Brock Lesnar Saves Bland Cena Promo, How Vince Won By Burying Daniel Bryan, The Rock Finished With WWE, Comparing Rock/Cena To Rock/Hogan

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What are your thoughts on John Cena following his "Once in a Lifetime" match at Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Most fans were thrilled to see John Cena get pinned clean by The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII and while I was happy to see a clean outcome, the finish was worrisome. I maintained throughout the build to Wrestlemania it was going to be very difficult for The Rock to go over Cena clean if he wasn't returning to WWE full-time. He isn't returning full-time and it sets a dangerous precedent going forward. Prior to Brock Lesnar returning in the final segment of last night's Raw Supershow, Cena was delivering one most robotic, boring promos of all time. There HAS to be some type of gimmick transition for Cena following his loss to The Rock. Promising he's not going to lash out at the fans and "the better man won," makes him look incredibly weak and way below The Rock. The return of Lesnar saved the closing segment but the promo highlighted the monotony of Cena's character. We've literally SEEN ENOUGH and it's time for something to happen.

Is Vince McMahon going to exploit the Daniel Bryan situation and turn him into a top babyface or will he buried in favor of Sheamus?

There is no way to accurately predict Vince McMahon's mindset but part of me feels like he was patting himself on the back last night. Sheamus' 18-second squash of Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania has caused Bryan's stock to skyrocket and McMahon's pupils probably dilated to dollar signs last night. While I was very unhappy with the booking of the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania but  it has actually made the fans care more than they probably would have if they would have gotten a significant amount of time. Think about it this way, as good as the match could have been, was there any way they were going to top Cena/Rock, Jericho/Punk and Undertaker/Triple H? I'm not defending Vince McMahon but there is a method to his madness no matter how insane it seems at times.

What is The Rock's future with WWE going forward?

The Rock finished up his latest WWE return on last night's Raw Supershow. He is not in the plans going into the WWE Draft and will not return in the immediate future. There are plans to utilize him at Wrestlemania next year and possibly an event before then but he's not a full-time WWE superstar.

With WWE promoting The Rock vs. John Cena as "once in a lifetime," I feel like it's a bit ironic because Rock vs. Hulk Hogan was pretty much billed as the same thing. How do you feel the Rock vs Cena compares to Rock vs. Hogan?

The Rock vs. John Cena was bigger because it had a full year build and featured both workers still in the prime of their careers. Hogan vs. Rock was billed as a tremendous match but wasn't even the main event at Wrestlemania X8 (the show was headlined by Triple H vs. Chris Jericho). WWE has a way of "overlooking the past" or even forgetting it when it benefits them for obvious monetary purposes.

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  • Cena Sucks

    Cena should just go to TNA…

    • Zach

      Why would he EVER do that? WWE is the top of the business and it is where every star should aspire to be if they want to become a true wredtling superstar. Cena is getting paid probably three to four times more than TNA could ever offer him. Cena is a WWE guy through and through as he has mentioned out of character and on television.

      • Cena Sucks

        The fact you took that TNA joke seriously is laughable.. Haha!!

      • Herman Tank

        Yeah, EVERYBODY is a WWE guy through and through now. Be a different story if a WCW organization with a limitless budget was still around.

    • BollyMexCPhT

      You amateur trolls make me laugh. Troll harder next time son.

    • urnemystic

      hahahahahahahahahahaha thats the best joke ive heard in years!!

    • Zack Ryder

      r u serious bro?

    • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

      TNA Bound For Glory 2012


      Cena VS Hogan VS Sting

      Triple Threat Match

    • stoney

      TNA Can't even afford Cena's shoelace

  • thatguy

    "Sheamus’ 18-second squash of Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania has caused Bryan’s stock to skyrocket"

    I posted before. I went to wrestlemania BEFORE the event hours before doors people were NONSTOP chanting YES. For hours and hours on end. The chant was going on all the way to the match started. which then on the video you can see how crazy the chants were. Then the rest of the night and all the way into the parking lot people were chanting YES

    Sorry but Bryan is just VERY over in fla and it just happen to be great timing with a crowd that LOVE bryan and how that outcome ended up being.

