Brodus Clay's Funky Gimmick, Four Horseman Inducted With Ric Flair In TNA, WWE Network Panic, Rumble Match Winner

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Brodus Clay - you know, the man from Planet-funk, the Funk-a-sorus. What are your thoughts on his debut gimmick?

Believe it or not, this is the most popular question of the day. Some people loved it, some people hated it but everyone wants to know the skinny on Brodus Clay's debut gimmick on Raw Supershow. It's not the first time we've seen this type of gimmick - remember Flash Funk? I'll admit when Justin Roberts announced him and he came out I thought it was all a huge rib. Originally thought to be a dominant force that was going to eliminate John Morrison from television, turns out to be the Funk-a-sorus from Planet Funk. They fed him Curt Hawkins so it looks like he'll blow through enhancement workers but I have a hard time believing this gimmick can make it in the main event. It is certainly PG-friendly and gives developmental Divas Naomi and Cameron Lynn a chance to get on TV.  While my initial reaction was surprise, it's not fair to write the gimmick off as a failure or praise it as a success until it's had a chance to progress.

Is the WWE really going to go ahead and induct the Four Horsemen into the Hall of Fame while Ric Flair is still with TNA? Although they obviously deserve it, is there anything behind this?

If anything it goes to show how little Vince McMahon thinks of TNA Impact Wrestling and doesn't view them as legitimate competition. I've been told multiple times by people close to McMahon that he feels if TNA can't compete with names like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, they simply cannot compete. Flair still has a good relationship with several of the higher-ups in WWE including Triple H and I think Hunter more or less feels that Flair is working in TNA because he has too. I don't know if he'll be able to appear at the Hall of Fame ceremony but we'll find out soon enough.

Will the WWE Network be on basic cable?

No one knows where the WWE Network will be available - not even close sources within WWE. There is a lot of panic in WWE about clearance for the WWE Network which has resulted in rumors the launch of the network will be delayed from the projected April launch date. Vince McMahon has wanted to launch his own network for years but has always had a very difficult time paving the way for clearance. I was surprised the company began advertising the launch of the network without clearances in place. It turns out they were trying to generate public interest in hopes of forcing cable and satellite providers to carry the channel.

Who is the favorite to win this year's Royal Rumble, Sheamus?

Out of the four participants announced for the 30-man Royal Rumble match, Sheamus is clearly the favorite. It all depends on who else is announced and which direction WWE plans to go before I can give an accurate prediction for the Royal Rumble winner.

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  • @RatedMKD

    Sheamus and Punk were my early favourites to win the Rumble, back around October or so. Shortly after Survivor Series, Dolph Ziggler was my pick. Of those three, obviously Sheamus is the only one who'll actually compete in the Rumble match. He still has to be considered a favourite, but I'd give Barrett, Orton and Jericho high odds too, depending on how many of them actually participate.

    It's hard to gauge what the World Heavyweight Title picture will be in April, so as a result it's hard to predict a winner. Personally, one idea I'd like to see play out is Bryan hold onto the title by hook or by crook until 'Mania, then defend against Sheamus. It'd be nice vindication for them after being dropped from the card at the 11th hour last year.

    • H.M.

      Interesting points you make.

  • ted

    the fact is that ric flair is not a threat to wwe evn if he is in tna.

    flair is turning 63 next month. he is almost a senior citizen so mcmahon knows that even the idiots at tna can't build their promotion around a 63 year old man in the ring.

    flair was the center piece of the four horsemen so wwe has to induct him with the group because he was the main star of the group.

    whether he shows up on tv is a question mark but wwe does not fear tna so they are not going to avoid mentioning flair on tv just because he is working for the so called "competition" in orlando in 2012.

  • hurrigame

    I firmly believe that Vince inducting the Four Horsemen while Flair is in TNA is his way of sticking it to Dixie. It shows how little he thinks TNA is and that they are no competition. And if he can get Flair for one night only, even if only to induct his fellow Horsemen, Vince will truly prove to the world that Dixie is beneath him. As for the Funkasaurus, I loved it. And hearing "Somebody call my Mama" after such a long time, was just pure gold. I loved The Cat, and Clay in this role reminds me of a cross between King Kong Bundy & Rikishi. Not all bad.

