Brock Lesnar Arrives In Miami - Full Details On Contract Negotiations With WWE, Headling Wrestlemania Next Year, More

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Brock Lesnar has arrived in Miami, Florida where he is expected to meet with WWE officials. This will continue to fuel rumors regarding a possible appearance for Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXVIII tomorrow night or Raw Supershow on Monday.

We first reported here on Premium on January 31, 2012 that WWE was interested in bringing in Brock to work Wrestlemania for next year. The thinking was while they wouldn't have enough time to get him signed for Wrestlemania this year, they could get him signed for next year and build his match for one year. His rumored opponent at this date was The Undertaker.

Yesterday, we reported here on Premium that WWE officials were working "around the clock" trying to come to terms with a deal with Lesnar so he could appear at the pay-per-view on Sunday. We also reported a new potential opponent has emerged in The Rock.

At this point I cannot confirm Lesnar has agreed to a contract with WWE but I can confirm WWE officials have been working all weekend to lock him in for next year's show. Vince McMahon wants to announce the match one year in advance like they did with John Cena vs. The Rock this year.  With that being said, no name has been confirmed as Lesnar's opponent and all efforts have gone to getting Lesnar to sign a WWE contract.

  • Blaine

    Brock Bottom!!!

  • Kleck

    I think we are witnessing the ending of the Rock/Cena match. He is not in Miami for no reason. I think (but not hope, wish it would be clean) the match ends with interference from Lesnar; Cena wins, feud begins

    • Jeremy

      If its Cena vs Lesnar booked one year in advance……i'll scream and never buy a wwe ppv ever again.

  • john peeler

    i hope it is undertaker vs brock lesnar for the main event at wrestlemania 29 .

    • Willie

      I hope not tht match would be slow

    • smoothjj7

      Taker needs to retire! I loved him and grew up thinking he was the best, but his time has come. He can't go anymore quite like he used to and with his nagging injuries it is for the benefit of his health that he ends it this year after wm.

      • squigee

        IF this will be his final wrestlemania, atleast let the man go into the hall of fame next year. after everything he's done for the wwe, he deserves it.

    • lee

      That would be hard to do with the undertaker gone most of the year and brock would be to

  • Willie

    Wrestlemania in Miami!!!!! The Rock hometown: gotta win

    • smoothjj7

      They need a new screw job to talk about; and a lot of times those who are in their hometown don't always win.

    • Guy Landau

      WWE booking 101 says you always lose in your hometown, but surely that can't apply to The Rock… right?

  • Mr. Lynch

    Mania 29:
    Austin vs. Punk
    Cena vs. Lesnar
    Taker vs. Sheamus (Streak Ends)

    BOOK IT!

    • Razmos01

      It sucks!

    • XKonn247

      Streak never ends!!!!!

    • robags

      Where does that leave the rock?? orton seems the only option u really wana see the rock wasted on orton???

    • Bruno

      I am 15 and I will pay to watch that

  • Willie

    Lasher vs The Rock or Cena next year at Wrestlemania sounds good!!!!! So u know its going be a dirty finish Either he cause Cena or The Rock da match but you know The Rock gonna in his hometown or its gonna be a no contest……. But aint Lesner like The Rock: now comin back to the “Wwe” after a long absent put 2 and 2 together

    • XKonn247

      What did you actually attempt to say? Because I just read “watch as I butcher the English language”

  • Shayne

    I'd love to see Brock destroy Cena, don't wanna wait till next year. I loved the way Brock destroyed The Hardy Jobbers in 2 on 1 matches back in the day.

  • Coincidental

    Come on guys everybody knows its going to be a guy who needs a year off; so Brock will either take out The Rock; Undertaker or Jericho. There the logical choices and thats even if he commits.

  • Really?

    Anybody think a triple threat at wm29 could happen between the rock, cena, and lesner?

    • jessezachary

      That would make the most sense. WWE needs to get a Cena vs Undertaker match going sometime, soon, though. Taker probably only has a few wrestlemanias left… at best.

  • Dojo

    I will be surprised is Brock returns at mania……. Seeing as he still has a fight left on his UFC contract with DW saying he will not let Brock loose from it & even threatening court action if he makes an appearance…….. VKM would defo sue if a worker left WWE for TNA & competed before the 90 day clause!!!!!! However VKM could have worked out a deal with the UFC & they could be playing along with it…………. If it is Rock vs Lesnar I will be disappointed just for the fact it will be a one off with neither wanting to commit to long term contracts – would prefer Taker vs Brock to bring an end to the deadmans career – he deserves a big name wrestlemania finale……..