Brock Lesnar To WWE Rumors, Wrestlemania Headliners Working Off Ring Rust, Michelle McCool's Status, Daniel Bryan's Push To The Top

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When Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from the UFC there was a lot of hype and speculation of a possible WWE return. Have you heard anything lately on a possible return?

WWE is definitely interested in Brock Lesnar but I don't know if Lesnar is interested in WWE. There was a contract situation Lesnar had to work out with UFC before he would be available to sign with WWE or anywhere else. I heard UFC officials were being careful about working them out, as they didn't want Lesnar to be able to take the big payday for a competing MMA promotion. There was no way WWE would have been able to work out the issues in time for Lesnar to work Wrestlemania XXVIII but you never know about next year.

Where have The Rock, Triple H and Undertaker been training to work off any ring rust?

I don't know about private workouts but Triple H worked last Sunday's WWE live event from Madison Square Garden in New York City. The Rock wanted to work Survivor Series and didn't show much ring rust at all and Undertaker wants to wait until Wrestlemania and doesn't feel he will have any problems. Again, I don't know about private workouts but that's what I can tell you about matches in front of live crowds.

With The Undertaker coming back for Wrestlemania, are there any chances of Michelle McCool coming back?

WWE would love to have Michelle McCool back but she said in January she had no plans on coming back anytime soon. There is nothing I can add to that but can tell you it will be Michelle's decision if/when she returns.  As for The Undertaker coming back, there were plans for as long as I can remember for Undertaker to work Wrestlemania this year so I don't see his status playing a factor in her status.

Do you find Daniel Bryan's heel character refreshing? You have other heel characters that seem to have the same "I'm mad" personality, but Daniel Bryan's character is different.

Daniel Bryan won my support with his stellar in-ring work. I've been accused of being a "mark" for Daniel Bryan and that's fine by me because his in-ring work is what every wrestler should strive for. Bryan's in-ring skills are a work of art and he's able to execute incredible matches regardless of his opponent. With that being said, the knock on Bryan was that he lacked charisma and was too bland to ever get over with the mainstream WWE audience. Bryan has shown the cream always rises to the top as he got an opportunity and is taking full advantage of it. He's generated a ton of heat and is going into Wrestlemania the World Heavyweight Champion. Bryan is an example of God-given talent outweighing everything else. So to answer your question, I find Daniel Bryan's heel gimmick incredibly refreshing and it's nice to see a talented guy produce an entertaining gimmick. WWE tries to force a lot of people to the top but Bryan is a natural and represents everything I love about the wrestling business.

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  • ZDF

    With The Rock leaving after Mania, WWF shouldn't wait an entire year to at least get Lesnar involved. I can't help but think he would be a splendid adversary for Cena's next feud, even if they go the route of a long-term hype.

    • Zach

      I really hope that you putting “WWF” was simply a typo, and not what you really think the company is calles..

      • Zach

        *Called I mean, not calles.

        • kevin

          Omg get over yourself

      • ZDF

        For someone who shares my name, I wish you didn't. I intentionally put WWF simply because I nearly refuse to refer to its current incarnation. I'm a sucker for the good 'ol days.

      • Toby Tyler

        Dumb post Ryder !!!

  • John

    I attended Smackdown last night at the prudential Center and I gotta tell ya, D-Bry got boos

    But whenever he would shout YES YES YES! Almost everybody

    Including myself would chant along. It’s amazing because D-Bry has become the heel everybody loves! I Was familiar with D-Brys work as a heel from his ROH days but this new version is way better! Also with the fact that he’s treating AJ like crap is turning

    His character up a notch. I just hope he retains the title at WM because he’s red hot right now and to lose the title would just put out the fire.

  • Monty

    I really hope we see punk and Bryan at summerslsm. Or Bryan vs Jericho. If there is one champion that should not loose it’s bryan, I mean either he should get DQ or a dirty victory which would not hurt sheamus character. Brock coming back full time is only a dream but few matches every year is a possible thing.

    I hope vkm dies not end the streak, this streak has to live and defended against either lesner or sting

    • H.M.


  • Stoney

    It great that Daniel Bryan got pushed mainly because of in-ring work, if only they did that with Shelton Benjamin but ah well

  • jenny

    daniel bryan is a good wresler but i cant stand him n his goody too shoe ways no tv no meat NO! NO! NO! he dont deserve the title he wins by dis. or countout etc. not fair cant stand aj either she is 2 little 2 be in wrestling to dante for me daniel wants someone it should be eve