Brock Lesnar Selling His House, Sin Cara Update, John Cena Is An Awesome Person

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- Brock Lesnar is selling his home in Maple Plain, Minnesota for $800,000. Click here to check it out.

- Luis Ignascio, the original Sin Cara, is now working in AAA as Myzteziz. He'll continue to use the Sin Cara gimmick on shows outside of the Mexican promotion.

- I don't care what you think about John Cena, he's an awesome person. Check out his latest act of kindness.

Richard Reacts: John Cena is always going above and beyond. He doesn't *have* to do these things but he continues to do them. We're talking about a guy on the road 300-days out of year, carrying WWE year in and out and oh by the way, he's also a cast member on Total Divas. Yet he's still willing to participate in these random acts of kindness. I don't even think we could begin to describe how many lives John has touched.  I know he has his haters and I know there are always going to be *those people* but stuff like this goes to show you what kind of person he is.  Class act.

  • Patrick

    He is awesome for all he does outside the ring. I agree Richard he is a Class Act.

    • dean

      JOHN CENA will be the face of wwe until he retires and then the mcmahons will likely keep him around in a management position. cena is too valuable to wwe and he is not a spoiled, tattooed white trash punk like phil brooks who “quits” because he does not like the fake storylines.

      • Snap

        What does Punk have to do with any of this and why does praising Cena have to involve putting down people you don’t like? Can’t Cena stand on his OWN merits?

        • Mysterion

          Evidently he’s a guy looking to bash CM Punk yet values him highly enough to use his birth name as if he’s some kind of friend to Punk. Like a piss ant.

          • dean

            first off, neophyte. I was not bashing cm punk. I was just stating the fact that HE IS A QUITTER AND A CRY BABY just like bret hart who is still whining over the fact that vince McMahon took a prop off of him in a predetermined match back in November 1997
            the point is that vince McMahon is better off having a company full of john cenas because they are loyal, professional, good role models etc

  • Venom

    I don’t think anyone actually hates John Cena. They just hate the character. I think the same people who chant “Cena Sucks” are the same fans who loved the rapper gimmick. If only he did something similar to Hulk Hogan, then turned face. He’d probably more over then ever. Even when Steve Austin turned heel. When he turned face again is when the whole “What?” chants took off. I don’t think it’s just merchandise that’s the issue. I mean cool heels also sell merchandise that the 40 year old nerds will still buy. But I get the charity work could be an issue.

    Maybe if he were to get married again and needs to tone it down, turning heel might be a better option. Then he won’t be requested as much. I do think the same kids who loved him 10 years ago are old enough to appreciate a heel turn. I remember when Bret Hart turned heel. It was a mix emotion. On one hand it was hard. On the other hand he was still pro Canada so it went full heel.

    • dean

      wwe does not want to turn cena heel and cena does not want to turn heel.
      a heel turn is not necessary. wwe is the top company and does not need to shock viewers in order to get ratings like wwe is in some kind of Monday night war.
      Hogan and bret hart were NEVER on cena’s level and they were rotten employees which is why McMahon “lowered” himself to do business with those egotistical, washed up has beens.

      • SweetCyn

        If Cena was as great as Bret and Hogan, WWE wouldn’t need part time stars to comeback and perform to make Wrestlemania and Summer Slam look like a big deal.

        • David Jr.

          When Bret Hart was there, WWE was losing to WCW, they were even a possibility that they may have gone out of Business. Part of the reason why Bret Hart had to go to WCW, Vince McMahon couldn’t afford them. Also some of the SummerSlam main events in Bret Hart’s time were Lex Luger vs. Yokozuna, Undertaker vs. Undertaker, and Diesel vs. King Mabel, were those really a big deal? Then Wrestlemania, XI may be one of the worse Wrestlemanias. And XII and XIII the only matches any good were the Bret Hart matches.

