Brodus Clay Discusses Transition To Funkasaurus; How He Got The Job As Snoop Dogg's Bodyguard

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The Green Bay Press Gazette has a new Q&A online with Brodus Clay. Below is an excerpt:

On transition to the Funkasaurus:

To be honest, that’s more of who I am. I never was the silent angry type. I’ve always had a big mouth. I’ve always been loud. Some people would say obnoxious, other people say entertaining, charming, it just depends on who you’re around. This is just more of who I am. … It’s hard to be angry all the time I think.

How he got the job as Snoop Dogg's bodyguard:

Once again, at Saddle Ranch a fight broke out (laughs). Snoop’s manager was there and another guy. You have to understand these aren’t tremendous athletic accomplishments. Most guys that fight in clubs, it’s never Jean-Claude Van Damme or some licensed killer. They’re usually pathetic, drunk individuals. It doesn’t take a whole lot and I used to have fun with it, almost like (playing) cat and mouse with them, working on my promos and stuff like that. (Snoop’s management) saw that and they asked me if I needed a job and I was like, ‘Sure.’’’

Snoop and I just hit it off, because he liked my sarcasm, and honestly, (being a bodyguard) was great in terms of being able to cut promos and get personality. I was always the bad guy with Snoop. I was always the heavy, the one who would say no, and I enjoyed it.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.

  • Captain Booger

    I would prefer Brodus Clay 'transition' back into his bodyguard career of a different line of work as soon as possible. This moron is a waste of time.

    • GODSENT83

      Agreed. But keep the ladies

    • ceedot

      He doesn’t choose his gimmick for one, and just to say he’s a waste of space is disrespectful and ignorant. He seems like he works hard so that’s commendable. In time he may turn out better. He just needed to be noticed first.

    • Tony P.

      And so are you.

    • Tony P.

      Like u could do any better.

    • Captain Booger

      On second thought, it is good to have this ugly lug around when Big Show needs someone to pummel into oblivion.

    • Ken

      Maybe if he transitioned some more moves into his moveset that might help.

    • David

      Thank you for your irrelevant opinion your exactly why Damien sandow exists Thank You

  • Ray

    It ain’t snoop dogg anymore. He’s now called Snoop Lion. :p

  • I think turn him heel

  • Ricky

    Brodus is getting better as the weeks go by. WWE seems to have done the right thing by having him work with Sandow. It's helping both guys.

  • Bob

    Why do I need a subscription?

  • Sythian

    No he’s not, he’s actually quite talented, if he could just get some longer matches that aren’t a squash and aren’t him getting beaten down all the time it would be great

  • Dave L

    Brodus Clay Roadie 2.0 sounds a little better than Funkasaurus