Brock Lesnar's Backstage Meltdown, RVD's TNA Contract Status, The End Of The Brand Extension?, A Wrestler's Diet

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Yesterday you reported that Brock Lesnar "blew up" backstage at Extreme Rules. What happened and what was it all about?

Brock Lesnar went nuts backstage at Extreme Rules after his match with John Cena but as I reported exclusively here on Premium, many feel it was a work on the boys and Internet fans. In the aforementioned article, I highlight specifically what happened and why people feel it was a work. I highly recommend reading it if you want full details on a rather bizarre situation.

When does Rob Van Dam's contract with TNA expire and what are the chances he goes back to WWE?

Rob Van Dam's TNA contract is up in March 2013. There was talk late last year/early this year that he could be interested in a WWE return but ultimately he decided to stay with TNA and work another year.

Now that Daniel Bryan is the number one contender for the WWE Championship does this mean that brand exclusivity is pretty much a thing of the past, except when it comes to touring?

Ever since WWE changed Raw to the "Supershow" concept the brand extension has meant less because workers from both Raw and Smackdown appear on the flagship show. This was done in order to give the shows more of a flow (pushed for by Triple H) and to carry more of Raw's audience over to SyFy on Friday nights. There was talk of completely foregoing the Draft this year because the Raw Supershow concept and the brand extension means less now than it has since its inception. Plans are constantly changing so we'll see where it goes but I am a fan of Raw Supershow with Smackdown still being a separate brand. It gives the company the best of both worlds.

What does a wrestler's diet usually consist of?

This is an interesting question but a relevant one as you can look at a lot of the physiques in WWE and TNA and know that many of the workers are in great shape. Life on the road and eating healthy is a very difficult thing to do but it is possible. Workers try and eat as healthy as possible while also using different types of meal-replacement supplements. People like Daniel Bryan, who is a vegan, have an even harder time in trying to find good vegan food at an airport. It all comes down to discipline and being mindful of everything they put in their bodies. Cody Rhodes had an interesting comment about learning to diet in an interview I recapped earlier this morning here at

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  • Bault16

    The draft is pointless

    • Don

      You are pointless.

      • Christ 4 Life

        Couldn't have been said better.

      • Bault16

        Thanks don

  • Brandon

    Hopefully Lesnar's tantrum is just a work and didn't demand to quit right after Extreme Rules. It's really bad for business yet the fans still hope for more from Lesnar. Still; thinking logically, the WWE told Lesnar that Cena will go out of Extreme Rules in a stretcher but he's working Cena's arm? People still can walk after an arm injury. He should've worked the leg (Brock Lock) or abdomen (Bearhug) for Cena to be carried by stretcher. This tantrum thing is pretty absurd.

  • thatguy

    The same RVD question from like a week ago. Thanks

  • Lil Wayne YMCMB

    if WWE makes the draft into a PPV people will start to care.

    • dusty588

      If they did do a draft on a PPV, there would have to be some major things happening to make it worth while.

  • Monty

    Rob van dam in my opinion will be back in wwe next year. Real question is who else from tna will ve jumping ship within next 12 months?

    • Anand

      I dont think Vince will be too keen on signing RVD because RVD would want a main-event push as soon as he is back which am not too sure Vince will be ok with. Morover, WWE has a lot of talented youngsters who are waiting for a push. Instead of wasting time on RVD, WWE is better off pushing people like Ziggler, R-Truth etc.

  • Dangerous Lee

    The question about diet is very vague. Every wrestler has a different diet. If you ask Mark Henry what he eats to sculpt his amazing physique, he’ll tell you big macs and whoppers.

  • I want to know what Kelly Kelly has been eating backstage.