Brodus Clay Debuts On WWE Raw Supershow

Brodus Clay made his long-awaited debut on tonight's edition of WWE Raw Supershow. Clay debuted a gimmick makeover as the Funk-a-sorus from the planet Funk. He went over Curt Hawkins in a squash match.

Update: The dancers with Clay were Naomi Knight from WWE NXT and Cameron Lynn from Tough Enough.

  • Michael

    WTF.. So much for a legit run

    • ryan

      Are you kidding? Mark Henry is already the powerhouse heel. Kane just went powerhouse heel. Nash is powerhouse heel. Big Show is the ONLY powerhouse face. It would have been even more crushing for Brodus if he came out as another big, mean-faced heel. At least now the Creative Team has more room for angles. With the WWE trying to increase realism (and somewhat following the cues of the ever-more-impressive TNA) by staring to make a non-acknowledged X-Division by pairing lightweights, they're doing the same for heavyweights (save for the Daniel Bryan soon to both be heel turn/feud with Big Show, i.e. CM Punk a year or two ago).

      I think the Funkosaurus was great. They say as soon as you are getting either boo's or cheer's, you're doing it right. But when you can shock the crowd so hard from an entrance with some laughing, some scoffing, some speechless, and end a 3 minute squash mats and have half the crowd laughing and dancing along with him…I'd say he hit a home run. I mean FFS, they need another face big man.

      What's the other choice, Big Show/Henry feud more, Big Show/Kane feud, Big Show/Nash? I mean come on, they need another face big man, and Brodus played it to perfection last night.

      I don't remember Jericho trending worldwide out of pure shock and awe of such a bass-ackwared, unexpected debut.

  • alex

    That was awrsome!!!!!

    • aGirl

      I agree. I couldn't stop laughing, it makes me smile even now

  • Qbraggio

    i'm disappointed! I thought for a instance I was watching TNA!

  • rgb


  • Kris Hardy

    I feel like "Big Johnny" and his antics are just one big, giant troll-a-thon. There is just no way WWE thinks that Brodus Clay will get over…

  • snuggle

    Was that clay or flash funk lol.

  • keagan

    Sombody call his mama!

  • @RatedMKD

    That was mind-boggling. I'm not sure yet if I mean that in a good way or not.

  • TruHeel

    Brodus Clay – career killed on long awaited debut. At least the funkettes are back!

  • Ralphus

    Vince just lost me as a viewer!

  • Matt

    Way to screw up what could of been a beast instead you stero type the black man again and make a RUN D MC fat dancing black man

    • Mrpopandlock

      Brodus clay ain’t black

    • joe

      I agree.Almost worst tan chris jerhico awaited return.WWE are killing there hype w/ these stupid decisions when they finally arrive.what the hell! Brutus would have been better w/that crazed beast persona & us as viewers may have liked him better than this funk stuff

  • spikewestphal

    that was funking good tv by wwe everyone includeing me thought he was gonna be a monster heel squashing local or indpeanted wrestlers or show openers wrestlers for weeks

    • Gary

      or it was the exact opposite of good TV. It was trash, uncreative and disappointing.

  • wes

    this was compltley garbage. i will never take Clay serious again. The Creative team all needs to be fired …like now…All that build up..the crownd barley made a sound, i think they were all throwing up from this garbage…I feel bad for Hawkins for having to jobs to that..#Early90GimmicksRewind….Whats next Doink, Crush, …

  • John

    Wow…that was interesting

  • Matt

    Wow, what a horrible gimmick! Repackage killed before it begins. Lmao!

  • Jaryd

    I'm hoping they're going somewhere with this rather than this being his ACTUAL gimmick. I'm sitting on my own watching Raw and I was still saying what the hell out loud , he played it well to be fair to him, though haha

  • I liked the old Brodus. This one seems too homosexual.

    • d138

      dude… seriously… just, don't…

  • Esteban

    This wasn't as bad as I thought it would be; should be interesting…

    • Gary

      you're on crack, Esteban

  • eurosario

    Craptastic voyage.Sexual Chocolate and Big Daddy V put together.I forgot his name when in the gimmick

    • Da KiDD

      You gotta include Rikishi (from Too Cool days) and The Godfather (with the Hooooooo train) also

  • H.M.

