Brock Lesnar To WWE, Daniel Bryan A Babyface; Why Sheamus Squashed Him, The Future Of Rock vs. Cena

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What is the latest on the Brock Lesnar signing with WWE rumors?

In my latest free update I noted Brock Lesnar was in Miami to meet with WWE officials with the hope of appearing at Wrestlemania 28 or Raw Supershow tonight. I have much more regarding Lesnar on my Backstage Blog and in the WNW Premium Area. I have the latest on Lesnar and I will be posting more shortly.

With the crowd reaction following the World Heavyweight Championship 'match' at Wrestlemania last night, can you see a forced heel turn for Sheamus, with the crowd backing Bryan after his burial?

Daniel Bryan was a babyface before WWE did the quick match with Sheamus going over. There were "Yes, Yes, Yes!" chants and signs with Sheamus the clear heel in the bout. In the best case scenario, last night's squash will lead to some gimmick progression, ditching the "cheating" gimmick and on to bigger and better things in the top of the card. Worse case, he's reduced back to a mid-card role. I will have my full reaction to the match in Richard Reacts to Wrestlemania XXVIII online later today.

Why did WWE put Sheamus over Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds at Wrestlemania?

I got word last night the match was a planned outcome and WWE had hoped to beat the time it took Kane to beat Chavo Guerrero for the ECW Championship at Wrestlemania XXIV back in 2008. My first thought was something had happened, such as an injury, that caused the quick finish but that doesn't appear to be the case.

What will happen with The Rock vs. John Cena now that their Wrestlemania match is over?

The Rock is advertised for tonight's Raw Supershow so I expect it to be addressed on tonight's show. Going forward, I am really hopeful for some character progression for Cena as a lot of people are thrilled he got pinned clean, however, it is worrisome that The Rock is near the end of his latest WWE run (before Wrestlemania XXIX next year) and Cena has to go forward as the loser. I'll elaborate much more in my Richard Reacts to Wrestlemania XXVIII feature coming later today.

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  • Cena Sucks

    Rocky rocky rocky

    • Tony touch

      I was hoping for a better Rock v. Cena match. They held back so much it was kind of a little maddening. How they went about it for weeks i was hoping for something along the lines of the HHH v. Undertaker match.

      • phase78

        The Rock didnt want to mess up his hollywood!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    For weeks, with it seemingly being that the Rock was either holding back or had 'Lost IT' in his promo's in comparison to the frankly electric Cena, maybe the Rock won't hold back now if he can go back to his more cocky self

  • Fernando

    I don't think Sheamus must be forced to turn heel. He's pretty over as a face, and a turn wold be a mistake IMO. When was the last face vs face (not counting Cena vs Rock) feud seen on WWE TV?

    • XKonn247

      Triple H Taker?

      • Fernando

        I mean not limited to one match.

  • Jason

    The Rock already said he will be at Wrestlemania next year, so I hope he will be around for a while and not a one and done again.

  • billy

    no cena rock rematch please. enough is enough

  • John_75

    Richard it's the WWE at it's worse, guest comes in and wins tried and true no matter the match. be it a Diva's match the Big Slow or Cena they are going to put the guest over.How many time did it happen with the guest GM? Rock was treated as a guest not a WWE Superstar that is why he went over.

  • DNP

    Cena deserves to go forward as the loser to make his character change I’m so happy he lost it was needed te rock saved us from the horrific of character!

    • Blaine

      THANK YOU!!


    As much as i like the rock. Cena should have went over… What did the rock get out of this? nothing… Cena could have one dirty get the heel turn and have a somewhat "passing of the torch" kinda thing they could have booked that so much better :/ And for the D-bry match it's just gona be a turn in his character don't even worry he will be fine just watch he will be champ again.

  • Brandon from south Africa

    The World Heavyweight Championship jobbed to Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos!

