Brock Squashed Cena, Grading SummerSlam, Lesnar's Next Title Defense, Stephanie Had An Advantage

Maybe I'm the only one but I feel the Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena match at SummerSlam was too much of a squash match. I understand they want to show Brock as dominant but the match was kind of boring and all Lesnar did was a bunch of German suplexes. Not very entertaining especially for the final match. What are your thoughts?

You are not alone but I disagree. Most of the criticism from Brock Lensar vs. John Cena at SummerSlam stems from critics feeling that Cena sold Brock Lesnar too much and it was too one-sided to be taken seriously. I believe this was the only way to book the match and actually how Lesnar should have been booked in WWE from day one (at Extreme Rules 2012). What will be interesting is how WWE moves forward. Does John Cena get a rematch or does Lesnar mow down someone else? As I stated in Richard Reacts to SummerSlam, he at least needs to defend at Night of Champions and Survivor Series this year. While Lesnar vs. Cena wasn't a 5-star wrestling match, it was memorable based on the booking and execution.

I thought SummerSlam was one of the best SummerSlams in a long time?

WWE SummerSlam was the best pay-per-view of the year and a very strong effort. From top to bottom, there was nothing to criticize. The show was entertaining from start to finish and did what WWE needed it to do. The show gave people that already subscribed to the WWE Network a reason to keep it and the people that do not have it a reason to get it. If you haven't seen SummerSlam, you need to watch it. It's well worth your time.

Is there a chance Brock and the WWE have agreed upon more dates contingent on him becoming champion and altered his contract?

If there has been any modification to the contract extension that Brock Lesnar signed with WWE in 2013, I am not aware of it. Lesnar's new deal was rumored to include a title reign and this appears to be that. I'm not sure anyone saw Brock ending the streak prior to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, however, that's how it happened. I was reassured far in advance that WWE will handle Lesnar's defense of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship appropriately. As I stated above, he at least needs to defend at Night of Champions and Survivor Series.

I know you've mentioned that the mic work of the McMahon family being gold, but the move set from Stephanie at SummerSlam proved they have everything it takes to be superstars, no? That was one of the better Diva performances in recent memory and it's too bad it came from a McMahon because we know she won't wrestle again anytime soon.

If you missed Richard Reacts to SummerSlam, I backed off my McMahon family is gold on the mic in response to readers reminding me that Linda McMahon is dreadful. The best way to state it is the McMahon family is captivating. That's not to say everything they do is excellent but everything they do causes people to pay attention. Stephanie was in great shape for her match and clearly trained very hard. Her move set was impressive, especially for a non-wrestler. However, there are plenty of other females on WWE's roster that could do just as well -- if not better -- if given the same amount of screen time. Remember, Stephanie vs. Brie received better build than anything at SummerSlam, something Divas do not get regularly in WWE.

From the Ask WNW vault…

May 2013: What was the word on Evan Bourne after he worked a NXT house show, is there any idea on when he’ll be back on TV and does he still have any backstage heat from his suspensions shortly before his injury? - Evan Bourne wasn’t ready to return after testing his foot out at an NXT live event in March (video here). The last I heard he is closer to returning today but he’s not by any means in a “safe” position in WWE. In fact, he was one name specifically mentioned to us as someone that remains on the “endangered species” list due to his consecutive Wellness violations prior to suffering his career-threatening injury. It would be very disappointing to see Bourne get released after all his hard work and I’m rooting for his comeback, however, failing consecutive Wellness tests for the same thing (synthetic marijuana) is mind-boggling.

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  • Uzoma Iwuagwu

    Richard Gray, Low Ki stated in interviews that he actually enjoyed his time with LayCool and had no issues towards them when he was in WWE. Does he still regard them well and do they, likewise, feel the same about him?

    • Xavier

      I always wondered how he felt about his time in NXT. That was a very odd pairing indeed but interesting. I wish we could of saw him & Bryan perform against each other on a WWE platform

      • Uzoma Iwuagwu

        Low Ki did state that while he was happy that he was announced as the winner of NXT Season 2, he detested the original one’s concept. Yeah, I agree that he and Daniel Bryan would’ve face off in WWE. The only time they were shown on-screen on WWE TV was as tag team partners. They did, however, face off on WWE’s former developmental territory, FCW, which was Bryan’s debut in said territory. Here’s the link to the match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE_woQOW27c

        Still, I’m hoping to know if Low Ki regards LayCool well and they feel the same towards him as well.


