Brock Lesnar Very Upset About John Cena Promo That Closed Extreme Rules; Goes Nuts Backstage

Brock Lesnar was very upset backstage after Sunday's Extreme Rules pay-per-view from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Lesnar felt he had been "double crossed" with the promo by John Cena that closed the show.

Lesnar was so upset he began throwing things before he could be consoled.  In the tirade, Brock specifically berated Marc Carano, who is the real-life assist of John Laurinaitis.  Brock complained to Marc that the booking in WWE was a disaster and allegedly accused Cena of trying to hurt him.  The  situation was so out of control some accused Lesnar of acting in an attempt to show up the locker room in order to send the message that he could quit at anytime.

Apparently Brock was told that Cena would go over but would be stretchered out of the building, preventing Lesnar from looking weak. When Cena decided to address the audience after the match, Lesnar threw a fit.  I was told yesterday that prior to the match Lesnar specifically asked one of the producers if they "were sure" about the match outcome.

The angle on last night's Raw Supershow was done to write Lesnar off television. He is expected to return in a few weeks and isn't believed to have heat with Cena despite the promo and the accusations Lesnar made after the match.  It's unknown what was said to Lesnar to calm him down and while some are speculating that his contract status with the company is "up in the air," many feel there is no way he is walking away from the big money and this is all part of Brock being Brock.

Richard Reacts: There's never a dull moment with Brock Lesnar.  Remember his post-fight UFC promo that caused him to get a tongue lashing from Dana White?  In his first run with WWE, Brock had a reputation for being "high maintenance."  None of this surprises me in the slightest and I doubt many in WWE are surprised either.  This type of thing goes with having Brock and his ego but the fact of the matter is the company wants to utilize him because he draws.  The company was very pleased with the way the main event went over at Extreme Rules.

  • Matt

    they probably fanned him down with some dollar bills, lol

    • Brian

      I think Lesner is the NEW Million Dollar Man. Surprised they haven't changed his music yet.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I nearly spit coffee all over my computer screen. Well played sir.

    • Jay

      LMAO funniest thing I have read all day!! well said muhahaha

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Vince's way of teaching Lesner a leason for sueing him to brake his contract the last time he left.

  • Dave

    Seems if he was going to be stretchered out of the ring he would have worked a different body part other than the arm. Who needs a stretcher for an injured arm?

    • christopher525

      Yeah, it would have made sense for him to do his old bear hug and even work his "Brock Lock" on him to work the lower body and his back.


    I’d be pissed, too. Why did Cena feel the need to no-sell the beating of his life? Same old SuperCena.

    • izblack

      STFU with that SuperCena crap, he lost too Rock & Lod Tensai and put over Miz, Punk & Del Rio in 2011.

      • Guest

        Yes, he is superCena. He always no-sell the beating. He rolled out of the ring when he lost to The Rock and CM Punk like nothing happened. It took more than one person to defeat super Cena in case of The Miz, Del Rio and Lord Tensai. And at Extreme Rules, after that beating of his life, he started giving a promo. He self-healed in 3 minutes. That's some superpower he got to heal so instantly.

  • TLK

    Seriously, I think anyone can share in the disappointment. Brock was a BEAST throughout the match…and Cena has a bruised up arm? Hey, he still got jobbed out by Johnny the next night. Regardless, I'd be just as peeved as Brock was.

  • ZDF

    After the horribly mediocre RAW last night & the direction Cena is headed, the PPV's closing promo seems pointless. High maintenance or not, I agree with Brock. Stretchering Cena out would have been a better way to end the show. If only we had good ol' JR to sell it for us…

    • Logan_Walker

      yeh but you cant have JR at every PPV to sell an ending you only need him at wm for the Undertakers matches

  • bimohan

    Thats why i didnt get excited when i heard brock was coming back. atleast rock and cena loves wwe. brock suddenly thinks he is far more better than everybody after going to ufc, which maybe true, but getting 5 million, you have to stfu and do as told and go with it

    • anandvkumar

      Well Said. Getting such a deal which is probably much better than what a majority of the full-timers get was lucky on the part of Brock. When you work a match you must agree to the finish and be a team player. you cant win all your matches. After all you have just come back from an almost decade long hiatus. Why would the creative team let you win fresh off after your re-entry…

  • wdr31

    What happens when you hire a steroid nut. Roid Rage. He has no place in the WWE

    • iCareWay2much

      When do you think he had time for steroids between his WWE and UFC career? He doesn't just pump up between careers.

