Brock Lesnar Says He Isn't Carrying Around Two Title Belts

TMZ.com caught up with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman coming out of Morton's The Steakhouse in Los Angeles after SummerSlam on Sunday night. Lesnar said his win against John Cena isn't the defining moment of his career and he's just getting started.

Lesnar showed both titles, specifically pointing out the "John Cena" nameplate on the World Heavyweight Championship belt. He said he's not carrying two belts around when the photog asked if he was going to merge them. Lesnar said he came, he saw and he conquered. He double dog dared Cena to come back looking for another ass whipping.

You can watch the video embedded below:

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  • Splat

    Good. That needed to end along time ago.

  • Alex

    They should of dropped the World Heavyweight Title the Raw after Orton won. It looks silly having everyone carry both.

    • John

      I would go the other way and drop the WWE title.. It looks ridiculous and cheap compared to the classy World Heavyweight title .

      • Alex

        I was just saying that under the assumption that their planning to get rid of the World Heavyweight Championship. Regardless of how the fans feel of the design they wouldn’t get rid of the WWE Title before the World Heavyweight Title. If what Lesnar said is true then he’ll either get rid of the whc or get rid of both for a WWE title with the network logo.

  • Yves Heinrich

    Camera man sounds like Tracy Morgan LOL

  • Geordie Dolph

    I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE took this opportunity to switch the title to a new belt with the WWE network logo on it

  • Silver

    The new belt will be a big gold plate with 9.99 in diamonds

    • Dave Barton

      Priceless comment! (no pun intended)

  • jus2cme

    The Gold belt that the Rock debuted looks like the Network logo anyhow. Their is only so many ways that you can put together two “W”s.

  • Donnie Stuart

    if he isnt gonna follow the rules and carry both belts then STRIP HIM OF THE BELTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave Barton

      I hope that was meant as a joke…

      • Donnie Stuart

        him of the titles

  • The Dude

    Anyone else hear Jeff Bridges’ voice when Lesnar speaks?

    • bigweinerjeter

      dude youre sooooo right!

  • Jason

    Brock doesnt really “NEED” to carry both titles. He can always carry one, while heyman carries the other.

  • Bob’s Diner

    I hope he gets the new belt – it would mean the whole ‘2 world titles’ thing comes full circle, as he was the last Undisputed Champion before the belts were split