Brock Lesnar Says He's Leaving WWE & Never Coming Back

WWE is writing Brock Lesnar off television by using the Tout account of Paul Heyman. You can view it embedded below:

Obviously this is being used to explain his absence from WWE television as he's under a part-time contract and isn't expected back until Survivor Series.

  • Dave

    See you at Survivor Series, Brock.

  • MonsterMike42

    If only this were true.

  • Bluetrooperair

    Has been:(

    • Ellen

      Wanna be (too)!

  • Moose666

    Must be a glitch in the Matrix as I am experiencing deja vu.

  • Thomas

    As they say in show business "Retiring for the 8th and final time" lol. Hell of a match at summerslam, most likely we'll see him at the Royal Rumble. Who knows, funny thing is how many little kids are going to believe this is true 😛

  • Ricky Valdez

    Taker vs Brock at wrestlemania, book it, taker will get some payback for HHH at wrestlemania.

  • The southern Kidd

    Wow writers have to convert to running the same storyline again? How impressive (sarcasm).

  • Autista

    Brock LESNAR going means Heyman can back up Punk.. It’s gonna happen, hopefully it’ll be done right..

  • No brock we want to see you in action ending the streak of the deadman

  • Robert olley

    Just me or is Brock no where near as good as his first run too much money for a mediocre talent and draw

  • Promises, promises!hope lesnar does leave. Never thought much oh him anyway!good riddance!!!