  • Jamie

    To be honest I agree with what brock aiming for, brock did a rough but great performance.. I think Cena should have been helped out. Its kind of what happened after Rock Vs Cena..

  • Ellen Brennan

    Mr. Lesnar has issues. I'm thinking too many steroids over the years. He is definitely a "problem child", he sued to be let go the last time, his UFC career ended abruptly, he's back in WWE as "I'm Brock Lesnar", and he can't even read or remember his scripts. Too many roids, too many head butts, I dunno but he's got problems.

  • Darkstalker

    Brock Lesnar .. Brock Lesnar .. isn´t that the guy .. this … big one .. with muscles .. and a funny voice? Oh wait, that was Mike Tyson … No, I remember .. Brock had this old entrance .. where there were fireworks shooting off .. and he pretendented to be holding a machine gun .. yeah .. that one! I loved that one. Why doesn´t he do that anymore?

    • Ricky Valdez

      That was Bautista dark stalker, unless you already no that and you are messing around

    • MATT


    • Stephanie

      And you, my man really made my day. LOL

  • Teresa

    What? He accused Cena of "trying to hurt him?" after all the scenes of Lesnar kicking Cena from behind, apparently punching him in the mouth on that past RAW and making him bloody? Up till that last body slam when Cena won, it was all Lesnar brutalizing Cena in a script that didn't allow Cena fight back at all! Look at the picture of Lesnar's face when Cena is body slamming him for the win at the end of Extreme Rules – he looks terrified! A shaky health condition was one reason he left UFC wasn't it? Did it only now occur to him that at some point he's going to have to take a few blows himself in order to stay in the WWE?

  • fletch

    Cena only cut a promo so that he didn’t have to be streachered out. The promo didn’t make sense.
    Brock was the perfect villian and threat to supercena and cena ego didn’t let the match ended play out.

  • Philip Thompson

    Brock Lesnar is a baby. He's also completely self-centred. All of those promos where he talks about Brock only caring about Brock – well that's not a work – Brock really does only care about Brock. The Rock has another career and enough money to not need WWE but he still loves WWE – maybe not with the same amount of fresh enthusiasm that John Cena manages to bring to the table – John Cena loves the WWE – Brock Lesnar can't be trusted, both from a contract point of view and also to not hurt somebody. It's also a joke to say that he thought Cena worked stiff with him – Brock clearly worked far too Stiff with John Cena but Cena took it like a man, not like the crybaby that Brock is. The man is pathetic – I was so glad when Alastair Overeem kicked him in the gut and it made him collapse in a heap. I was hoping that was the last I'd see of him, as he certainly has no other talents to fall back on – so it's a disappointment to see him back in WWE stealing spots from people who've worked hard for it and earning enough money to pay for 10 good midcarders. If you're reading this Brock, you suck!

  • George

    I don't feel any sympathy for a guy, who quit the company, despite being pushed to the moon, failed at the NFL because of his attitude, unfortunately had to leave UFC because of some medical reasons, and now decides because he has no other options for big pay days, goes back to WWE. In the first few weeks he's back he throws a baby tantrum for an outcome of a match he dominated in, because Cena wasn't stretched out, even though it was an arm "injury" and despite being reportedly getting paid 5 million dollars! He should just be happy, stfu, and do the job he's getting paid to do!

  • ZackPack

    It's a work.

  • Tom

    I wasn't excited when Brock came back. After following the kinda person he is, he is a premadonna with no respect for the business. You don't just bring someone with no respect back to the business simply because they draw.

    That is $5 million that could have gone towards getting new talent or trying to fan back a former wrestler who wants to come back on a regular basis (ie: who actually wants to be there.) Better yet, pump that money back into creative and hire a writer who doesn't have their heads up their posteriors.

    What a complete and utter waste of money.

    • Sander

      You can say what you want, but people are talking and talking. That’s a good thing

  • iceman

    brock lesnar is a jackass.

  • Maze

    quite frankly I think we have a 2012 version of the Ultimate Warrior. The guy his holding his drawing power over vinces head and acting like he is untouchable. I know Vince would probably lose out if he released Lesner but is it really worth all the headaches. Just my opinion.

    • anandvkumar

      Vince isnt stupid. He hired Brock because he knows about his drawing power. Fresh off the UFC people would want to check out how he does in the WWE. Knowing his volatile (I am bigger than everyone) ego he has been put into the show right away and has even worked a PPV. So, my hunch is that Vince is trying to get the most off this investment in Brock before he blows his lid.