  • Brian

    Believe it or not I don't mind the Brodus Clay gimmick. I hated it at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. I think it's more of a way to get him over with the crowd and his name out there. I can see them tweeking it when they are ready to really push him. But that's just my opinion.

    • Tomazo

      BCs gimmick got me thinking about Dusty Rhodes, allthough the gimmicks aren’t really that similar.

  • Jordan

    Yknow, I got a kick out of Brodus Clay's gimmick. If they didn't have the promos about him being dominant, I don't think people would hate it as much. Sure its a disappointment, but they were going to drop the ball on him sooner or later (probably the first time he faced Cena). Its nice to see Clay is capable of being more than just a generic monster and might be able to make this gimmick work.

  • Zach

    I seriously doubt that Brodus Clay’s gimmick will catch on. It made me wabt to change the channel instantly. I found myself sighing and texting, as opposed to laying attention.

  • Ricky

    I cringed when I read about Brodus Clay's Funkasorus Gimmick. This carries the possibility to bury Clay. I just hope he can endure the gimmick before going to a more serious gimmick.

    • Immy

      I loved the gimmick, I think its a goof way to initially get him over as a face with the fans, I dont see any longevity in the gimmick and see him getting a title push as a heel later in the year, but for now it is a breath of fresh air and far more entertaining than Jericho’s return.

      • Immy

        Good* way

  • J-Dub

    I thought the Funk-a-sours was kinda goofy especially since he did some stuff Golddust does or did. When Hawkins went behind and Brodus starting dancing I quickly thought of Golddust. When he came out and started dancing with the girls he reminded me of Heavy-D in that suit. I think that it will be an interesting gimmick if booked correctly however WWE creative and writing team has a difficult challenge ahead of them.

  • Zach

    *want not wabt and *paying, not laying.

    • BollyMexCPhT

      Watch out guys, the grammar police is here. Can you sing us that conjunction junction song too bro?

      • H.M.

        LOL I'm glad I'm not the only one that caught that.

    • Howard Stern

      hee haw dead eye zach!

      • Zach

        Yeah, i corrected myself, so no, not the grammar police lol. Dead eye Zach? Wow. And thanks, Godsent. It’s kinda hard to type comments on a touchscreen phone.

  • Ubereem

    The Funk-a-Sorus gimmick was hilarious! For those who hated it.. Would you rather Brodus Clay returned as a monster heel and squashed jobbers every week in front of a dead crowd?

    Monster Heel gimmicks just don't work! Snitsky? Kozlov? Big Daddy V? Mike Knox?

    • Sam The Man.

      Kane Undertaker Abyss Vader?

  • Conquistador Uno

    Can anyone spell Funkasaurus correctly? There you go people, it wasn’t that hard was it?

  • Dufus

    I saw the Four Horsemen mentioned in the WWE and noticed Ole Anderson was left out and Barry Windham was included instead. WTF ?

    • stoney

      nobody like Ole Anderson

  • Dave Barton

    My mouth literally hung open during Clay’s entire segment. My reaction was much like Stone Cold’s when Dude Love made his debut.

  • khalkaroth

    WWE knows how to make people react…..

  • The Breaker

    I think Brodus will be able to get over with the fans under this gimmick. But if he will fit into the main event picture at all is uncertain.
    The crowd at RAW last night didn't give him a giant pop, mostly because they were so surprised by his new personality. Before going out and killing his new gimmick, I say we should just give it some time and see how things develop.

  • Brian H

    Somebody call my momma!