    Last night had way more of the hardcore crowd from Mania and not the typical fla crowd which is normally horrible and very quite.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I agree Bryan is very over in Florida but McMahon made people care more by squashing him. I hate it but he worked us with the 18 second squash match.

      • Stan

        Sorry if I’m outta line Richard but if you actually believe this whole squash on Bryan was a way to get ppl to care about him a Vince McMahon master plan, you’re mistaken! While
        Vince will have no problem in taking credit for how outrageous the fans were, I believe they cut this math short to give more time to certain matches and for the backstage nonsense with Flo Rida and the deadliest catch shtick. Not to mention the two love performances before the main event. And also I could see it being a punishment for Bryan for giving Orton a concussion and for busting Sheamus open the hard way.

        • wnwdotcom2

          This is incorrect. The Sheamus/Daniel Bryan match was planned to be that short… it was not cut short due to time constraints. McMahon wanted Daniel Bryan to get beat for the title in less than 8 seconds (it took them 18). I'm not saying this was all part of McMahon's master plan because I cannot even begin to explain his thinking. However, to think that McMahon wasn't enjoying the hot reaction Daniel received last night due to the booking of his Wrestlemania match is incorrect.

          • Higgins

            The time of the match had nothing to do with the length of other matches. Why do people not understand that. They had 4 hours. If they wanted a longer match, it could’ve been easily done.

      • kevin

        Cena Rick was the most boring main event ever at a wrestlemania

        • HATER

          Thats the lamest comment Ive ever read!

  • Jameson

    Cena, who I have lots of respect for, actually put me to sleep last night during that promo, thank god I woke up for brocks entrance.
    (4am in Ireland)

    • havoc525

      Same here, caught myself dosing off, woke when I heard the “We want Lesnar” chants. The end saved it, but Brock needs to hit the gym and get his timing back on his entrance.

  • Jameson

    Cena, who I have lots of respect for, actually put me to sleep last night during that promo, thank god I woke up for brocks entrance.

    • Toby Tyler

      guys c'mon .. you don't think his promo was mundane on purpose?

  • Justin

    Dollar signs with Daniel Bryan? LOL. So just because an arena full of smarks were chanting YES that means Daniel Bryan will be a draw?

    • CaliburUK

      I wouldn’t say it was an arena full of smarks, there were over 13 thousand people there and a lot were just regular viewing audience, the fact is that Bryan has won a lot of people over with his ability and people were being vocal about not being able to witness that ability in the grandest stage

      • wnwdotcom2

        Any smark that was outraged about Daniel Bryan's job to Sheamus became a mark… Me included. We ate out of Vince McMahon's hand. It sucks but it's the truth.

    • BigMike

      people actually looked on youtube and saw BRIAN DANIELSON and what he can do and KNOW that Daniel Bryan can really go when given the right opponent and I think him and SHeamus would have been a good match as Dragon can work with anyone I want him and Rey I loved him and Kofi a couple months ago and I LOVED LOVED him and Punk too bad there were screw jobs I really want him to snap and start using the cattle mutilation move

    • Matt Scott

      You know what a draw is!?

  • Jason

    What's the angle with the Rock saying he would be champion again?

  • Da KiDD

    To compare Rock vs. Hogan and Rock vs. Cena, I'd say this:

    1. Hogan was more over with the fans in Rock/Hogan, than The Rock was in Rock/Cena. (Though when I say "more over", it was EXTREMELY close and marginal, it was just one of those things where the 'Legend' of Hogan encompassed the fans in that arena)

    2. Cena had more heat in Rock/Cena, than Rock had in Rock/Hogan.

    Conclusion: Therefore, in a fantasy world, if we were able to create Hogan (2002) vs. Cena (2012), you would have the loudest, most passionate, and EPIC fan reaction in the history of a WM match!