    Sexual Chocolate, Big Daddy V and the Godfather all put into one.

    How creative.

    / rolls eyes.

  • George

    Are you kidding me? That’s the worst debut ever. After months of hiatus Curt Hawkins came back just to be a jobber? I’d had rather seen Santino getting squashed. Can’t believe wrestlers like these have a job while Masters and Kozlov are sitting their butts in Releasedville. Weeks of hyping just for nothing. Disappointing.

  • Alex

    He'll never find individual success with this comedic gimmick, but i'll give credit where it's due; Brodus Clay has more charisma then I gave him credit for.

    Made the most of the crap management just fed him.

    But seriously, WWE expects us to forget all the monster heel videos they aired for this guy. This isn't the first time they've assumed their fans have short memories when it comes to promo videos.

  • Chase

    Mark henry n mae youngs baby just debuted

  • I'm still trying to figure out what the heck I saw. It was like One Man Gang, "The Cat" Earnest Miller and Flash Funk had a love child after cheating on Rikishi. Was it cause Kane and Mark Henry are monster heels and two is enough? I dunno….Brodus as a whole had a lot of potential but this seems like the Beaver Cleavage of gimmicks.

  • Damien


  • Dustyn

    I loved it! Everybody was expecting Clay to debut as a monster heel (me included), but I'm glad that they went this way with him.

  • tone

    has potential. but my first thoughts are garbage!

  • Gizzle

    Open your mind, people. That was great. Something different. what do you want him to do "Grr I'm big bad Brodus.. watch me squash Hawkins, Barretta, Kidd, Slater, JTG then disappear like Mason Ryan. In stead we get something decent to work with that the crowd can embrace…like Santino.

  • Alex P

    I cringed the moment I heard Planet Funk….I'm not a fan of the gimmick especially after how he had a more intimidating and believable gimmick. However, I thought he looked solid in-ring despite the gimmick. Is it me, or did it look like he lost a little weight?

  • a.b!

    he kinda reminds me of dusty rhodes but dusty was awesome and i read that brodus came up with the hall of pain gimmick so he must be super pissed off

  • Dreambooker

    Let's wait and see how creative handles this.. should be interesting haha

  • JMG

    *facepalm* didn’t know vince russo was back on the WWE creative team

    • eurosario

      Just moonlighting just don’t tell TNA

  • Geezuz Kryste

    Was… Interesting

  • keagan

    Oh Btws brodus. Ernest the cat miller just called….he wants his theme back!

  • JakShowtime

    I'm hoping he gets a different gimmick every week. Next week is a Dude Love-type.

    • Dunstan

      I, for one, would love that idea. Of course the gimmick was silly, but it was good for a laugh, and it made Raw a bit more fun. It doesn't always need to be serious, it was entertaining and at the same time ridiculous, and it caused a lot of controversy. I think it was at least somewhat of a success.

  • Joey

    WTF was that….i mean come on!!!!! After months of waiting we get that!!!! After all those videos showing him beating the crap out of people he comes out like that!!!! WAY TO GO ON THAT ONE WWE!!!! Just plain disappointed!!! But whatever i will still watch Raw but i just really hope wwe is going some where with this that is really good

  • Jas

    To anyone who immediately hates this, don't look at tonight, look at the big picture. It's OBVIOUSLY a gimmick to make people think "Are they being serious?" This "Funk-A-Saurus" schtick won't last long. Think about the directions they could go with it?

    Three weeks down the line, Brodus accuses John Laurinaitis of sabotaging his career, attacks him (during a time where Laurinaitis is getting monster heel heat), and becomes an instantly over monster babyface. You have to look at the big picture before calling something an "unsuccessful debut". Personally, seeing where this could potentially go, LOVED it.

    • H.M.

      You're vision is too creative for WWE creative. They wouldn't go that route. It's breaking the kayfabe way too much.

    • Michele

      I like your thinking,gee I hope you are right because that was hard to watch.

  • scorpio21

    No it was Ernest”The Cat” Miller lol.

  • Simon

    it was like watching a really bad rikishi

  • Nick

    Another monster would be just as boring, this was unexpected and at least made me laugh. I'm more excited to see this funky giant progress; as opposed to another big guy devouring local talent.

