Brooke Hogan Claims Bully Ray Turn Wasn't Storyline

Brooke Hogan wrote the following on Twitter after TNA Lockdown:

To all the people who think this is purely storyline- you're wrong. My heart is truly broken. I saw great things in my husband.. Crushed.

Absolute betrayal. I've never felt so violated. Divorce already in motion. I lost my love....

She has since removed the first Tweet but the "absolute betrayal" remark is still online at this link.

  • Marksmark

    Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Maybe she really does believe its real. She IS blonde, after all…

    • michael

      Correction…. She is a Hogan

    • Its still real to her dam it.

    • Josh

      And Hulk calls US marks…

      • soulfool

        The Hogan’s are the biggest marks of all !!! For themselves and in everyone’s underwear !!!

    • BlazeKing

      So, do you act stupid just to pick up blondes because you think they’re all stupid? Most do. I’ve seen some of them think they’re about to get some, then they end up getting pranked. I never understood how hair color determines intelligence… it’s not even funny as a joke.

      • Dangerous Lee

        LOL BlazeKing is a blonde.

        • BlazeKing

          No, I am a black haired guy.

          What I’m saying is you may think that a “dumb blonde” is actually blonde; but she could be a brunette. See how stupid believing the “all blonds are stupid” thing is? I’m just more mature and don’t fall for stupidity like that. You didn’t even know that Brooke was trolling you but you call *her* stupid…

          • Dangerous Lee

            I’ll say this slowly so you will understand. IT…WAS…A…JOKE. K?

  • I give her credit for trying to stick to the storyline.

  • Razmos

    Im lost for words!!!!!

  • Ill admit i get court up in stories at times but the aces and 8s story was obvious months ago and brooke teeeting that is just shameful

  • Steve Scott-Moore

    Haha Brooke = Mark

  • The Criddler

    hahahaha oh you mean brooke hogan really wasnt married to bubba ray dudley? oh wait she thinks she was….

  • Ricky

    Well at least it wasn’t Jarrett or Eric Bishcof or a member of the Hogan family. Still though who didn’t see this coming?
    As for Brooke, ugh. She’s blonde and a hogan those are two strikes against her.

  • Nostaljack

    Good grief that’s a pathetic attempt to further an angle.

  • hahahahahahaha

  • does TNA think their fans are dumb??

    • Patrick

      Yes they do.

  • Michael

    Does Brooke not think that we already know that Ray has already been married for years. Seriously knew Ray was the leader as he’s the masked man that attacked Hardy a few Weeks ago with the hammer to the leg.

  • Chris

    Yeah, she’s really going to make us all believe this horrible storyline is real, that’s likely…

  • Yung

    Brooke Hogan = The ultimate troll

  • screw all of you and shame on who is saying that just cause shes a BLONDE that thats the reason she believes its real…IM A BLONDE AND THATS JUST IN INSULT TO BLONDES EVERYWHERE EVEN THE INTELLEGENT ONES…ever think maybe she just fell hard for him in real life????

  • BlazeKing

    “To all the people who think this is purely storyline- you’re wrong.”

    Please tell me she was trolling marks… At least she isn’t as bad as Nash.

    • BlazeKing

      Somebody is mad that I pointed out real fans knew she was trolling. Brooke broke the “4th wall”, put it back together, and broke it again! She trolled with the “it’s a real marriage” tweet and people fell for it again!

  • soulfool

    Never felt that Violated , Brooke ? Of course not , You don’t consider what Daddy does to you as a Violation !!! LMAO

  • soulfool