Brooke Hogan Coming To TNA As An Executive To Develop Female Talent

To answer the curious reader in today's Ask WNW, Brooke Hogan has signed with TNA as first reported by TMZ.

Brooke will be working as an executive in the company to develop female talent. Her duties will be to help up-and-coming talent develop their characters, assist with promos and even consult on entrance music.

TNA President Dixie Carter told TMZ, "Brooke is such a great talent who's really sharp and will make a great addition to the TNA family."

Thanks to Wrestling News World readers Ernest Bethea and Logan Walker for sending in the TMZ link.

  • Gesusoliver

    make it end! MAKE IT END!

  • Aimthrax


  • G Ilyas

    At this stage, even Captain Obvious would not convince Dixie that Hogan/Bischoff are killing the company!!

    • urnemystic

      Nick Hogan next TNA Champion!!!!

      • Alex

        Nah, that will be Garret Bischoof. Nice will become the X division champion, and Brooke will eventually become Knockouts champion.

  • thatguy

    They might as well have had helen keller do it. I guess since the music thing didn't work out for the 40th time, Hogan is just trying to find a way for her to make a paycheck. Prob to borrow money from her to give to linda

  • Hitman310

    i wonder how the morale in that company is now after hearing this news.

  • Ellen Brennan

    You've got to be kidding.

    • Don

      Speaking of, "You've Got To be Kidding (me)"…..I think Don West would even make for a better Women's Division Executive than Brooke Hogan. Wow.

  • Ricky

    I really hope I'm wrong but at this point I would not be surprised if TNA bought a Nascar Car and Hulk let his loser jailbird son Nick drive it. All Hogan is doing in TNA is using it to keep his old ass face on TV and prevent the younger guys from headlining the company.

    DIXIE!!!! WAKE UP! Hogan and Eric are KILLING THE COMPANY!

  • Roy Leader

    Oh Come now that stupid

  • Nightmare

    Great another waste of money get it together TNA

  • James

    Couldn't make it in the music world, so daddy brings her into the wrestling business! WTF!!!! If Dixie Carter had any idea on how to run a wrestling company, you wouldn't bring someone in with completly no experience and let them run a division of the company.

    How the hell can brooke help the Knockout division? The Knockouts kill the Divas, the only thing TNA does right. Apart from giving Velvet or Tessmaster and others a better run with the belt, the division is entertaining.

    As much as I think Sean Waltman is a massive tosser, he seems to have hit the nail on the head, that the TNA library will be owned by WWE within the decade. Well done Dixie and TNA, great way to slowly kill the company with really so much talent and potential. Sad to see really!

  • tone

    it’s over for TNA…. seriously…. it’s over……

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  • thatguy

    What's more sad about this, is that the Knockouts are going to have to listen to her because its hogans daughter. I'm Pretty sure if they don't listen to what she says she will cry to daddy which would cause a Talent to get buried or even fired.

  • I'm telling you…

    Its official…Hogan and Bischoff did kill WCW!!!

  • Blazeking

    Excuse me Richard, but WHAT THE ****?!?!?!

  • unknown


  • gerry

    not only is brooke gunna kill tna, so is the weekly live free shows from impact zone.

  • The Great One

    Old Line : "Hogan Made Wrestling"
    New Line : "Hogan Killed Wrestling"
    Brooke Hogan as TNA executive is like Killing the already dead person.

  • steve

    People, she’s not training them in wrestling. She’s only helping with character work. She may have never wrestled, but she’s been around it her whole life.

    • Alex

      No she's admitted she hates wrestling and hardly ever watches it. Her dad is a wrestler but that doesn't mean she followed it like Stephanie McMahon did.

  • PainOfDemise

    Will they ever make a good choice once in their life? Why do they have to keep making the company worse and worse instead of improving it.

  • A.C.

    I used to love TNA. I still prefer it over WWE. I'm just wondering, what's next? Out of shape old guys in leopard skin leotards who do nothing but punch, stomp, eye gouges, and growl?

  • Hulk is a joke he don’t care about his fans only the money, Brooke needs to stick with singing. Hulk needs to retire he’s money hungry charges fans for autograph pics, he would not be where he is if it wasn’t for us fans, I watch WWE only. Love Orton, Miz, Dibiase, Barrett, Jericho, Michaels, Triple HHH. List goes on and on. Hulk have talk with Nick drinking and driving is a danger he needs to use common sense. Sorry but Hulk is not about fans it’s all about him I’m proof of that what a joke!!!!

  • Levi Aldebol

    First Garrett Bischoff, now this!? What next, David Flair working as a consultant? (No, Darksyde, don't give TNA any ideas!!!) Seriously, between Eric Young holding a WOMEN'S Tag Team Title (of which he should be ashamed of himself) AJ Styles "having an affair" with Dixie Carter, a Bellator fighter doing double duty (good luck with that), Bobby Roode wasting X amount of time running his mouth, and all this nepotism going on, it's a wonder TNA has time to put wrestling matches on! Enough, already!

  • james

    The fall of TNA continues.

  • Kevin

    So let me get this straight: First, Eric Bischoff's no-talent son Garrett gets a job as a ref. Next, he's promoted to wrestler. Now Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke is coming in as an executive in charge of women's development. What's next? Let me guess: Dixie Carter's nephew's son's best friend's buddy will be hired as an announcer, replacing Mike Tenay. When will it end?

  • Brandon

    Just die TNA. It's really makes me cry watching you suffer for a very long time now.