Brodus Clay Reveals That His WrestleMania Dance Segment Was Almost Cut At The Last Minute, But John Cena Made The Save

Brodus Clay was recently interviewed by Chad Dukes and discussed a number of topics, including the origins of the Funkasaurus, having his debut repeatedly delayed, and more.

In the following excerpt, Brodus discusses how his dance segment before The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII was almost cut from the show at the last minute:

"We were in what we call the gorilla -- it's right before you get ready to go out. I think it was the band or prep -- something went way wrong. So, they were going to cut the dance. It was cut and we got told in gorilla. And now I'm committed to it and excited and ready to go. I look at the Funkadactyls and I'm like, 'Guys, I think we just got cut.'

"Cena, he was getting his mind ready and he's in the corner getting ready to come out because he comes out shortly after. He's stretching and he said -- it was one of the coolest things ever -- he said, 'If Brodus doesn't go out, I'm not going out.' And just walked away. They were just like, 'Well, send him out.' It was a really cool moment. Everyone talks about Cena, but they don't know that that's the type of person that he is. So, it was real cool. So, honestly, the reason that I actually went down was because of Cena. He had a lot to do with it."

Click here to listen to the full interview

  • Logan_Walker

    Well Cena, Must Have a lot of respect backstage… gettting Ryder to where he is now and getting brodus his wm air time

    • thatguy

      Ryder got himself to where he WAS, seeing that he is no where now.

  • Wish they did cut it

  • SRP

    I’m not fond of John Cena, the character, but John Cena, the person, is a cool guy.

  • Dave

    So Cena’s to blame for that god awful segment.

  • Trist

    Great, another reason to hate Cena.

  • Travis

    Classy move. =]

  • Hillbilly Jim

    So, when it says “somebody call my mama” it really should read “somebody call john cena”! Wait what…..

  • Aldin94

    Well i wasent okay with him loseing at wm but now i am.

  • Thisguy

    I don’t care what anyone says, but I was there live and that stuff was funny as Hell. And Cena gave Brodus a WM appearance, meaning…more money for Brodus. If you guys was him, you’d be praising Cena too.

  • BigMike

    People can hate on Cena the persona all they want truth he has mic skills and needs to be refreshed BUT i digress….. Cena the person is a class act who works his ass off for the company, the fans, and for the charities; anytime he is called to do something he is there no questions asked he is selfless and a complete professional.. too bad people can separate the persona from the person

  • bruno

    I will cheer cena till my lungs fall out during the next live event i go to. That guy is just to great

  • managod777

    Help me understand…if he's such a great guy, why is his wife divorcing him? I think she was his childhood sweetheart, so she's know him for some time. I don't know…just saying…

    • T

      Cena filed for the divorce. Plus great people get divorced all the time. Just because people change and are no longer in love, doesn’t make them bad people.

  • Kevin

    Well, managod777, as T said, CENA filed for the divorce, not his wife. In fact, SHE'S fighting it on the grounds that the paperwork is incorrect. Cena had her MAIDEN name used on the divorce papers instead of her legal MARRIED name, which should invalidate the papers. Anyway, his personal life with his wife is none of our concern, unless there's abuse or other such behavior. He is a great guy who does a lot of charity work and doesn't hesitate to sign an autograph for his fans. He has on numerous occasions been late to the stage when scheduled to give a speech because he was busy talking to a young fan. His fans come first, and all the hard work he puts out is for those fans. If Cena were like many other top wrestlers, he'd be embroiled in backstage politics to benefit himself, trying to get more money or more air time or more titles. Instead, he's taking loss after loss to push other guys. Cena is awesome, and I for one am a fan for life.