Brock vs. Rock, Raw In Trouble?, NXT Call-Ups, Why HBK Didn’t Go To WCW, Paid YouTube Channel

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With Brock Lesnar "staring down" the Royal Rumble promotional poster featuring The Rock in the WWE HQ segment on Raw, is that a sign that Brock vs. Rock is still on the table?

I can confirm WWE still wants to do Brock Lesnar vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania XXX next year and this was the reason for Lesnar's subtle stare down in the segment taped at WWE HP. WWE wanted to plant the seed for the match the night after Wrestlemania 29 this year but it was scrapped when Rock couldn't go. Rock hasn't committed to work Wrestlemania next year but as of this writing, company officials are hopeful that when he gets healthy he'll be more inclined to work again.

Who is to blame when Raw has lackluster shows like this past Monday?

There is no way to accurately and fairly say one person in particular is to blame for a weak show. This week's WWE Raw wasn't terrible but what I've seen in the Raw's since Wrestlemania is just a feeling of desperation in trying to fill all three hours. The gap between Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules (6 weeks) is done so WWE is able to give consumers a break before spending more money on pay-per-views. With WWE not building to or following up on a pay-per-view, the shows are difficult to write let alone cause people to care enough to tune in.

Which NXT wrestlers do you think will get a push up to the main roster this year?

The workers on the short list to get called up were on the road with the main roster this past weekend. They include Adrian Neville, Emma, Paige, Corey Graves and Bray Wyatt. Kassius Ohno is another guy that is close to main roster ready.

What kept guys like Shawn Michaels and Undertaker from going to WCW during the Monday Night Wars?

I can confirm Shawn Michaels had offers to go to WCW but he was not interested in leaving WWE. Only Shawn can answer why but something obviously made him very loyal to Vince McMahon and company. I can't speak for Undertaker but remember he had already had a run in WCW as Mean Mark Callous.

What are your thoughts on WWE possibly charging a subscription fee for its YouTube content? Would the WWE Network even be needed if they do this?

As we reported here on, WWE is listed among the partners for YouTube's new subscription service. I'll have to see what the channel offers before I can make an assessment but I can't imagine someone wanting to pay for their current slate of shows. There's nothing wrong with the current shows but nothing happens on them that would make someone want to pay. The company could always offer their current TV shows on-demand but they already do that with Hulu Plus. We'll see what the content is before we make an assessment but the WWE Network is still in the works.

MAY 8 2:12 PM EDT UPDATE: Report: WWE Not Among Paid Subscription YouTube Channels

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  • The issue with Raw on Hulu Plus is they are not full episodes. Raw is only an hour and half long as opposed to the full 2+ hours it should be when commercials are taken out. All of the other shows are shown in their entirety, but Raw is not.

  • Xavier

    Rock/Lesnar would be a huge headliner if Rock is healthy enough to go. Both guys are 5x the draw they were back in 02 when they faced off at Summerslam. From a business stand point it makes plenty of sense. But I think I’d prefer too see Lesnar/Punk at this point. I don’t think Lesnar/Rock can come close to the match outout they had at Summerslam 2002, Neither guy is in nowhere near the wreslting shape they were in over a decade ago.

    • Matt

      See, I never get this. The questions are directed at Richard. Who answers them. Why do people then feel compelled to just go on long winded, primarily gibberish, posts answering the questions themselves? It makes no sense.

      • Xavier

        Because I can

      • Cause some people have a god complex on here and rather than give opinions they give answers and dont like them being questioned

        • Danny_Boy

          Like you. Your the biggest A-hole on here. Who let trolls like you on here

      • Juan Miguel Jr

        I got a better question, since when did everyone on here start becoming uptight assholes like yourself. Get a F’ing life

      • To start discussions? We come here for the news Richard provides which is greatly appreciated, but we also come here to discuss various topics with other posters. Richard starts the discussion and then we can pick it up from there. I don’t see why you have a problem with different opinions coming in on the same topic.

      • Derrick L. Cole

        B/C maybe he wanted to elaborate on Richard said and go more into depth. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. You should be asking yourself why you have such a stink attitude about today, did you girlfriend break up with you or something, good lord man smh.

      • AK-1138

        Last name Morgan?

      • Mark McMark

        wah wah wah

      • Austin 3:16

        Major douche you are (In my Yoda voice)

  • Wwe could improve raw by having another creative team and alternating each week lets face it they could just stay at home and skype or email the scripts to vince. Or take the ecw route tell the performers the general idea and match put omes then let them do what they want

    • Danny_Boy

      Another God complex response out of you. Your an annoying douche troll

      • Mark McMark

        that was a good response…. damn, the manbabies are all over this post!

      • Explain how ive a god complex? Alternative creative teams would relieve presure abd look at old ecw tapes they were excellent

  • I find RAW more enjoyable now than it was during the fall of last year.

    • Chris

      Me 2, Punk as champ was just unbearable to sit thru. Every match ended with some sort of interference after he spent a good portion of the match getting his ass beat. and dont get me started on his mic work, every promo he cut was exactly the same. RAW w/o Punk > RAW with Punk

      • Mark McMark

        why does it not surprise me that the guy with the pic slamming gay marriage whines about Punk?

  • This explains why WWE is going out of their way to still kiss Dwayne’s ass even after he screwed up the Plans for Raw after WM. Promoting his movies, promoting his game app, mentioning him on Twitter. Dwayne is probably gonna milk this for all it’s worth and I can’t really blame him because he’s got his hand up WWE’s ass and his controlling their moves like you would with a puppet. I have no problem if he comes back to face Lesnar as long as he stays FAR away from the WWE title picture!

    • Still sour that Rock took the title and ended the reign of CM Punk?

      • It’s not that he ended his reign its more because he rarely showed up to Raw events, he NEVER wrestled once on free tv and he didn’t do one lousy house show. His title reign was a joke! I feel like he only wanted the title to feed his own ego.

        • Ben

          The title was put on The Rock to setup Twice in a Lifetime and so when he went to promote movies and had other media events, he could bring the WWE title belt with him. It was free promotion. As a fan, I strongly disliked him having the belt and having Punk get jobbed out to a part-timer, but the decision made sense from a business perspective. It’s hard to find fault in a company attempting to draw in more fans and attract a mainstream audience.

        • TheBigKing1

          That was WWEs call, not his idiot! WWE felt it would make sense businesswise

    • Xavier

      You act like Rock screwed up plans on purpose. The man got hurt, Have you ever had a stomach muscle rip straight off the bone before? That’s not something you just shrug off. Rock isn’t milking shit. He’s trying to rehab. Too Imply that the Rock faked an injury or that he sabotaged the WWE on purpose is just a plan ridiculous statement.

    • Razmos

      WWE go out of their way to kiss the The Rocks ass because he makes them more money in the few months he is there than most of the roster do in a whole year, when will you people learn that The Rock draws, you are majorly annoyed because your beloved CM Spunk is nothing but a moaning CM Baby who spits his CM Dummy out when he doesn’t get his own way, he lost the strap to The Rock simply because Wrestlemania would pull more buys with the belt on The Rock, get over it, it happened and you wont change things, so in the words of The Great One, “Shut your mouth and know your role”

  • stoney

    Undertaker would go on to become one of the biggest stars in WWE history after leaving WCW, WCW’s biggest mistake was releasing stone cold and mick foley would would also become megastars in the WWE

    • Xavier

      HHH as well. Bischoff wasn’t as good as he thought