Brodus Clay: "...I Fought Through WWE And Now Greatness Is On Me"

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Brodus Clay Tweeted the following shortly after the news of his WWE release was announced:

Clay was among 10 workers released from their WWE contracts on Thursday.

  • theburningfire

    But spell check… is not! Best wishes, Brodus. You’ve got the skills.

    • J Vomkrieg

      Suprised by this release more than the others. Clay had potential

      • theburningfire

        Totally agree. I think he actually had the “it” factor of coolness to be a top guy. Apparently they did not agree.

  • ldb

    My problem with HHH is right here. I don’t not look forward to a WWE ran by HHH , Paul whatever. He has a real problem with big guys and I mean guys who aren’t chisled out of stone. Under him Mick Foley would never of had a chance. Guys like Brodus, Albert, Vis. even the recent booking of Mark Henry these guys are or would be HHH victims. In the real world kids need to be used to all shapes and kinds of people. Everyone is the image of perfection and those that are large in size aren’t less of a person or even talent than those who have “The Look”. That goes for the ladies too. I wish Kharma was still there. My personal rant on the man in line to the throne. Best Wishes to a real monster Brodus Clay.