          • Venom

            But that’s just saying Bret Hart was great just not someone who could carry the company. Nothing wrong with that. Just because Cena is the face of a company doesn’t mean he’s carrying it. Someone like .steve Austin was the face of the company and it was on top. He made them real money compared to Hogan but due to a different eras. I don’t really think The Rock was ever the face of WWE. I mean he was on top and has had more success then Austin in Hollywood. But The Rock and slightly farther down HHH were the CM Punk and Randy Orton to the Cenas.

            At the end of the day they should stop focussing on who the face of the company should be. Not one person can carry a company on his shoulders. Even Austin had McMahon. Right now I’m happy they have a few big programs going on as it should be.

      • Snap

        You don’t have to like Hogan, but it’s because McMahon and Hogan brought wrestling into the mainstream that Cena ever got his opportunity. Cena hasn’t done anything remotely as groundbreaking for the business, and I’m not saying that to belittle anything Cena has accomplished. It’s just Hogan is a much bigger name than Cena and, despite being a so-called “rotten employee” is still recognized and appreciated by the audience.

        Hogan’s time in the limelight may have come to an end, but it has to come to an end for everybody in that position.

        You’re right, though, a heel turn isn’t necessary because Cena is already a heel, for the most part. He’s basically the prototype for the Bo Dallas type of heel.

    • Snap

      People’s opinions change and they’re allowed to change. I’m sure there are even things you don’t like now which, at some point in the past, you did. Are you wrong for a change in taste? No, and neither are the people who got sick of Cena’s character.

      Whether or not Cena is a good person outside of the ring (remember, he’s not a saint and has his fair share of flaws) has nothing to do with what happens on WWE TV. Just because he does things which WWE exploits for public relations does not mean people have to love his (generally) tired and boring character.

      The world also doesn’t have to be so black and white with “fanboys” and “haters” as people can not like Cena and not be a hater. I don’t care for Cena, but I will admit he does a good job with charities and can be good on the mic and in the ring. As I have said numerous times before, my primary criticism with Cena is the laziness he displays when he’s not totally thrilled with whatever storyline he’s involved in.

  • K!NG

    I really dont care if cena turns heel look at stone cold everyone loved him for him being him but when they changed his character everyone hated it. Same goes for cena IMO it just would come off as so fake for him to be heel. Hulk Hogan in real life was a guy most thought was an A$$ which is why him pulling off the NWO thing worked so well.

    • Dave Barton

      The fact that Hogan & WCW had become largely irrelevant at the time had a lot to do with the success of his heel turn. Unfortunately (for those of us begging for a change of character for Cena), Cena & WWE are still quite relevant.

  • King James

    His haters are always wrestling related. I’ve never seen someone hate Cena THE PERSON. He’s an amazing human being, I look up to him and wish to be half as kind as he is, but I’ll continue disliking his in ring character until changes are made.

  • JeanAE

    I’m not a fan of John Cena’s, but I definitely have the utmost respect for him.

  • Xavier

    It cracks me up when people say that they hate Cena’s character but like him outside the ring. Cena isn’t playing a character at all hardly, what you see now is basically an extension of Cena the person. His thugonomics gimmick was him playing a character. The Cena on TV now is not potraying a gimmick/character

    • Venom

      Ummm watching Total Divas you’d think this is a heel Cena throughout the episode who then makes a slight face turn at the end. He made Nikki Bella move all her stuff to his Tampa house only to sign a paper that she’s just a guest in his house. Not saying shes not a guest and he shouldn’t protect himself. Just should have told her upfront. Now I know reality tv are “staged” but I’ve edited a few reality episodes and sometimes it’s really reinactments with added drama. It’s possible Nikki and John talked woth producers about previous events and it was reinacted.

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    An awesome person and class act who cheats on his wife with his co-workers

    • dean

      wrong. john cena was INVOLVED with mickie james before he married Elizabeth.
      cena dumped mickie and she became a pest backstage so wwe moved her to smackdown and then fired her in 2010.
      cena got divorced because HIS wife was cheating on him. he was smart enough to protect himself with a prenuptual agreement before he married Elizabeth.”cena haters” will always try to bash cena out of pure jealousy because the man has achieved a status of professional and personal success that they will never see in their own irrelevant existence.