    How about Survivor Series elimination match with Lesner vs 5 huys ?

    • MadDawg

      LOL.. this post made me smile.

  • Kevin

    Only complaint (minor) was no tag title defense….. The Uso’s have been solid contributors in the past ppvs. Time for The Ascension vs Uso’s

  • Dave Barton

    And now all the haters come out, complaining that the Cena/Lesnar match was too one-sided. Why are they mad at this match? Its what fans who are sick of Cena have wanted since Brock returned 2 years ago…

    Brock gave him a beatdown with his legit fighting skills, a bunch of legit amateur suplexes, and ended it with his “sports entertainment trademark move” the F5. Oh, and he kicked out of the AA and countered the STF.

    Really, isn’t this what we’ve all been wanting to see? For Cena to get demolished by Lesnar because “Cena can’t wrestle”???

    • Vin Sidious

      There’s a difference between wanting Cena to not be booked as Super Cena and always win, and seeing him ludicrously jobbed out in a ppv main event. It made no sense, in that it totally went against a decade of Cena booking, and also flipped on how Lesnar has been booked since his return. HHH, Punk and Taker all had highly competitive matches with Brock, and now John Cena, of all people, can’t get 4 offensive moves in? Defies logic, which is my biggest problem with it. They could have easily had a competitive match, given Brock the edge offensively and then a clean, decisive win. And what now? A series of 1980’s Mike Tyson-style title defenses where he squashes all comers until The Rock rides in from Hollywood to save the day? If Brock isn’t booked now to squash his next series of challengers in similar fashion, Cena will seem like a weak chump. But if Brock IS booked that way, don’t expect an entertaining world title match anytime soon.

      • Cubed56

        It made perfect sense, for once this actually is booked on logic. Brock is being built as an ass kicking monster, not a wrestler, which is exactly what he is, what he did to cena he would do to anybody in that locker room if he chose to.. Cena is a wrestler, Brock is not, hes a fighter (although he really is 100x the wrestler cena is). Brock did exactly what he said he was going to do, he beat the hell out of Cena and walked out champ. Everyone wants wwe to make more huge stars well in his past two matches Brock has been made into one and they’ve set it up that whoever beats him will be the next mega-star the wwe and fans want. I’m just dumbfounded about all the backlash over this match.

        • Bob’s Diner

          This. When someone (most likely Roman Reigns) defeats Lesnar, it will now be a really big deal. He will be defeating the monster that has destroyed everyone else.

          People seem to have no concept of how a monster heel works in pro-wrestling.
          Luckily WWE have finally remembered

          • Cubed56

            Agreed. Reigns is probably gonna be the guy, and people are already crapping on that. Reigns still needs work but the good part hes got 8 months to do so.

    • Xavier

      Exactly! This PPV was literally everything Smarks could dream for, Ziggler & Paige winning titles clean. Ambrose/Rollins stealing the show, Nikki turning heel (something Smarks wanted) and Cena getting destroyed and people still have the nerve to crap. This is why Vince brands his product towards kids & families, they appreciate the product a lot more and pour more money into it and don’t complain every single week. I’m probably the biggest Cena fan in all of the IWC and I had no issue with the way that match was booked.

      • Guest

        Its stupid to give the smarks EVERYTHING they want…but all in all,i was a great PPV. I didnt agree to a lot of the bookings, but Im not complaining.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I liked that it was a completely different type of match to their last one as well; no elbows, no insane destruction. Just brute force from Brock Lesnar in a methodical fashion that Cena couldn’t answer

    • Stephen Heim

      It just goes back to what I have been saying. Cena is hated because of his 5 moves. But every single person would run over their grandmother to get his merchandise and to get a picture with him and his autograph.

  • Cubed56

    All I can do is laugh. What happened last night is exactly what a large amount of fans have been waiting to happen to Cena for quite some time, of course not the actual amount of pain he endured, but the absolute domination of him is what I’m referring to. Low and behold as soon as it happens people jump all over it being a bad decision and whatever else not, smh some people will never ever be satisfied I guess.