  • Patrick_OToole

    There was a moment yesterday, right when I Cena was acting cocky and mocking The People's Elbow, that I truly got excited that he was going to turn heel. That moment was one of my favorites of the night simply because it was something different and gave me hope for the character. All we can do is watch and see where they take us now…

  • thatguy

    I was at Wrestlemania last night. Bryan was ULTRA over there. there was YES chants for HOURS nonstop leading into the event. then before the show went on air the YES chants got louder. Then as you all saw when the match started the entire stadium was chanting YES. This was a horrible way to go about. its a horrible way to lose a title and a horrible way to win a title.

    And of course on the way out nonstop YES chants as well.


    • dex

      yep, i was there too and this is 100 percent true. yes chants alllllll day before, in the crowd, and after. it was actually pretty amazing.

      • GODSENT83

        Even had yes chants everyone Rock kicked out

    • Da KiDD

      Yup, i was there too, and all throughout there were "Yes!" chants! And at Axxess also, people were chanting it! It was crazy, that was what i heard all weekend!!

  • Stan

    I’ve been watching every since the attitude era (starting wth wm 14) and to my recollection I have never seen a worst start to a mania like this one! Sure, The HIAC match was epic! Sure, CM Punk vs Jericho was classic! And sure, The Rock beating John Cena was the result that every guy over the age of 18 wanted, and with these results, this Wm had the potential to be the greatest WM ever (in my book the best one ever was 21 because all of the matches were first timeres) but because of one match, Wm 28 in my view will not go down in history as the best one ever!

    Another thing…I know I’m gonna get some heat for this but I’ll say it, I see Triple H’s finger prints all over the World Heavyweight title match because just look at how long the HIAC match went, over 30 minutes! I know Vince McMahon had his hand in this too because he signs off on everything. I guess what pisses me off the most is that the meaningless, last minute made Divas match had more time in than The World title match!

    I recall in the good old days when the winner of the ROYAL RUMBLE would go on to HEADLINE Wrestlemania against the champion! How I miss the good ol days!

    • Higgins

      In a 4 hour show there was probably over an hours worth of non wrestling related crap being shown. The HIAC was always going to be that long and I honestly think the two matches lengths are not related.

    • Scottyo614

      If i remember right… Sheamus is one of HHHs guys

    • Miles

      Regarding 21, Eddie vs Rey was brilliant as there were no punches, all wrestling

  • Y2DE

    I’m not a hater and rarely complain but I was a bit disappointed with wm. Whilst watching the taker match I felt like I’d been taken back in time it was near enough the same as last year apart from the last 5 minutes. I really hoped for more but got what was expected no more no less!! It baffles the bejeeezus outta me why you would spend so long building DBry, just to squash him on the “biggest stage of them all”. The Cena match annoyed me solely because I could see and hear Cena telling the rock what to do and when to take a break. I think rocky wanted a much faster paced match and Cena kept slowing him down!!!!

    • Prprince

      I agree you do see cena talking to his opponents alot in matches. Like in November at survivor series after the match you can see him telling the rock to give him a rock bottom. That just messes it all up

  • Ice Cold The Fake Austin

    did anyone see chris jericho brushing cm punk hair after he won the match, like congratulating him?

    • The_Bad_Guy

      Yeah I thought i was the only one

    • Freebleeder

      I saw it and thought it was cool. Jericho was saying congrats and good match. Keep in mind that wrestling is scripted.

      • Ricky Valdez

        Wrestling is scripted, what, when did this happen?

    • Dangerous Lee

      Yea I noticed the pat on the head also.

    • thefen

      Yep, nice touch from Chris.

    • steve

      oh, good im not the only one who caught that lol

  • Jay

    It just doesn't make sense to bury Bryan like that, it's so frustrating to hear how OVER he is, how much the fans LOVE him/his chant, and how he gets screwed like that. From even a business standpoint, how can you just do that?? And now with Sheamus getting a lengthy title reign it looks like Bryan is going to get drafted to Raw, I'd like to see a Punk/Bryan match but where is the credibility for Bryan? And on top of that, it's Raw, where talents that were great on Smackdown are lost in the shuffle of the show's B.S. Remember how Ziggler went from winning WHC to where he is now on Raw?