    • wnwdotcom2

      WWE sold Wrestlemania 28 on The Rock alone… It was the focal point of the entire show, hell they ruined Wrestlemania 27 to set it up. You can't judge on crowd reactions alone.

      • Da KiDD

        No, I can't judge it on crowd reactions alone, but as evidenced by Raw last night (Yes! chants), which I was at, and the harsh reaction that Cena got at WM, which I was at also, I was able to experience first hand the impact that crowd reactions can have in an instant, and how they can change the feel and memory of a match. When you're watching a match, you're not hearing the buildup to it, you're not hearing the media coverage it got…you're hearing the crowd reaction. Hogan was a clear heel in that match, and if it was a person's first time watching wrestling, they would never know that.

        I was comparing one aspect of those two matches, and that was crowd reactions those nights in those stadiums. I wasn't judging a damn thing, I was comparing reactions. I didn't mention media coverage in the buildup, i didn't mention actual wrestling performance, I was just talking about crowd reactions.

        The same way that I "can't judge on crowd reactions alone" is the same way you can't judge "Cena being booked to lose to The Rock is worrisome going forward….etc." based on him losing the match alone

  • Mike B

    There’s been a lot of articles on here stating that both rock and cena are in their prime… Last time I checked, rocks prime was something like a decade ago. Sure, he’s in good shape and is a successful actor, but his in ring skills are nothing like they used to be. This is why when it’s related to hogan and rock, it’s almost like they switched roles this time. Rock a decade past his wrestling heyday and cena being in the company for a considerable amount of time. I won’t say rock wrestles as bad as hogan, but the situation is similar.

    • wnwdotcom2

      It's not about The Rock's in-ring skills, it never has been. Furthermore there's no way you can evaluate his in-ring skills today compared to a decade ago based on the small sample size (2 matches). The fact of the matter The Rock is just as over today as he was in 2002 which makes him still in his prime. His appearance alone is what WWE used to sell Wrestlemania. The same can't be said for Hogan at X8.

      • Eloy

        I don’t even think its about being over Richard- ten years ago Hogan was as over as anyone I’ve ever seen- however he was NOT in his prime… The Rock is due to the fact that when he beat Cena at WM- it was believable! You knew The Rock was at the same level as Cena physically. Also, how many times will WWE drop the ball on a Cena heel turn? At least a tweak? I was really expecting him to have a complete no show angle last night! That would have been a bigger impact then his watered down speech!!

        • wnwdotcom2

          Right but what Mike is saying is The Rock is NOT in his prime when he clearly is despite time away from the business. When using "prime" as a noun, here's the definition: A state or time of greatest strength, vigor, or success in a person's life.

          Give me a time when The Rock was more successful…

          • Eloy Tijerina

            He hit his peak (so far) at WM XXVIII… Hogan had already hit his in the mid to late 90’s..

    • Matt Scott

      Not to sound asinine but the acoustIca of an indoor event will make anything sound louder than an unmicced crowd outside

  • Patrick_OToole

    The main problem I have with Cena is that even as a straight laced face he never feels anger toward the person that beat him. It's never, "Oh, I hate the Rock for beating. I want to get him back in this ring so I can show him what I am really about." it's, "Oh, I can't believe I was beaten, I need to look into my soul and think about coming out here again for you, the WWE Universe." We get it Cena, we get it. Coming off all the great promos he did with the Rock and how he bragged about those he sure has brought the bar down the last two nights. Maybe he will get "injured" to go film The Marine 3 – Orton goes AWOL.

  • mathew30

    its not cenas fault for what his character is, its vince and the $$$$$$ thats been created becuase of the over done goody two shoes character cena is, and by god was cenas promo boring.

