Brock Lesnar Presented With New WWE Championship On Raw

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon presented Brock Lesnar with a new WWE Championship featuring the new WWE logo and customized side plates. This confirms that WWE has "retired" the World Heavyweight Championship belt.

As noted earlier today, Lesnar stated in an interview that he wasn't going to carry around both titles, leading to belief that we would just see one belt going forward.

You can view a picture of the new look below:

  • D-Bag

    I expected there to be Jimmy John’s side plates.

    • Bryan N.

      Surprised they didn’t do the skull for one and the sword on his stomach or an F5 logo. That would have looked pretty sick.

  • Alex

    I actually liked the belt before but it looks so basic and lazily made now. They could of at least kept champion on the belt. It looks like it’s made out of styrofoam and plastic.

    • Kurt Luttrell

      Look closer. Under the wwe logo…in real small print is “world heavyweight champion”

      • Alex

        I saw it after zooming in but it doesn’t make it any better.

        • Kurt Luttrell

          Oh, I’m not saying it’s better, just that it’s there. .lol could have made the logo a little smaller and the name of the title a bit bigger. ..but that’s ego for you

  • Bob’s Diner

    Despite the design, I’m glad the 2 belts are gone. The circle is complete finally

  • Snap

    Eh… it’s not as good as the previous version, but it’s still not as ugly as the spinner. There’s absolutely no reason the WWE logo couldn’t retain the same proportion and the “CHAMPION” edited to “WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION” and retain the same overall look.

    I guess we know for sure that spending $50 thousand and spending over a year creating it doesn’t mean it can’t get replaced at a whim.

  • Dave Barton

    Such a bland design, it still looks like a toy to me.

  • Zeppelin-Kyle Mayers

    I love the design compared to the old belt. I just wish the center plate was a complete plate instead of just the logo. Having WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION in tiny print is a little weird too.

  • Anon

    Belt looks like it cost $ 9.99

  • BlackLotus

    side plate annoyance aside, the belt just looks incomplete. having “World Heavyweight Champion” in tiny print just does not work. the current design just looks like a commemorative belt you give to someone for contributions to the business.

  • Venom

    I’m sure WWE was aware of the negative criticism from the previous design. When they realized after $50,000 was spent on the old title and realizing they have a new title the light bulb should have came on and realized they can make a new design altogether. They has multiple design sketches when doing the old one and some of them looked better.

    Not saying I was a huge fan of the big gold belt design. I mean it was just big gold. But it was nice and big and didn’t feel like a toy or prop. The belt looked tiny on Lesnar. Imagine of Big Show or Mark Henry held it?

  • Xavier

    Never understood why people make such a big deal over a belt design, call me crazy but I don’t tune in on Mondays & Fridays to look at the belt

    • Silver

      But that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? The belt is supposed to be a huge part of the suspension of disbelief, that this is the object that these guys are fighting for, the centerpiece of what it’s all about. When your belt looks goofy and you devalue your champion you take away a big part of what pro wrestling is supposed to be about. Yes you can still have great performers and storylines that don’t involve championships ultimately it needs to be there as part of the kayfabe.

  • Silver

    It just looks tacky. The studded diamonds and the cartoonish logo. I get that the old belt didn’t really represent what the company was about anymore but it looked like an actual trophy, something regal and with history to it. This just looks like the giant version of the cheap jewelry you get in those little plastic eggs that they sell for 50 cents outside grocery stores.