Brodus Clay Discusses Spot In WWE, Ezekiel Jackson Is Ready

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Brodus Clay Discusses His Spot In WWE

SLAM! Wrestling has a new article online featuring quotes from Brodus Clay. Below are the highlights:

Tagging vs. singles:

"I like tagging with T. I think the two go hand in hand," Clay told SLAM! Wrestling last Monday. "If there was an opportunity for a singles match in a second -- but I also like tagging up too. It's a lot of fun."

Being left off the WWE Payback lineup:

"I don't think it was frustrating. You've just got to wait for your time and be ready when you get your opportunity," he said. "Obviously you want to be on every show, you want to do everything you possibly can, but you don't make those decisions."

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Ezekiel Jackson Update

Ezekiel Jackson posted a front double biceps pose on his new Instagram account. After receiving a compliment from WWE's Dr. Michael Sampson, Jackson says he's ready. The following is from Twitter:

  • BIG M

    Ready for what the guys been missing for over a year at least.
    Thought he would have been future endeverd by now what gives was he injured or something.

  • H.M.

    Big Zeke and Big E tag team would make too much sense. Make it happen? Lol

    • Moe

      It’s kind of sad they don’t focus too much on the African-American people in the business (besides Mark Henry atm), but it would be an interesting team,

    • Nostaljack

      That might work, actually. I kinda like that idea. The problem is that Ezekiel has been gone so long and was jobbed out so often before he left, who knows if his character can recover. He may need a character refresh. If he has a personality, it might be time to accentuate it rather than go the “big muscular guy” route any longer.

  • T-Zone

    I think it’s time for Zeke to return. Because that right there is domination.