    • Stan

      Its a two way street my friend! Cena’s been in the wwe long enough where he has political strOke and creative control. Otherwise he would have never made those controversial remarks towards The Rock. Just a small example, throughout the whole year (pre-Wrestlemania) you never hear once Cena cuss, then all of the sudden when the rock comes in he starts cussing. Don’t get me wrong, cussing doesn’t make a promo better it just spices it up. And for a character as goodie-two-shoe like Cena, when he cusses it means he means business. Anyway the guy is a yes man he let his character, his popularity and his integrity go down the toilet!

  • H.M.

    Cena's promo was the only blemish on an otherwise amazing show. It showed us all why WWE has been under the crapper until 2011(it was a relatively better year than mid-late 2007-2010 – what I'd consider to be the weakest years in WWE in the last 15 years). It was bland, stale and was the WWE PG era all rolled up into one monotonous segment. WWE regained this edge in 2011; this air of unpredictability which it had been missing for quite some time – and this was due primarily to guys like the Rock and Punk. WWE today is far better off then the strictly PG product of the past few years. If they continue this route, I will be satisfied.

  • daniel

    The daniel bryan storyline depends on the way the crowds are going to react in the coming weeks and probably on the numbers of sells of the ,,Yes,,t-shirts!
    Let s hope that thw wwe writers don t ruin Lesnar momentun similarly to jericho s return in 2007,when by week 2 he was wrestling santino marella!They ,,managed,,to ruin the nexus angle in 2010 and almost punk s momentum last year!God helps us
    At the moment Cena and Orton bore me to death!And in Orton s case a heel turn is needed badly!

  • Jason A.

    Cena’s end of night promo wasn’t “bad” or “boring” or “dull” because of Cena. Rather it never could gain the passion expected because the “hot” or should I say “spoiled” Miami crowd kept interrupting. Their constant cries for Brock because nearly as obnoxious as “WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!” Additionally, you do realize that Cena had to stall for a good about of time as he waited for Brock to arrive from his un-disclosed location.

  • Jason A.

    Brock? Seriously, you were “marking out” for Brock? The same Brock that nearly killed himself and literally made me piss my pants from laughter when he botched his moonsault in his last match against Kurt!

    • Mike M

      love smug wrestling fans who don't know moves. brock attempted a shooting star press. NOT a moonsault.

    • To answer your question yea I marked out lol. Also it wasn’t a moon salt it was a botched shooting star press. You make it sound like main eventers never botch.

    • christopher525

      Not to mention, that wasn't his "last match," that would have been the abortion he put out there with Goldbrick, errrr, Goldberg.

    • Matt Scott

      You laughed when he could have broken his neck? You sick bastard.

  • Jason A.

    Internet fan-boys, it seems all you do is whine about John Cena. As a fan who watched Wrestlemania 3 live, and who now is a father of 5 children, humor me for a moment. As high as my kids were Sunday night when The Undertaker won, they were devastated when Rock jumped up from Cena’s last AA. They kept screaming at the T.V. “Cena just hit the A.A. How can Rock get up so fast” Many of you moan about “Super Cena” and apparently now “Super Shemus” but what about Super Rock, not to mention your beloved Super Brock.

    • H.M.

      The Rock was never a 'Superman' soccer dad. You do realize that this was Cena's FIRST CLEAN untainted loss…since losing clean to HHH in 2008(as far as I can recall)? I'm talking losing fairly, and not due to outside interference. Cena was built in such a way where no man today, and no star in the company today has ever beaten Cena clean 1-2-3 since the Super Cena schtick.

      Fans hate Cena because his character is too corny, his promos too bland(under his current character; contrary to his stellar work during the WM buildup) and his matches usually too predictable. We 'fan boys' would appreciate him more, if he did something new and actually was able to change it up on a consistent basis.

    • Toby Tyler

      Amen. Add in Cena carried the match. Blind Rock fans will say otherwise.

