Brock Lesnar's Camp To Respond To Triple H's Challenge To A Match At SummerSlam On Raw Tonight

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WWE Mobile Alerts just sent out the following:

BREAKING NEWS: Tonight on Raw SuperShow (9/8 CT), Brock Lesnar's camp will officially respond to Triple H's challenge to a match at SummerSlam. will have full live coverage of Raw SuperShow tonight.

  • Pizzaman

    Where do I sign up for wwe Mobile alerts????

  • Ron

    I think everything is starting to come together Heyman gonna replace Big Johnny on Raw that’s what him and punk were talking about on twitter and Eve will probably take over on smackdown

    • Sean

      That wud be awesome if heyman ran raw!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Looks like HHH is gonna get to beat up some jobbers tonight.

  • Moe

    Awesome if Heyman ran Raw, awful if Eve ran Smackdown or anything at all.

  • Shawn

    Eve can run my pipe

  • Austin

    I hate programs like these. It reminds me of the undertaker/hhh fued the past two ‘manias. It’s four weeks of two guys coming out,saying the same thing they said last week for twenty minutes then leaving. It’s beyond boring!!! But now, it seems Lesnar isn’t even gonna show up till the match,granted Heyman is 15x better than Lesnar, I’m just so pissed at Lesnar for getting so much money to not even show up for Raws,and I’m pissed at Triple H who can’t be that big a draw anymore, for taking on Lesnar when they could have an up and comer take him on and in the process make another star who actually has passion for wrestling and isn’t so blatantly in it for the money,like Lesnar.

    • Bault16

      You sound pissed.