Who Brock Lesnar Is Penciled In To Work With At SummerSlam & Wrestlemania, Why A Top WWE Star Is Unhappy About It, WWE Planning Character Turns For Major Superstars

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While still ten months away, there's plenty of chatter going on regarding main event matches for Wrestlemania XXX next year in New Orleans.

With The Rock still claiming he could be finished, the current penciled in main event is Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker. We're told both Brock and Undertaker are pushing for it. Meanwhile, CM Punk really wants to face Brock at Wrestlemania, in hopes he'll end up in one of the top two matches on the card.

WWE now wants to do Punk vs. Lesnar at SummerSlam, a plan that Punk isn't happy about. We're told he's pitching other ideas because he doesn't want to rush into a program with Brock. While the company wants to head that direction, it's undecided who would work the program as a heel. One observer commented how it would be silly to turn Lesnar for SummerSlam only to have to turn him back for a match against Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

The most logical play would be to turn Punk back babyface, which is more likely if they do the program with Lesnar.

  • Chris

    I’m surprised Tripple H hasn’t put himself into the mix somewhere!! Being that he’s a d-bag!!!

    • Stevie Klaus

      yea..HHH has really gone out of his way lately to bury the new guys hasnt he???? Such a douchebag!!!!

      • rob

        Well with his bitch-slapping of Axel upon his debut, saying that Paul Heyman was embellishing about Axel, and then having his wife and father-in-law tell the crowd how much out of HHH’s league Axel is; I would certainly say he’s on one of his typical burying spurts right now.

        • Stevie Klaus

          Trips is also the guy behind the scenes putting Heyman with Axel and from what Richard has said on here…its Trips pushing the new guys. So he might have slapped him, but he was in the program getting the rub from HHH. To me, thats not getting buried.He also got to wrestle Cena…and I think HHH probably had something backstage to do with that…so the HHH of old is not thew guy running the show now. Look at how little HHH is even on tv now.

  • LeftyTosser

    Why would either have to be a face? Since when is the rule written that two heels cannot go against each other?

    • T-Zone

      It’s been like that for awhile now. Besides the recent matches between Alberto Del Rio and Big E, WWE rarely books heel v heel matches. The reason being that it doesn’t give the (casual) audience someone to root for. Unless there’s a storyline reason, don’t expect it to change.

      • RJR

        What do you mean “besides”? Alberto del Rio is a babyface. So how is that heel vs heel?

        • T-Zone

          Excuse me. I meant Jack Swagger v Big E from a couple weeks ago on RAW.

  • mark

    That proposes another bad booking problem. If Brock vs. Punk does take place at SummerSlam.. does Punk get booked to lose again or does Brock take the loss and make Taker vs. Brock look stupid because of the loss.


    I doubt Punk will lose seeing as he already lost a bunch recently (To Rock twice, Cena, and Taker)

    Punk pretty much needs the win here, and if they do it similarly to how they did Cena/Brock then the finish can come out of nowhere and keep Brock’s credibility intact.

    • Xavier

      Remember though, Lesnar signed a two year deal with the WWE thru 2015 so it’s not like creative has too rush a Lesnar/Punk feud this summer. They could always save it for after WM30.


      sure if it happens at WM XXX.

      If it happens SummerSlam 2013 than odds are heavily favored for Brock to win. Especially if he has The Undertaker or The Rock for WM XXX

  • Xavier

    Who do Cena & Punk end up facing then?

  • John

    It would be a huge mistake if WWE don’t do Cena vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania next year. The Undertaker/Lesnar ship has well and truly sailed! What are they going to do? Bring up their “confrontation” at a UFC event that happened 3 years ago?

    • Xavier


  • Chris

    The ONLY way I see Punk and Lesnar at SummerSlam working is for WWE to get Austin signed for WrestleMania before then. I wouldn’t mind Undertaker/Lesnar but Punk/Lesnar would be better. Opens up Undertaker for Cena, (longshot) Sting, Ambrose, or Bran.

  • Jake

    I really want Cena-Taker at XXX. Have Punk vs Brock at Wm and have Punk win, if Taker is healthy let him put over Brock at Summerslam.

  • Michael

    I don’t want to see Brock vs punk I’d rather see Brock vs taker and punk vs Austin or even just wishful thinking punk vs Michaels in one more match.

  • Patrick

    I would raither see Undertaker vs Cena NOT Undertaker Vs Lesner.

  • Patrick

    I like Punk but is he going to make a career out of being unhappy in WWE… a good thing he is one of the upper main event wrestlers…..because if he wasn’t his push would have stoped a long time ago and by now he would be fired….for all his bitching and complaining.

    I mean it’s one think to voice your opinion to the Boss…about something you don’t like…..but to make it a habit of it everytime an idea and Storyline is is brought up to him. that he doesn’t like.. that is going to get him into trouble if he is not carefull.

    He seems to be gaining a rep for being difficult to work with.

  • D_gilbert88

    If lesnar does get taker, I wouldn’t mind re-doing cena vs punk. It’s the best rivalry of this era, they always put on great matches, have great chemistry….it’s a modern rock vs Austin IMO.

  • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    The Rock keeps saying he wrestled his last match because he doesn’t wanna do a program with Lesnar