    • JakShowtime

      Well said, Nick.

  • @Trip4GM

    i think im back to boycotting raw til they give brodius a new gimmick…………. im that disappointed

  • noone

    This was the best debut in a long time. It was unexpected, it was fun and I'm thinking that Brodus liked it himself. He seems to be made for the gimmick.

  • Bob

    This may be the most entertaining gimmick in a long time. It really throws out that stereotypical big man thing. He definity is going to get over with this gimmick. It’s unique. Clay just moved up to the #2 spot in my Fav 5.

  • Dangerous Lee

    I bet that tough enough chick went backstage and told Alicia fox how great of a match she had with Melina…..

  • Gary

    Richard, I've been a premium member for quite a while now and for the first time since I first came to this site on a daily basis (years ago?), I wanted to actually call you and ask if this was serious.
    I am absolutely stunned (continually) by how bad the decision making is and how ridiculously bad the "creative" team is.
    He can go undefeated for years, but as long as that is his gimmick, he will be an absolute joke.

  • bryan

    At first I didnt know what to think and just kept saying to myself "Are they serious?"…but after watching it I changed my mind a little and started to enjoy it. If Brodus can get over with the crowds he could be an entertaining babyface. Not to mention, it lightens the mood a little bit when there are so many dark "serious" storylines going on right now. I loved him saying "My bad" after suplexing Hawkins across the ring. Just sit back and relax and ENJOY the programming! Dont be so critical.

    • Jas

      Amen to that. This is a prime example of how the internet fans are sorta bad for wrestling. I remember, before the internet, when we could just enjoy things for what they were.

      And to all the comparisons, let's be fair… the Godfather was one of the most over babyfaces at the time. Sexual Chocolate, though having gone through many identity changes, is still around after 15+ years and is (despite current injury) in the main event/World Heavyweight Championship picture. Rikishi had a stellar career in WWE, being involved in tons of main event storylines…

      So, there's always foresight to WWE's mindset, beyond "Hey, let's make this fat guy go out there and dance." No one, with the exception of Flash Funk, has ever just gone out there and danced. It always went further. So, yeah, let it go a few weeks before you start judging something.

      At the pace WWE's been going in recent years, we're going to know the ultimate direction of this angle by Wrestlemania or Extreme Rules anyway… so enjoy it for what it is. Even as just this gimmick standing alone, Brodus still made it incredibly entertaining last night… and proved that beyond the gimmick, he is a pretty decent in-ring talent. Let THAT speak, not the gimmick.

  • Abe

    Was better than Mike Awesome

  • jdl

    I understand trying to give Clay a unique gimmick, but this one does not suit him or his look. If they were trying to go with a unique, funk based style they should have gone old school. Give him a fedora, tailored suits with pinstripes and a classy pair of ladies to bring him out to the ring. Give him a bit of the old school gangster look, only funk it up with bright colored suits instead of grays and blues.

  • July4983

    Wtf. I was expecting a monster heel not a whatever the hell that was. Poor Brodus

  • Eiji

    It was more like the gimmick One man Gang had as Akeem.

  • Eiji

    It was more like Akeem aka One Man Gang.

  • Lordofboss

    Flash funk the godfather the cat and that hippo cartoon dude had a 4 way , Brodus was the result ..very bad IMO

  • Josh in MN

    "Here are your winners, and NEEEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS………… Brodus Clay and Goldust – Gold Funk Railroad!!!!!"

  • Josh in MN

    Brodus' WWE BIO still says he's from Pasadena, Calif. (not Planet Funk) and the last sentence on there says: "Clay learned a great deal from his aristocratic mentor (Alberto Del Rio) in the deviousness department and will apply those ruthless attributes as he attempts to swallow up the WWE Universe."

    It's tough to take him as "ruthless" after that debut. lol But he'll still be a force to to be reckon with………eventually.

  • @Trip4GM

    The hype for Chris Jericho returning was ALOT better than brodius tonight……… The hype for sin cara debating was so much better than brodius tonight……….. "Insert hype for said wrestler past/present was better than brodius tonight!

  • havoc525

    The bastard love child of Rikishi and P.N. News…although he did have a ton more personality than expected.