      Which, eventually he will and at that time Vince will ask him to F off 🙂

  • Jim P

    Well, saying Brock draws is premature in my opinion. He certainly used to draw, but RAW's ratings have continued to stagnate, so let's see what the buyrate looks like for Extreme Rules. Personally, I just don't care about Lesnar. I also think the attitude is ridiculous. What does he expect after 8 years? Does he expect WWE to push him back to the moon, for all of the top guys in the business to go under to him, just have him walk out at the next big offer to come his way, flipping off the fans as he leaves again?

  • Brian H

    I agree that John Cena should have sold his injury to Brock Lesnar.
    What makes this situation even worse is that now they made it seem as if John Laurinaitis did the most damage to Cena, which makes Lesnar look even weaker.
    Lesnar should not have acted out the way he did though. That is not how you get what you want.

  • Paul

    Look at all the hype Brock has caused since coming back, like trip said on raw weather people like him or hate him, people want to see him and that’s why they paid £5mill to get him. Your all talking about him, point proven. Personally I think he’s great and if it was agreed that Cena would be stretchered out then I don’t blame Brock for being pissed

    • Martin


  • Fred

    Brock lesner should know wwe ring is a wrestling ring and not boxing.the same offense that cost Shemes $ 500’000 Brock Lesner committed uncountable times in a single match.John the people’s power should take note.

  • Darla

    I know I am only one person but I'd rather clean out my garage than spend 1 minute watching Brock Lesner. That guy has no redeeming qualities in my opionion. He's an egotistical whiner who really doesn't care about the fans OR the company. To be honest I officially quit watching RAW after last week as I'm simply not a fan of the Brock Lesner Show. Give the attention to the guys who work their butts off for the company and do whatever is necessary to put on a good show-he is NOT that guy.

  • bruno

    How could that guy accuse cena for trying to hurt him?

  • Kris

    The writer's need to stop writing the same stuff over and over! And how realistic is it that Cena be stretchered out for a shoulder/arm injury? How unbelievable is that ending? Brock is a whiny cry baby and they should have never brought him back! He used to bring a crowd but now that he did ufc we all know the real life him and most people don't want to watch him. And he seems to forget that he is in wwe not ufc! Take off the gloves that protect your sissy fist from being hurt! Fight like a man!

    • Guest

      Okay, Mr. Kris. It seems you are degrading Brock for no appropriate reason. Brock is upset that Cena delivered the promo at the end which was not supposed to happen. It was rather unprofessional of Cena. Bret did the same thing when scripts were changed without informing him back then. How would you feel if someone changed the setting of your room without informing you? I know you would whine and throw things of your own room around and start crying in the corner of the room. If you think people don't want him back, who were the people that erupted when he came back? Besides, it was Extreme Rules. It wasn't a normal match. Let's see how Brock wrestles in a normal match before judging. And fight like a man? Brock fought like a warrior.

  • Casey Mac

    All Cena did was what needed to be done. He "PUNKED" out Brock Lesner. Also the way I remember it, after Lesner lost to Overream, he came out of the cage and told Dana White, "I QUIT"!!!

  • Yes

    Yeah, I would be pissed too if someone changed the things around without me knowing. Bret was pissed back then. Cena never sells any effect of match. He rolls out when he loses. Now, he is starting to give promos after vicious beating. Ugh, we’ve cena’nuff.

    • martin

      I agree

  • anandvkumar

    Cena let "Rock" beat him at the grandest stage of them all at "Wrestlemania" and took the defeat like a MAN. I am not getting into this Super Cena argument that many put forward, but he took the defeat like a Man, and took things forward. Lesnar cant expect to take an almost decade long hiatus and return to continue from where he left off. Others have spent years of their career to reach a certain spot in their career and no one (let alone Vince) would let an outside part-timer to come in and defeat the top super star in their first attempt.

    Grow up brock. Being a man isnt only about beating up others, its also about being able to own up to things that happen and face them without throwing a fit or whining like a baby

  • Rone

    Brock is a straight up CRYBABY,if not gettig his way.I do not care what anyone thinks of what I say!IT is the TRUTH!!!Been watching wrestling for almost 35 years now.I can tell a CRYBABY,in this buissness!BABYBROCK-EEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L O L…….

  • Rohosky Rocks

    Let Ray Dillon of Edgewater Maryland wrestle him……he will kill him and also bury him for your convenience!