Brock Lesnar Advertised For Another Raw; 77-Year-Old Gunshot Victim More Upset Over Royal Rumble Than Injury

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-In addition to next week, Brock Lesnar is officially advertised to appear on the February 25 episode of Raw, which will be held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

- Tom Dotterer, a 77-year-old liquor store owner in New York, was shot in the eye during a robbery last week, and is already back to work. As he was being questioned on the incident, he said that getting shot didn't ruin his week, but The Rock beating CM Punk at the Royal Rumble did. CM Punk responded to the story on Twitter:

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  • Thats probably the best story ive read in years

  • I died twice 24 hrs ago & i;m mpre upset Cena won the Rumble no joke.

  • doob420

    He was 77 not 79yrs old. And I agree. Can’t stand the Rock. All his lame ass jokes. And allways talking about asses…

    • GODSENT68

      You’d prefer he talks about strudels huh???

    • BlowChunks

      I agree doob, rock needs some new lines. I recently watch some old stuff and besides the roid usage and loss of hair the mic work was the exact same shit. Very mindless and very dumb comedy.

  • no one is better than the rock,,if u think u can do better,,,let me see

  • Michael

    That’s the dumbest story I’ve ever read, really really really. You’ve been shot on the eye, most likely will never see the same again if not at all and you more upset about Rock becoming champion. Mark grow up anybody that didn’t think Rock was winning the title was dumb. That’s the whole reason they didn’t put the title on Ryback because the promised Rock he would break the record. This is entertainment not real life grow up and get a life. Punk did his job he’s still getting paid he’s not upset, it’s apart of the show.

    • Pluto

      Just goes too show how pathetic most of the IWC is these days. Never seen so many grown men cry over a fixed sport b/c their hero didn’t win.

      • Michael

        Couldn’t agree more Pluto. I don’t get it I can see children getting upset and thinking that wrestling is real but grown Ups come on get a clue and a life. People get upset when Cena wins, they get upset when Punk loses, they get upset when Rock comes back they need to learn that wrestling continues in cycles. Everything just repeats itself in the eighties they had Hogan they loved him then hated him. The mid nineties they had Austin. In the 00’s they get Cena at first everybody loves him then they hate him. When will they get it whoever draws the most is the top star. Biggest draws in wwe history Hogan, Austin, Rock, Lesnar, Michaels, Taker, and Cena. No matter who holds the title it always came back to these men, face it this is how Vince has stayed in this business this long.

        • Pluto

          Preach. Glad I’m not the only logical/objective person on this site. It’s funny how the IWC always talk ish about Cena fans being made up of women & children but I never see them complain or throw a fit when Cena loses but when Punk loses all the bitching & moaning starts. It’s really the Punk fans who have a vagina and cry like a bunch of little kids. I feel bad for Punk b/c he’s a great wrestler but the majority of his fans are made up of crybaby virgins who don’t know shit sbout wrestling or has a wrestling business should be ran.

  • Charles Martin

    Cena and the rock getting over on the same show. Just Horrible!!!