      • Jg

        Cena easily carried that match n i yes there has been super rock!!

      • H.M.

        Cena probably did carry it; he's a ring general when it comes to directing matches. That isn't the point of discussion.

        • Toby Tyler

          I see him criticized nonstop on this site for his lack of skills. Watch the Punk match at Money in the Bank or Wrestlemania – he can hang with anyone. I hope they don't pigeon hole him with Lesnar like they did last year.

  • Jason A.

    Dear “internet fan-boys” your hatred of Cena is hypocritical and your sanctimonious love for Rock makes me sick!

  • Jason A.

    Now, clearly not all internet fan-boys live in their mom’s basement or work at Game Stop, and no doubt some even have wives and children, but we all know most don’t. And because most don’t most don’t see wrestling through the eyes of a child anymore. How do I know most don’t have kids? Simply by standing in enough live event lines where I see groups of fan-boys all talking about wrestling with not even one child accompanying them. And what do I hear this child-less “fan-boys” moan and complain about? Why WWE doesn’t return to the “good old days?” And by that they mean the “Attitude Era.” And why did they love that time? Was it because of wrestling? No, it was mostly because their teenaged minds loved the double entendre, and T&A that WWF was broadcasting on a weekly basis. To them Monday Night Raw during the “Attitude Era” was nothing more than the basic cable equivalent of Cinemax.

    • H.M.

      I watched the Attitude Era as a child; it wasn't for the T&A(which was age inappropriate for me at that time since I was like 7). There were larger then life personalities, and legitimately gripping feuds and storylines. Until Y2J's assault on Punk yesterday I've never actually felt like WANTING to hate a heel because of how damn good they are since HHH in his old days. The characters, and the content of AE were paralleled by the amazing crowds who ate it all up. A lot of the AE fans are also men your age who grew up watching wrestling in the 80's. There was so much more to it, but your blanket statement about 'internet fanboys' is rather absurd and goes to show exactly how much you really know about fans and their mentality. Granted you make a valid point about looking at wrestling through the 'lens' of a child but I can guarantee you that most of those children would have enjoyed the AE far more than the ' hardcore PG era' of 2008-early 2011.

      The fact that Cena lost ONE match out of the hundreds he's won by overcoming the odds, should not irk you one bit.

      If ya smell what the IWC is cooking.

  • Jason A.

    Internet fan-boys, may I suggests something? Instead of shelling out $100.00 a ticket to sit up close and hold your little signs, split that money, move up to the cheap seats, and take a kid from your neighborhood. Being mindful that you don’t spoil the night for them by “predicting” the outcome because you read the spoilers. Take a kid to wrestling; try to watch it through their eyes. If you do, if you recapture the wonderment of a child, you would see how Cena loosing at WrestleMania was even more egregious than Daniel Bryan’s 18 second squash. By the way, my kids were all ticked off the way that match went down.

    • Toby Tyler

      quality posts Jason.

      • Evon Reese

        Right on Jason. I had 3 grand kids sick over it. All the money I gave to Vince buying anything Cena and this is the crap he pulls. Now Rock has left again and it is once again up to Cena. Vince needs his ass kick for selling out to the rocks ego.

  • Ricky

    DB might have lost at Mania but it looks like his character went over big time. I doubt he would be THIS over if he DIDN'T get squashed at Mania. Hopefully this means DB's star will shine in WWE.

    I enjoy some of Cena's mic work when he's in a feud, such as when he feuded with the Nexus and his feud with The Rock was some of the best promo's I've seen from him. Last night though he just sucked, he sounded like he did when he first came to the WWE, he was bland, unemotional and boring. Lesnar returning saved that Segment.

    I have to add my voice to all the other voices. Cena NEEDS to turn heel!