    • Xavier

      This is exactly why Vince/HHH should never feel obligated to brand the product to a section of fans (Smarks, which is the minority demographic) who complain and cry about every move creative makes even when they get what they want. Say want you want about all the “kids and women” who cheer Cena but they don’t do all that whining.

      • Cubed56

        perfectly said.

      • Guest


    • Moose

      I would have rather seen a more diverse offense from Lesnar because he is capable of it, but I understand why it was booked the way it was. I watched the entire event today (no lagging and HD quality). I think it was a solid show and much better then we have seen in recent months. As far as their match being boring, it was a much different pace than the matches preceding theirs. It was a pace that saw Brock physically beat Cena in a way we haven’t seen in his Super Cena era. That being said, I think it was appropriate for the story they were trying to tell.

    • ChrisHardy

      I loved the booking but I´m with Moose, Lesnar should have made more than “GERMAN SUPLEX” and “KNEE SMASH”. Because he can do it. I think he should have still been that dominating, but maybe do more different things. Play with Cnea like he owns him, do some BS just to show his dominance, things like that

  • K!NG

    If i had to rate Summerslam on a scale from 1 to 10 I’d give it a 8.5. The opening match was good and gave the fans something they have long awaited for in ziggler holding gold. The Diva’s title match featured some good spots for a 6 minute match. I was fully invested in the swagger/rusev contest. Ambrose and Rollins tore the house down. Wyatt and Jericho delivered a better match then the disaster they produced at battlefield. Steph pretty much carried the her match last night and looked better then expected in the ring. Reigns got a big win and Orton did what he has been doing for the last 2 years now making people look good. Lesnar with another shocking match one no one predicted and just demolished Cena like he was a rag doll.

  • Splat

    Brock smash!

    • Moose

      More like Brock squash!

  • Bob’s Diner

    How can anyone complain about that main event?
    From a booking point of view, it was incredibly brave – when have you ever seen a big show main event just be a glorified squash for the heel? Hitting the F5 30 seconds in was a huge surprise as well.

    Brock Lesnar and John Cena just can’t please the internet no matter what

  • SemiAwesomeGil

    Where are you guys getting your info from regarding IWC crying again? All I see is satisfaction from all but Cena fans.

  • SemiAwesomeGil

    I never post comments but I’ve been reading WNW since 2007 so this is a first for me 🙂

  • BigMike

    Sorry, but I comepletely disagree about the PPV…. The matches WOULD have been entertaining, had we not had 3 weeks notice as to what would happen….. WWE seriously dropped the ball by not doing SOME kind of swerve because YOU ALL KNOW this entire PPV was spoiled weeks ago and it went off EXACTLY as spoiled…. which is a MAJOR disappointment, not to mention their severely screwing up with the Network

    • Bob’s Diner

      So you are blaming WWE because you read spoilers?
      That makes sense…?!?

      • Xavier


      • JR Texx (Jamie)

        There is his new thing I’ve started doing, when ever you see something silly like that I just put


    • Terra Ryzing

      Are you serious bro?!

    • ChrisHardy

      except for the main event (which I was especially hot for because I knew Cena dropped the title) they were suprising. I didn´t expect Ziggler to win, I didn´t see paige to win, you could guess Rollins and Reigns, but you didn´t knew. Sam with Steph, it was a theory but not a fact. The rest of the event I forgot/didn´t care.

  • james

    this was the worst SummerSlam of all time,All of yall Cena haters can go to hell,he is the bed wrestler in the company by far.

    • Yves Heinrich

      Agreed!!! I can’t believe the company gave the title to a part timer who doesn’t care about anyone but only himself, with Heyman he was a b****, he is a b****, he’s Heyman’s b**** and Heyman himself is a b**** that’s definitely not best for business, Cena winning and losing the title that’s what best for business!!!

      • Jimmy

        Guys pls the grown ups are talking

  • Vince

    Thanks for answering my comment/question about Stephanie!! I agree with you. Not being an “everyday” wrestler helped in allowing her to train extremely hard for the match. It’s too bad the Divas don’t get more match time as that was definitely enjoyable.

  • Ant_C

    ” I backed off my McMahon family is gold on the mic in response to readers reminding me that Linda McMahon is dreadful.” So to put it another way the people with McMahon blood are gold on the mic. Guess Steph and Shane get it from their dad.