  • lsutiger

    i would like brodus clay to keep changing gimmicks on a weekly basis like they did tyson kidd and have him have different managers every week. this could go on and on until the real brodus monster heel comes out and he's tired of the gimmick

  • havoc525

    Brodus makes me think of Rikishi, with a little polka dot Dusty, mixed with P.N. News. I didn’t hate it, but getting it over will be interesting. Feel sorry for Hawkins though. As for the horsemen, I think it’s messed up Arn doesn’t get in himself, it had to be as a group. It’s also interesting they chose Barry’s version, since Ole refuses to be associated with Vince.

  • Ian P.

    I could see the Brodus Clay character still being dominant. He could be a monster that just likes to have have fun and dance, much like the evolution of the Sheamus character with him telling the "family stories" but still loves to fight.

  • aGirl

    I liked Clay's debut, it made me laugh so hard. He definitely won't make it to the top with the funk-a-sorus gimmick but I find it good for the beginning. I mean, everyone has to start somehow and this can be pretty entertaining.
    As for Royal Rumble winner my pick is Sheamus or Barrett.

  • Alex

    I'm curious to see where this Brodus Clay thing is going. I have to admit it make me chuckle and entertained me last night.

  • havoc525

    Rumble winner, I would like to see Jericho win it. Help his “best in the world” feud. He wins, Punk retains up until Mania leading to Jericho vs. Punk, for the WWE title, and the “Best in the World” moniker.

  • wdr31

    Really liked the Brodus Clay thing. Reminded me of a much larger Flash Funk/2 Cold Scorpio. I think the crowd liked it as well. WWE needs something besides the same old same old to drum up interest. Not everyone can wear black and glare all the time.

  • Sean Atkins

    I'll admit, I did actually laugh during the brodus clay thing. as long as they dont shove it down our throughts then I have no problem with it.

  • Tyler

    Brodus clays new gimic sucks

  • stoney

    Flair should leave TNA and sign a legends contract with WWE, more money and you do diddly squat

  • Matt

    Flair should just sign a legends contract with WWE, It's way more money and you barely have to work

    • Ubereem

      The whole point of Flair going to TNA was because he still had the passion to do what he loves to do, which is wrestle. He couldn't stay with WWE because they essentially pushed him into retirement so they could have a marquee match for WrestleMania.

      • Marq

        No, I’m pretty sure it’s all about the money for Flair. Look up the article on Flair on Grantland. It’s pretty depressing.

  • Skip

    If Brodus Clay play his carda right and make the most of the gimmick and really get over with the fans (like get a Zack Ryder support) believe me, he’s gonna go far. Look at Ryder, we never thought his woo woo woo gimmick would even take him to midcard level but he made it work! The difference here is Brodus is actually getting TV time instead of doing this on YouTube.

  • Dave C

    If anybody says that brodus clayss gimmick wont work, just remember that cena's first real gimmick was that of a wanna-be rapper and how many championships has he won?

  • HPK

    the one black chick dancer with Brodus is Ariane Andrews , the Tough Enough contestant that told Stone Cold Steve Austin that Her fav match was Melina and Alicia Fox !!! What a joke…She is a girly-girl and that's all i got to say about that !!!

  • MonstaHeel 450

    At first when i saw Brodus Clay's gimmick, my immediate thought was "WHAT… THE…(BLEEP)" Now i'm thinkin bout having him tag with R-Truth. And maybe Cena, unless he turns heel. B.C. as Flash Funk's son is kinda growing on me now. Go figure…

    The Four Horseman in the Hall of Fame. Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame just inducted Guns 'N' Roses. Heh Heh. Good luck getting all of the original members together on all sides.

    WWE Network will be a premium channel in the summer. OK Terrific. How much per month again?

  • Casey Mac

    After what, 6 months of build up, post-ponements ect. I expected a lot more, maybee to much.

  • 5432

    theres nothing wrong w/ brodus' gimmick.
    and he would fit into the main event scene just fine.

  • Jbreed

    Randy Orton will win the Royal Rumble. His injury isn't as serious as they want us to think and he'll be back at The RR and win the match. As long as Orton's around guys like Sheamus, Wade Barrett and whoever else don't have a chance of becoming top stars.