Brock Lesnar Advertised For Three WWE Dates This Month Including Extreme Rules

- WWE is officially advertising Brock Lesnar for the following dates this month:

  • Next week’s Raw Supershow in Washington, DC
  • April 23rd Raw Supershow in Detroit, Michigan
  • April 29th Extreme Rules in Rosemont, Illinois

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  • King

    CM Punk is still Champ and Brock will be here on the 23rd…. Raw just got better for me… YES!! YES!! YES!!

    • Bigbdawg2003

      Me too can’t wait

  • John

    Let the fun begin!!!!

  • Kleck

    I understand the interest and pop for Lesner. I’m not so much of a fan, but I’m glad that he might prevent the post-WrestleMania lull that seemed to be inevitable especially after the strong Mania this year.

  • Joe

    You know what I miss is tazz when brock use to come out he always said well here comes the pain now it cole or king say it, it doesn’t sound rite

  • Mike

    Hope he’s at Raw on may 14th

  • Jason

    So since he will be at Extreme Rules, I can pretty much assume at this point he will be at the Raw on April 30th in Dayton! Which I will be attending!

  • wrestlingmark88

    YES! i'm going to the one on the 23rd :D

  • Andrew

    So he’s not coming to London, England on April 14th raw then. What a surprise!

    • Phil

      i thought that, bit of a shame but oh well :/ if hes got a years contract he could do it in november as there is time to build him back into the schedule of the tour. fingers crossed. Raw will still be awesome!

    • Matt Scott

      Why do English people always get voted down?

  • Andrew

    Are we really going to see Brock V Cena at Extreme Rules?! Thought they would have wanted a main event as big as that for a bigger PPV like summerslam