Brooke Hogan Ends Controversial Engagement, Why This Is Wrestling Related

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We have a dose of gossip for all of the readers that enjoy that sort of thing and we're not just running it just to run it either. First the gossip, then the explanation about why this gem is here on

TMZ is reporting that Brooke Hogan has called off her engagement to Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Phil Costa. Brooke has reportedly moved back to Los Angeles to finish up her new album and to be closer to her mother.

Brooke received nuclear heat in TNA Wrestling for her public engagement to Costa last summer. At the time TNA was heavily invested in an angle where Brooke was separated from her on-air "husband" Bully Ray. TNA was blindsided by the announcement, causing them to abandon the angle. As we reported here on Premium, this is one of the reasons why Brooke was released from her contract with the company.

  • Nostaljack

    Brooke is working on a new album…and the crowd goes mild…

  • BIG M

    I hate this sort of stuff.
    Richard will you please start sticking to your “rule” of not reporting stuff on people’s personal lives.
    Leave that crap to the NEWZ sites.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I for one am glad Richard reported this. I find it funny that Brooke lost what was a pretty lucrative job because she came out publicly with the engagement, and now she’s not even engaged to the guy anymore. She should have kept her big mouth shut.