchallenged and his fight with Carwin was a joke Carwin made Lesnar his bitch but gassed out so Cain beat him like the bitch he is and I was glad; when Brock is interested in something he will go for it and put the work/effort in but I have not seen that in awhile and people can blame his diverticulitis but it is a heart issue for me – he has no heart

  • Jimmy

    You'd think that Rey and Sin Cara would be a boost for the Latino fan base because it's kind of a dream tag team, but since they formed no one really cares, unless they were to win the Tag Titles but personally I like Team Hell No better.