  • DoJo

    Jason A……. So many good points!!! I am a big wrestling fan & remember watching my 1st mania (VI) at 8yrs old & believing everything lol The prob is these same kids grew up in the wwf era which in turn changed to the attitude era & now the ‘nu skool’ era………… So they think they know everything about wrestling and have all the ‘inside’ knowledge due to net trolling etc The thing is these same fans who loved Hogan now despise Cena…….. Ironic when you think they have very similar gimmick values!!!!!!! I am fed up with the Cena gimmick BUT to outwardly disrespect him is bulls**t……… He lives & breathes the biz & is a great role model for kids…….. There is a reason why the locker room respect Cena & even Flair said at the HOF 2012 he was out having drinks with Cena……….. There is no higher honour than being given the seal of approval from THE legend lol All you so called fans need to remember why you fell in love with wrestling….. The fun, the story, the larger than life characters & the excitement – SI JUST ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • H.M.

      Nobody denies Cena as a person. It's so simple yet people don't get it. We don't hate Cena. We hate the damn gimmick. it's gotten so tiresome. As for Hogan – he had a fair share of haters during his run in WWF near the end of his tenure there. He was getting stale, boring and tiresome. Imagine if Hogan never turned heel. Do you think his legacy would be as big as it is today? Hogan was the focal point of two amazing eras. But even he had his detractors – the internet wasn't around back then so most of the male fans weren't as vocal about it; but people were definitely tired of his stuff by the time the 90's rolled in. Cena might be a great guy, but that doesn't make him any enjoyable to watch. He has the tools, they're just being used terribly. I do wonder when he'll ever turn or change it up for good. At least give us the Cena that was feuding with the Rock! He actually won a lot of critics over.

    • Toby Tyler

      Good post DoJo.

    • Herman Tank

      I actually hated the characters and stories. I started watching it for the violence, brutality and love of watching people get hurt really badly but funny. Blood and guts were the best part of the Attitude Era, so bring back blood and guts!!!!

  • Jason A.

    It is not at all surprising to see my various posts receive negative marks. It only goes to prove my point.

    • British bulldog

      Jason mate, ya boring!! You clearly do not understand the “Internet fan boys” and clearly don’t read this website the rest of the year. No point in arguing with ya pal.

      As I said ya boring, so shut it and do one……….

  • Burr

    “Dear Internet fan boy Jason A” how many more times are you going to post on this thing before you consider yourself one of us as well. PS, your bland, boring, “same old sh*t” hero of your children lost one major match and you’re whining worse than we do when he conquers all odds nearly every other night in the exact same way as he has done for over 5 years now. I am not a huge fan of the rock or some of his decisions either but as Richard has said, he’s earned it and is a bigger draw. I personally respect what Cena has done for the company as many “fan boys” also do. However the difference for some of us is rock earned his spot through crowd reactions, not through being crammed down our throats for years despite our voicing for a change.

    Anyways long rant, basically get over it or stop watching, iif you really have that big of a problem with the show last night than youre not a true wrestling fan as that was a stellar show and a lot of that was due to the crowd. Fortunately for you Cena will be back to kicking out of constant finishers and overcoming all seemingly unbeatable odds so he can suck up 15 minutes of tv time with bland, forced, Captain Planet like promos in no time.

    • H.M.

      "However the difference for some of us is rock earned his spot through crowd reactions, not through being crammed down our throats for years despite our voicing for a change. "

      This! My sentiments exactly.

  • Blaine

    Jason A is john Cena.

    • Herman Tank

      No he isn't.

  • Jason A.

    Burr. I have not posted since LAST Wrestlemania. Check your facts first. Also, I did not have a problem with the show, but rather those that hate on Cena.

