Brock Lesnar Returning To UFC?

Brock Lesnar was in attendance at last night's UFC 146 pay-per-view and was shown before the Frank Mir vs. Junior do Santos main event. UFC President Dana White was asked in the post-show press conference if there was anything more to Lesnar appearing on the telecast and he answered by saying, "yeah."

White later admitted that Lesnar could be returning to the UFC.

Brock is currently under a 1-year contract with WWE that he signed over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend in Miami. In the contract, Lesnar will make upwards of $5 million for select appearances throughout the year leading into and including Wrestlemania XXIX.

I have already heard from one of my sources regarding Lesnar's status and am working on a story that will be up shortly.

  • An0n

    come on brock, pick something and stay….

  • Aldin94

    Another Sellout just like “Dwayne”

    • Brandon

      True, Dwayne sell out WrestleMania 28 last April. Just like Brock sell out Extreme Rules. Haters.

    • Don

      Dwayne, the ultimate sellout.

    • robert

      Brock isn’t selling out he’s Staying true to what he’s alwayS been and that’s a fighter, he went from wwe to ufc that’s not selling out. Rock on the other hand is a sell out he left to make movies he used the wwe to get where he wantedn Brock was already A wrestler national champion h went from that to wrestlking to fighting how’s that a sellout he didn’t go and do a cookjkng show or a toothfairy instead of wrestling.

  • Vince

    Brock lesnar is only a money grabbing prick

    • whitethought_

      Just like The Rock… I mean "Dwayne".

  • Vince

    Brock lesnar is only a money grabbing wanker

    • robert

      he only plays one on tv and at least he’s honest about it, he didn’t come back to promote a movie and feed his ego and say he did it for the people he is a fighter and I don’t see the difference from ufc fighting and wwe fighting he was always a fighter a national champ wrestler that’s what he started as a fighter

  • Steve l

    At what point can we call Brocks return a certifiable disaster? Or is this all a giant work?

  • Ray

    I’m Still supprised that all the other superstars dident protest against Brock comming back considering how he use to bitch about how hard the job is. I really wish Vince worked on brining in Sting and have a year build-up with the Undertaker. Rather than have Brock complain he has a top job with WWE. Ungreatful clown!

  • Youth

    Imagine Lesnar is in attendance in UFC. Triple H then wreck havoc on Lesnar at the event leading their match at SummerSlam. One can only dream…

    • Daniel Moreno WWE

      Dig your idea! awesome!

  • JasonGaza

    This guy is a trix rabbit jumping from place to place

  • mel

    not surprised at all about him really…same goes for Rock…it's like Cena says 'he in it for the long haul" people come and go but one one true guy stays at the end

    • XKonn247

      70 guys in the WWE roster. It’s not just Cena that hangs around.

    • Don

      Then there's the Undertaker πŸ˜‰

    • Bigbdawg2003

      Cena has no choice he has no other talent. Now that I think of it he’s not that talented at what he does

    • Razmos01

      The Rock was there years before Cena, if Cena had made it in hollywood he wouldnt be there all the time either, go suck eggs

  • Mark123ac

    He is a money hungry idiot who hates having to do any type of hard work. He quit WWE when the schedule was too tough he could not make it in the NFL. Everyone knows he is going to come back face Triple H and then disapperar again until right before Wrestlemania 29. If the Undertaker decides to come back then he will face him at Wrestlemania, lose and go back to UFC and walk out on them again at some point.

  • Kevin Carroll

    If Brock can do both, I think he has earned the right to do both. Let the guy compete

  • ZachV

    ok Brock has about 30 dates left on his contract so i can see him coming back for that build up, and then coming back for survivor series, rumble and then mania, oh and the rumor is brock vs rock for the title not brock and taker, after this then yes maybe he will be in ufc again

  • jdl

    Why do people care about Lesnar? His success in the UFC was handed to him on a silver platter and when things actually started to require him to show some skill, he got his ass kicked every single time. He should have lost the title to Carwin in the first round, but White wouldn't let it happen. He's a pathetic baby.

  • search4theyeti

    He won't be back. It's all hype to sell tickets now.

  • Brock Lesner Sucks…

  • smark

    Its a work he is playing up the I quit storyline remember Vince and Dana are friends

  • jus2cme

    Lesner may return when his wwe contract is up. Ufc fights are scheduled months in advance.
    I’m sure their is a breach of contract clause vince screws ppl in busisness more than he gets screwed.

  • Mike

    I love how everyone here is acting as if lesnar has already returned to UFC. I mean, he was just at the fight for christ’s sake. He very well could’ve just been there as a spectator and nothing more. I do agree that lesnar is an egotistical douche, but I don’t see why everyone is on his case now when in reality he did nothing wrong.