Brock Lesnar Fined After Pleading Guilty To Wildlife Charge

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Brock Lesnar's lawyer appeared on his behalf in a Medicine Hat court to enter a guilty plea to charges of improper tagging an animal during a hunting trip last year.

The judge fined Lesnar $1725 and suspended his hunting license for six months. Two other charges of leaving meat to rot and illegal possession of wildlife were dropped.

The Winnipeg Free Press has more on the story at this life.

  • King

    What is tagging an animal????

    • Mark

      Hunters are permitted by whichever state gaming organization to hunt animals. They are given a tag with the hunter’s information on it that is attached to the animal. It helps to identify the hunter that harvested the animal so that the amount of animals hunted can be regulated.

  • Funkeeh

    "improper tagging an animal" eh heh heh

  • Dufus

    "improper tagging"? I thought he would've been busted for breaking the necks of wildlife or scaring the bears or something – lol

    • william

      after watching his last so called mma fight why are they pushin this guy he got beat down like a little girl and was totally defenseless as far as him violating hunting laws he prob shouldnt even have a b-b gun he might shoot his own eye out not to bright at all but then you dont have to be smart as much as hes moved around form venue to venue over-rated over-payed and should consider retirement i wouldnt pay a dime to watch your fights boring to say the least!