Brock Lesnar Faces Charges In Canada After Recent Hunting Trip

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Brock Lesnar is facing three counts in contravention to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Act following a recent hunting trip to Alberta, Canada. Charges include improper affixation of tags, spoilage of skin and edible flesh and possession of a controlled animal.

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Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending us the link.

  • havoc525

    Weird, possession usually is followed by the words “controlled substance” when mentioning a former wrestler.

    • Dufus

      As big as Brock is he probably killed game with his bare hands. : )

  • HPK

    You know..If this is true , then this Asshole really needs to be locked up , and fined like bigtime for his actions !!! I never thought BL was that good anyway…He is all HYPE !!!

    • GODSENT83


    • Abe

      or you know it could be a mistake he made

  • Jordan

    Brock F5'd a deer

  • Thomas M.

    When I hear a wrestler was "shooting up", I don't usually think deer.

  • just a fan

    wow this i just going to give peta ammo against us hunters

  • A Proud Canadian

    “Controlled Animals” (a category under Alberta’s Wildlife Act) includes animals such as polar bears, monkeys and serval African cats. Richard also could have noted that a guide is also being charged along with Lesnar. Here in Canada we try not to take the life of an animal and then waste it. And there are all sorts of rules by which hunters, both Canadian and visiting, are required to obey. They are designed with the best interest of the animals and the hunters in mind. I'm glad to see the rules are being inforced and not just overlooked. The real kicker for me is that Lesnar and the guide were supposed to appear in court in Medicine Hat, on December 15, but neither did. People may not think that Lesnar's actions are that big of a deal, but I hope he gets nailed good for this. It's time people learned that no matter who you are or where you are from, everyone must obey the law.