Brock Lesnar Gets Staples Backstage At WWE Raw

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Brock Lesnar required 18 staples to close the cut to his head during the opening segment of WWE Raw with Triple H. WWE posted the following photo on their WWE Active App:

Photo courtesy: WWE Active

Photo courtesy: WWE Active

Lesnar was busted open hardway.

  • The second he hit the post the first time I saw a puddle of blood drop to the floor and I just held my breath. That’s SCARY to see. They played it great and You could tell both Lesnar and HHH took it easy on each other after the cut happened, and nice to see he’s not seriously injured.

    • Kenneth

      That’s not scary to see… that’s FUN to see!

  • Steve

    I almost want to think that was on purpose (as in they planned it) but who knows….whether or not it was intended…badass

    • sir-rusty82

      He got 18 staples in his head if that was intended id stay in UFC would be alot safer

  • Brock is a monster…………..

  • Chris

    Why did Tripple H have to come back?? He sucks!!!

  • sir-rusty82

    I wonder how Vince would react if HHH did injure Brock before Wrestle Mania