Brock Lesnar Drops A Money Quote On Whether Or Not Pro Wrestling Is Real

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In preparation for his fight tomorrow night at UFC 141 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brock Lesnar gave us a money quote when talking about his WWE past.

"If you lived in a cave for the last 50 years, you probably think it's [pro wrestling] real… but it's not… I go as Brock Lesnar, the UFC fighter… you guys can put whatever label you want on that. I don't really give a s---."

You can watch the comments embedded in the video below:

I hope this guy isn't watching.

  • Resu

    Of course, we do KNOW it is FAKE! Geez…

  • Shawn

    Overeem is gunna kill you

    • Andrew

      Overeem has been carrying a belt around not defending it for how long? Like 3 years? And he fought in Strikeforce. The heavyweights in Strikeforce aren't exactly the same caliber as UFC. I wouldn't bet on that statement if I were you.

  • Shawn

    U and the rock and hulk hogan are losers if it wasn't for the wee u would be nowhere

    • mathew30

      your statment makes no sense. brock is a proven fighter a REAL fighter. dwayne aka the rock, is a proven and highly successful movie star and STILL to this day a proven and highly sought after wrestlign personality…christ if the last ppv was anythign to go by it should at least show you the top guys in the wwe have nothign on him, and he made them look like greens. and then we have hogan, well not much to say on this guy, we all respect for what he did in the 80's 90's and early 00's but after that, the guy hasnt really done much except bring down a company .

  • Chapel Of Ghouls

    I don't really have a skill of giving my own money quotes, but upon reading this, I had one thing to type. "Don't bite the hand that fed you." I mean come on, his WWE run wasn't bad for him. I mean, does he remember that at SummerSlam 2002, he was so popular to WWE fans, that they turned on The Rock. The Rock! They chanted "Rocky Sucks" during his WWE title match against him. Fans can really dictate how a wrestler gets over in WWE. That night, fans were into Lesnar, so much so they popped for him winning the WWE title.

    Plus, he did botch a Shooting Star Press, that had to be REAL pain. I'm sure his opinion of WWE is genuine and all, but come on man.

  • Chris

    I hate when anyone says its fake, Yeah the bouts are predetermined however ask him how real his neck would have snapped on wrestlemania XIX when he tried to do a shooting star press. Lucky for him he missed landing directly on his head. The athleticism of pro wrestling is real not just anyone can do it just like UFC.

    • JakShowtime

      That clip was edited. He was asked about being labeled more often nowadays a "former UFC Champion" rather than a "former WWE Champion". When he says fake in that context, he's pretty clearly talking about being a champion in WWE doesn't mean quite as much because the outcome is scripted. But he wasn't "trashing" WWE and even later (a lot of WWE-related questions were asked) said that people got hurt and that they try to help one another out in the ring.

      He pretty much tried to direct all the WWE questions back to his amateur wrestling, saying that's what got him there (which it did), and they helped him get to where he is today.

  • Abe

    I once had a convo with Austin Aries, he said wrestling is pre determined not fake

  • Jordan

    I guess when he broke Bob Holly's neck, it was fake too

  • Scooter

    The reason he said this is because ppl are still labeling him as a WWE wrestler and in the UFC world the fighters are always looking down on pro wrestling because they don’t see it as a real sport. In Lesnar’s defense I can totally understand why he’s saying this because since 2008 he’s been working with the UFC trying to become a legitimate fighter and ppl are still seeing him as a pro wrestler. The bottom line is he left WWE in 2004 and hasn’t been back since so these ppl should stop looking at him as a WWE guy! Of course this just my opinion and I could be wrong, but I doubt it!

  • Bobby

    Lesnar said in a past interview that pro wrestling hurts. Here he’s just talking about the “competition” aspects.

  • Bubba J

    It sounds like Brock is still bitter about Curt Hennig kicking his arse. RIP Mr. Perfect.

  • Hazmatt23

    Breast implants (like his wife’s) are fake. I like them too. Sable’s probably not so much anymore but still…

  • Andy

    to be fair to the lad, he didn't say it was fake; he said it wasn't real. To me that's a difference.

    • Scooter

      I agree mate!

  • Jeremy

    Fake or real, it's still a sports. Injuries could happen, I'm just glad he didn't bash the WWE in this.

  • dan

    Yes, injuries do happen, and WWE superstars do have a lot of athleticism, however fake kicks to the head and stomps to the ground to emphasize the force of a hit and microphones to amplify the sound just delegitimize it as a sport. True wrestling is not present anymore, maybe the Lucha Associations have it, but otherwise, it can't be classified as a sports, just the pseudo, sports-entertainment. I don't see QBs in the NFL faking sacks and injuries to let another team win a predetermined game, or MLB batters purposely striking out, or even goons in a hockey fight fake an injury when they "throw down". Yes the people in WWE have a great amount of athleticism, however, what they do cannot be classified as a sport. It's a weekly soap opera. Anything from professional canoeing to olympic boxing to weightlifting to track… these are sports and their competitors are true athletes. Olympic wrestling, greco-roman wrestling competitions… these are the true wrestlers. I take nothing away from the men and women of WWE for stepping into the ring every night, they are talented, however pre-determining the outcome and fake kicks and punches to the head, etc… (yes I am aware of the millions of examples of real hits)… don't make it a sport.

  • christopher525

    Alright as of tonight, we may well see a return of "The Next Big Thing" to McMahonland. Third loss, second straight knockout. He's been figured out.