    • Burr

      Check your facts first…
      1. You called Brock’s botched SHOOTING STAR PRESS a MOONSAULT…

      2. You said it was Brock’s last match against Kurt. A little known fact for Mr. Fact Checker…they wrestled again in a rematch at Summer Slam and again after that in an Iron Man Match on Smackdown so that obviously wasn’t his last match vs Kurt…

      3. You posted 5 or more times in a row on this thing today which was where my questioning of “how many times are you going to post” arose…

      4. You stated the fans ruined Cena’s promo with their chants when although it is opinion based, I bet more feel that the only reason they kept watching that bland promo was because of the chants and Brock’s arrival.

      I base my information on actual wrestling facts and not inaccuracies throughout a flood of resentful posts

    • H.M.

      Perhaps you oughta look at the reasons behind the hate. Fans are just tired of him. It's not that he isn't talented. Give his gimmick a tweak. K thanks.

    • Burr

      Fact…Brock Lesnar botched a Shooting Star Press, not a Moonsault…
      Fact…That was not Brock's "LAST" match against Kurt as they had a rematch at Summer Slam and another as an Iron Man Match on Smackdown…
      Fact…I was stating your amount in posts on this ASK WNW segment, not throughout the year…
      Fact (Just Learned Today)…Richard is a very keen comment moderator…

  • Evon Reese

    It was about passing the torch to a new era untill rocks ego got involved. My grand kids want watch his movies and you can't pay them to wear a rock shirt.Cena worked his tail off carrying the rock the whole match. I didn't think old rocky was going to have enough strength to get up and Cover Cena. This was a joke and a slap in the face to all Cena fans and Cena. Rock was really pulling on Vince for this after all he needed it his movie sales are declining and the whole thing will probably backfire on the both of them at their wallets. Now that would be sweet revenge.

  • Guy Landau

    I think Cena's promo was monotonic on purpose. He pushed the crowd's buttons on purpose from what I could tell.

    • Toby Tyler

      Totally .. anyone who thinks otherwise is a dope.

    • H.M.

      I've entertained that thought myself.

  • Big D

    Sounds like a few people are mad that, last year, a guy that was gone for 7 years and, last night, a guy that was gone for 8 years, both got bigger pops than their boy scout has at any time in the past 6 years.

  • Irish Noel

    It sets a dangerous precedent going forward? Surely that precedent was set when Hogan beat Randy Orton a few years ago. Hogan wasn't a full-time worker at the time. Okay Orton wasn't as over as he is now but the two scenarios are not that different in my opinion.

  • Philip Thompson

    I think that Cena was sent out way too early last night and that he had far more time to work with than he'd been prepared for – so he ran out of material and had to stretch out his promo – he was also probably a bit bummed out after having had to job to a guest performer at Wrestlemania.

    I agree that the booking of the Daniel Bryan match has caused his stock to skyrocket and wouldn't be surprised if Vince did this on purpose and knew that it wouldn't bury Daniel Bryan but would make smarks get really mad and get behind Daniel Bryan all-the-more.

    • jack

      Really .. Cena was sent early and he ran out of material .. ur dumb as a box of hair. The guy probable does not have wrestling skills but sure has mic skills than anyone else in wwe currently. he did that on purpose, so Brock can get a good pop. IMO Cena's downfall is going to be because he is company man. he has to go heel and beat the crap out of everyone, he sue has the build to kick anyone's ass and make it believable.

  • Kevin

    I must say that I'm not surprised that the Rock won the WM28 match against Cena…but I am disappointed. If the Rock ISN'T coming back full time (and he's not), then why not let Cena win. Then on MNR Rock could have come out at the beginning, congratulated Cena, admitted that Cena was the better man, and gone on about his business. Cena then could have had a tremendous heel turn by coming out at the end, blowing up the mic by saying he knew all along he was better than Rock, the fans didn't matter, he doesn't care if they hate him, and so on. At some point he says something like this: "My next goal is to win the WWE Heavyweight belt again. And there's NO ONE who can stop me from getting it!" Then Brock's music hits, Brock comes out, and when Cena takes the attack to him, Brock fights it off and drops an F5 on Cena. That would have been a much better ending than the one we got.