  • Ellen

    And the return of Brodus Clay was BIG? WWE, what are you thinking? That was once of the worst segments ever.

  • Matt K

    You know how WWE does the biggest turkeys and dumb gimmicks? This will no doubt be included on that list in no time at all

  • Nameless one

    I dont know who was waiting so long for this, but i’m sure not one of them i hoped he wouldn’t come back. It was even more a waste of time than chris jericho coming out and then not talking….AGAIN.

  • BigMike

    looked like a cross between RunDMC and the Kool Aid Man WTF

  • Mike

    I wonder who he rubbed the wrong way backstage to end up with THAT!?

  • Maze

    ok dude we get it..write something else..

  • Mc

    Why didn’t they just make him an unstoppable
    Monster like the promos suggested……dumbest freaking debut ever. There is no unstoppable monster on raw since mark Henry is on smack down so why not make brodus that guy…he looked like a joke….I would watch TNA instead if their storylines didn’t suck

  • Robin

    If this doesn't go somewhere good in the next month, I'll be using Planet Funk segments as my non-commercial washroom break.

  • Chris

    The fact that they couldn't even give him an original funk song kinda sucks too, had to recycle Ernest the Cat Miller's old entrance theme from back when he wrestled on Smackdown in 04-05. Never have liked dancing gimmicks, suppose this is his punishment though for letting the John Morrison plan slip.

  • Van

    is he still on punishment for telling people on Twitter that he was gonna be the one to take Morrison off camera?because this was more punishment to us than it was to him.we were hoping for a monster and not white version of Cee-lo Green

  • ken

    Brodus Clay, you are SO NOT Rikishi. I spy with my little eye, a Future Endevour in two months. EPIC FAIL!

  • Heath

    Someone seriously needs to revamp the WWE creative team. Anyone else feel like you were watching some Godfather reject? Honestly, that was pathetic what about that was creative? Really? Really?

  • Jim

    Funkasaurus? Reeally? Really? Reeeally? So much for the vignettes they ran for quite a few weeks before Clay was initially supposed to debut. I have some old Raw episodes on my DVR, and I went back and looked at a couple of them after this debut. Let’s just say the vignettes were quite a bit misleading to say the least.

  • Jas

    I'm stunned at the amount of people who think this is "punishment" or that this was something to be taken seriously. Open your eyes people. Since when does a gimmick like this last in WWE without being tweaked in to something much bigger.

    Everyone who is disappointed in this or thought it was "EPIC FAIL", as you so typically put it, just isn't looking at the big picture. I thought the segment last night did exactly what it was supposed to do. It gave you people the exact reaction you're giving it. And then, when this turns around in a month or two and becomes the smaller piece of a much bigger storyline, you'll all switch sides and be huge Brodus Clay fans.

  • Mrpopandlock

    What is wrong with you people. All you do is moan. It was an over the top character. Makes a change. If he had come back as a monster heel all you would have done is moan that he is exactly the same as mark Henry, Kane, etc. it’s about time we got some more ott characters. Everyone is just becoming same old same old. Who knows where this could develop. It needs work and clay needs rhythm don’t get me wrong. But at least he stands out from the crowd. With Jericho being flashy jacket and over the top. Maybe a stable will be formed with em. Who knows. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. After all it is just a stunt man soap opera. It’s entertainment. Allow yourself to be entertained. Those guys work hard for us week in week out. Or if u could do better why are u not writing for the wwe.

  • Donovan

    My take on it was that Brodus was set for being a Powerhouse heel, but I like the point that Ryan made to Michael's comment. They do need another face to combat with Henry and Kane. Hate to tell him though that Nash is on a Legends contract, meaning that he can come and go as he pleases. He doesn't have to perform unless its been confirmed by him.

    But besides that nonsense I wanted Clay to be a strong heel just like you guys, it seemed fitting. But if you can get someone to come in, take the old Viscera style and basically dismantle a guy in that squash match, then you know the gimmick is good.

  • chopper

    just watched raw yesterday and i realy want to hate brotus clay, but somebody call my mama that was brilliant, abit of sexual chocolate, the godfather and mable rolled in to one just loved it. Please WWE do something with this character.
    One negative BC please stop the johnny curtis facial expressions then your on to a winner.
    good work keep it up, somebody call my mama hahahaha