    I wanted to see Bryan/Punk for Wrestlemania, but I hope Bryan can maintain a high role when drafted to Raw, the man took his heel gimmick and HE made it work. It's just insulting to see something like that happen to such a nice guy. You have no idea how bad I want to see Bryan come out and just lose it, let him "end" a career of talent that is going to be let go after WM, give him SOMETHING intense besides the shameful end he got.

    • H.M.

      Agreed wholeheartedly.

  • Tony

    I don’t understand why Rock went over, I mean I’m happy he won but now he’s just gonna desert the wwe and go back to his movies…

    • James

      What the IWC has to underatand is that Cena DID NOT need to win anymore than Rocky did. Cena's already over; and that's the problem! Cena's beaten all of the top guys in WWE and no one remembers John Cena losing clean. Because of this, Cena had no vulnerability aspect to his characther and a win over the Rock would have cememnted him as SUPER-DUPER Cena. What I am saying is that The Rock's win to helped add dersperately needed vulnerability to the Cena characther. Heck, even Cena's heelish 'Elbow attempt showed vulnerability; he too can also fall to pride and cockiness. And that is the story, Cena is vulnerable. That is what the WWE is trying to establish, Cena's vulnerability. This is, however only my opinion, however, this make so much sense and here's why…

  • DoJo

    Saw the Jericho head rub – I bet the editing suite got a lil hair dryer treatment lol Tbh I know why they had a d’bry squash match………….. Cos no one expected it!!!! I don’t agree with it for one second BUT it made everyone wonder if that can happen what else can – and it worked 😉

  • James

    As it stands, there is no one in the WWE who can cleanly beat Cena – NO ONE. Not Ziggler, certainly not Miz, considering how their feud was booked, not Shaemus (also how he was previously booked against Cena). What I am saying is that there is not a single "future star" credible enough to beat Cena, and he's beaten all the veterans, too! WWE dug a huge hole by booking Cena the way they have throught his career and since they treated him lie the "only guy", that's what he became. Again, Cena DID NOT need to win. In fact, he needed to lose in order to show that he has the mythical (to Cena) vulnerability to him.
    Once the WWE fans mstart believe that Cena has vulnerability, a guy like Ziggler can go over him conceivably – and that is what needs to happen if the WWE is going to build new stars, specifically off of Cena.

    • The arbiter

      Um, CM Punk did it ….

    • simbasamba

      thats a valid pint,but you could also say that the rock going over cena virtually buried the entire roster.

  • Carter Killion

    I was hoping that Cena would beat The Rock. I’m not saying Cena is better than The Rock but Cena has been with WWE ever since he started. The Rock left for seven years and I’m sure he will leave again. Cena is the top guy in WWE and it’s stupid that The Rock beat Cena.

  • BoB

    I thought daniel bryan dropped the belt because he had heat on him for making Sheamus bleed

  • Justin

    Ok show, terrible PPV broadcast. They had major technical problems on our broadcast. We had to watch the first third of the show in spanish, which our provider said was WWEs fault. (god, their announcers SUCK! No emotion at all) The video feed would freeze, you we would lose picture, the camera men would be in the wrong place, etc. I felt it was like watching a “JV” broadcast.

  • Noel

    Richard, you said before Wrestlemania that they would have to be careful how they booked the Cena v Rock match. What is your opinion on how it was booked now that its over?

  • Ricky Valdez

    I keep thinking y would they do this to D Bryan and make him look bad and I think maybe they though D Bryan would just completely out wrestle shamus which he can, and I also think y would they do this to daniel Bryan and I think because they can, some A-HOLES are in charge and they can do what they want and completely over look the great wrestler D Bryan is and over look all his hard in ring work, it also takes away what could have been a great wrestlemania moment away from shaemus and waters it down to nothing.