Has Brock Lesnar's Big Payday Hurt WWE Revenue?; Details On How Much The USA Network Pays WWE For Raw & What The Decline In Ratings & Overall Average Has Done To Sponsorships

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We've obtained more information in regards to WWE's 2012 quarter three earnings that were not clearly presented in the conference call earlier this month. We're told revenue was off not just because of licensing and distribution but also due to Brock Lesnar's big paycheck, losing revenue in sponsorship and paying more in advertising.

We're told revenue is also down for Raw due to WWE receiving $168,000 for the third hour while the USA Network pays them approximately $330,000 for each hour one and hour two. Not only has Raw's third hour hurt the average viewership numbers, it's hurting revenue from sponsors due to the ratings hit.

What makes this even more confusing is Vince McMahon proclaiming to investors the third hour of Raw is doing "extremely well."

  • HugeRockStar

    I really hope they go back to 2 hours, I can’t make it through 3 hours without dosing off during the third hour lol. I didn’t even bother with it at all this week.

  • SC89

    I think Vince’s ego can’t take the fact that 3 hours was a bad idea, in a really immature way he always has to be right and know what’s best.