Brodus vs. Morrison?; Christian Spotted At Hockey Game

Wrestling News World readers Logan Walker and Alex Borgmann sent in the following:

-Brodus Clay posted on his Twitter page that he will destroy John Morrison tonight on RAW. The tweet has since been deleted, but that may give a hint as to how Morrison will be written off TV.

-Christian recently attended a Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida Panthers hockey game in Tampa, Florida.  He was walking very well which bodes well for an imminent return.

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  • H.M.

    Well so much for that. The old saying 'out with the old and in with the new' definitely applies here.

  • andrew

    Why are they letting Morrison go I'm not a fan of faces but still hes talented big mistake wwe just like breaking up awesome truth!!

    • Alex

      There's just been a lot of heat between Morrison and the WWE. I would normally blame Melina for this but Morrison needs to be his own man which he never did while with her.

  • Van

    I can see that happening since Brotus Clay is finally making his RAW debut and Morrison leaving WWE(like we didn't see that coming)causing an IMPACT on both careers

    • Andy

      I see what you did there…

    • H.M.

      Real talk, Morrison won't really make an IMPACT in TNA imo.

      • H.M.

        People are giving me a thumbs down. Am I wrong? Let's look at WWE turned TNA wrestlers in the past several years.

  • larry

    morrsion vs roode anyone? im hype, i wish roode would go to the e, but im happy he is getting a chance to shine, maybe, just maybe some more talken will leave the e soon. i call wwe =e because thats all it is now entertainment, they for got the first part.

    • Brandon Ceielo

      And yet the wrestling is more entertaining than anything I have seen in TNA recently, other than the BFG match between Angle and Roode.

      I hope Morrison would return to WWE. Really liked his stuff there during the ECW Title and SmackDown! Intercontinental Title matches between himself, Punk and Mysterio and somewhat Jeff Hardy.

  • Alex

    I think a lot of people thought this was how Morrison was going to get written off the show. I can see it happening. As for TNA, if Morrison gets in by himself he could be good. However, if Melina goes with him that's the end of that.