  • I’ve never been a supporter of Brock Lesnar and think putting the title on him, just like giving him the rub of ending the streak, is and always will be a bad idea. The guy is self-centered, arrogant and isn’t in it for the business or fans, he’s in it for the paycheck. WWE could go down in flames with the rest of the pro wrestling industry and he wouldn’t care as long as his wallet is lined. People are acting like he is God’s gift to pro wrestling. I’m sickened by him. And I’m not sickened because “he’s a heel so I hate him”, I’m sickened by him because he’s legitimately a horrible human being. He’s the furthest thing from a role model.

    • Dave Barton

      I disagree completely. Lesnar is the perfect WWE employee, he has no ego (and no, I’m not being sarcastic). He gets paid to do exactly what Vince tells him to do…

      Lose to Cena in his first match back? “Ok Vince.”
      Beat HHH? “Ok Vince.”
      Lose to HHH? “Ok Vince.”
      Beat HHH again? “Ok Vince.”
      Beat CM Punk? “Ok Vince.”
      End the Streak? “Ok Vince.”
      Squash Cena for 20 minutes? “Ok Vince.”

      …do you see a pattern? Vince wanted him back in the WWE, and Brock gets paid because he does what he’s told. Perfect employee, no ego.

      • Bob’s Diner

        I loved this so much – because it is true. I imagine Lesnar would lay down for Vince in a 5 minute squash so long as they gave him a decent pay check after

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          He literally turns up for work, does as he’s asked, gets paid. It’s not like he’s going to be walking out any time soon.

        • devanshkotak

          @jrtexxjamie:disqus @bobsdiner:disqus @dave_barton:disqus if u saw the heyman interview on podcastone (i guess TIJ) he told that brock was doing as he was told but accepted that he sucked at promos and hence pitched in to bring back heyman. he does understand the business and hence is an almost perfect employee.. (if u forget the fact that he gets paid truck loads for limited shows)

      • You’re proving my point though. He’s only there for the paycheck.

        • Dave Barton

          I don’t dispute that he’s only doing it for the paycheck, what I dispute is that it makes him a bad person. His thoughts and feelings about what he’s doing for a living are irrelevant, its his ability to do what’s asked of him by his boss (and how well he does it) that matters. Hogan, Bret & Shawn all had extreme passions for their performance and the business, but all were especially vocal about how their matches should go (not all of their matches, of course, but there have been documented incidents on all of them).

          So who’s the better man in that equation? Lesnar doesn’t care about his job, but does what he’s told. Hogan, Bret & Shawn have all butted heads with their boss, but loved their job. I don’t think any of it makes any of them “horrible human beings.”

    • devanshkotak

      thats what WWE wants 😀 that want u to hate him for reasons why u would hate any other human being. this is one reason why the part time thing didnt work for batista and also why ppl wouldnt have been this offended if RVD won the mitb contract when he first returned. would u have been this upset if it was michaels or undertaker in lesnars contract(assuming they can wrestle great)?

      • I think you need to re-read my last two sentences. My dislike for him is for *him*, not his wrestling persona.

        • devanshkotak

          yes bro i get that. and thats what wwe wants. probably somwhere on mcmahons computer there is a txt file labeled “expected reaction from lesnar” with the exact same text as what u typed 😛

  • monty

    WM 31

    Lesner vs Punk(punk has to sign a 3-5 years extension)
    Lesner vs Rock(payback time)
    Lesner vs Daniel Bryan(DB wins Royal Rumble, what a comeback story for ages, gets the rub and becomes even a bigger star. Eddie beat Brock and that took him to super stardom)

    There is no way Roman Reigns should be even near the wwe title, if anything he needs more seasoning, and a lot of it. Just keep him within the main event and every now and than add him to a trple threat,elimination chamber r or fate 4 way

    Vince this is your chances to create something extra special here. Punk would be huge, rock the biggest and DB main eventing 2 straight WM’s and winning wwe title now that’s a come back story for ages

    I am not hating on Reigns but he is the future wwe champ for sure, but its not like DB is so old. DB beating Brock will make him everything that Cena/orton are today

  • Geordie Doloh

    Richard, when’s the next ask WNW? I can’t see it above?

  • Yves Heinrich

    Brock better be showing every PPV until WrestleMania with the title if everybody thinks that he’s such a good part timer, The Rock won the title and showed on the PPV after Royal Rumble and showed on WrestleMania!